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  1. Looking for a Team? POST HERE

    Name: Tom Steam Profile: tommyholb Primary Language(s): English only i'm afraid. Age (optional): Young gun at 22. Played 5v5 BF2 ladders from 13 I used to have to give this whole "I'm mature for my age" spiel to get into clans. Timezone or Region: UK. Nature of Interest: I came here to chew gum and play games. Up for trying mods, other games, meetups whatever and definitely consider competitive play/scrims. Actually have a new laptop coming tomorrow* from overclockers UK as I'm keen to get back onto PC gaming after extended break. Gaming Background: BF2 ladders back in the day. Played all sorts casual since. Been mostly console based for past 6 years. I'm big on xbox one BF4 at the moment. LOVED PR! I've not played a single round of squad to date.* Additional Skills: Easy going guy no experience with code or modding just here to play the game! Also any bikers in NW england hit me up!! Link to profile stats for only game I really play: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/soldier/tomwysganje/stats/1754396903/xboxone/ [copy +paste] I've a full time job and family. I do not spend 4 hours every evening playing games anymore. If you want to get me onto server sometime message me on here or steam. *edit* I can donate to server cost. Status: unsigned
  2. Hello, I'll start by saying I sincerely hope this game is what I imagine it to be. I remember playing PR (BF2) years ago barely getting 25fps with my 'gaming' mic I had bought for me. I'd played PC since I can remember, even if I didn't know what the hypnotising green 'move' icon was doing on C&C red alert, until 4 or 5 years ago when the cost of PC gaming was unworkable. PR was the first interesting game I ever played and it along with the players remain in my mind highlighted with a holy beam of pure joy that burns right through the rest of the shit out there. Been planning to get back to PC recently as I just play BF4 on xbox one at the moment and since I found this on steam I am buzzing to get this alpha onto hard drive ASAP. I understand this is not PR but that's what this is all about, perpetual improvement and from me and surely others perpetual support !! Truly appreciated team squad ! We all hope this will be the start of a very successful franchise. Also I'm looking for semi serious UK team/clan/server to get with. I can donate to server costs. I be 20 something year old male in the UK. I no longer play at 20fps.