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  1. Algún argentino o hispanohablante?

    Dale buenisimo, tu steam id cual es?
  2. Algún argentino o hispanohablante?

    Jack Daniels que tal?, si me habia unido a ese grupo, tienen algun teamspeak o algo por el estilo?, jajajaja no no, no juego al counter para nada y soy mas de la escuela del arma de hecho asi que ahi nos entendemos. Saludos
  3. Algún argentino o hispanohablante?

    Gracias!!, si lo voy a tener en cuenta
  4. Algún argentino o hispanohablante?

    Zenrique, que tal? Si estuve jugando en ese server pero se ve que al ser un clan tienen horarios especificos donde juegan y no siempre concuerdo; pero seguro juegue alguno de estos días en ese server! Si queres agregarme a steam mi ID es axtincomun
  5. New to the community!

    Haha!, thank you very much, I'm having one right know, have you ever tried it?
  6. New to the community!

    Thanks you very much!, I will definitely try and play on some specific servers more often, after all those are the best that go with my current ping, haha.
  7. Music!

    Any Bass Drum Of Death fans?
  8. Looking for a Team? POST HERE

    Name: axtincomun Steam Profile: http://www.steampowerd.com/id/Coltranecito Primary Language(s): Spanish + English Age (optional): 20 Timezone or Region: [UTC/GMT-3] Argentina, Buenos Aires. Nature of Interest: Casual/MilSim Gaming Background: PS fanboy, I've also played Arma 3 and Arma 2 a big amount of time. Additional Skills: Great cook, Devoted musician mainly classical music, I have no problems at all speaking english. Status: Unsigned
  9. Algún compa argentino o latinoamericano que este jugando el juego por aquí????
  10. New to the community!

    Hello guys, I wanted to introduce myself mainly just to get to know people who are willing to letting me join on your gaming!, I just have one friend with whom I play this game and so that's why I'm interested in getting to know people who play this regularly; anyway, about myself, I'm argentinian and a fan of mil sims. Sorry for the bad english, I try. Cheers!