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  1. Parts of an enemy soldier were clipping through a wall from an inaccessible cavity of the top floor of a building, next to the stairs. Said soldier was firing and I did recieve partial damage but... it was weird... and experienced in the settlement north of the airfield on Yehorivka.
  2. The meat grinder is awful

    I've added a note to my original post for clarity, I meant no additional time penalty incurred initially, until a set number of spawns have been used up and then presence of hostiles within a spawn area add addiontal time to the default spawn timer(s)...
  3. The meat grinder is awful

    1st point. ... actual use case is different... 2nd point. Not quite... P.s. Perhaps you'd like to start a discussion thread about rally points, if you've not done so already.
  4. Cheers o7 It's mainly when I get shot having pulled the pin, I've expected a louder explosion from the frag. perhaps that's been my issue, but then I have been incapacitated...
  5. If I've pulled the pin of a grenade but get shot before I throw it, will it still explode? Correct me if I'm wrong but currently it's as if they don't, yet I'd like the grenade to still explode, with or without an additional time delay as I'm guessing this is something would happen for reals.
  6. The meat grinder is awful

    Perhaps when enemies get close to a radio/FOB a finite number of spawns without time penalty[***due to having hostiles within a certain rage, normal timers still prevail***] is triggered and once those zero time penalty spawns have been used up a time penalty begins to be incurred on spawn times, determined by how many hostiles are within a range, or a stepped number of ranges. This would avoid a very small team from disabling a FOB that has significant time spent on it. How easy should FOBs be to disable?... +Why we somtimes spawn on the roof of a FOB, would queueing/stacking the spawn avoid this?
  7. Could use a system similar to what's used in the game called Spintires. That said, I wouuldn't mind seeing the introduction of recovery vehicles. Would that require another fundraiser??? ^^
  8. One sound for digging down, and another for digging up. Losing placed FOB's due to new bro's right clicking instead of left clicking to build, especially an issue during free weekends. If the two actions had unique sounds fellow more experienced placers may be able to intervene and avoid unintentional disruptions/disasters/salt. Also, I'm guessing the sounds of construction(creation) would naturally sound different to the sounds of deconstruction(destruction). They wouldn't have to be wildly different, just enough for a squad leader, or experienced squadies, to intervene and save new bro's from...
  9. Yes, so I strongly believe: I have eye adaptation enabled, and I've not modified it since I experienced said issue, so I must've had it on when it happened.
  10. Currently I often place a move marker then ask my squad members to attack a place/location from the move marker, but it's not ideal. Not sure if making spawn points easy to discover from the vector of troops is intentional or not. It's just unfortunate that so many soldiers/squad make direct lines to attack markers from their spawn-points.
  11. Rooms in the buildings of The Flats went pitch black for me and atleast another player, making it very difficult to exit as even the door area was pitch black too. I used my map to hug the walls until I pushed out through the exit in to actual visible light...
  12. Could we add a second FOB design/option that doesn't feature a roof, nor such a deep foundation? This would make placement of FOBs in rooms of multi-floor buildings better as could help avoid FOB roofs poking up through ceilings to make new 'floors', and equally down through floors to form new 'ceilings'. An additional shorter total height FOB design could overcome this issue, and avoid the creation of unintended vulnerabilities. Being able to dig down a FOB from the floor above or the floor below a FOB seems wrong, I think.
  13. The ability to set a waypoint, even just a single one, would be a blessing for squad leaders and add a beneficial degree of depth to the game. The ability to place a rally, then a move marker for troops to go to, and then from the move marker to an action point/marker(attack/dig/defend/etc...) is something I'd really like. Just one waypoint would make a world of difference as currently players, of all levels, often move to action points/markers directly from where they spawned which leads to the spawn having a rather limited life by making them kind of easy to find, so it seems. Having the ability to place a single waypoint imho could bring a whole new level of game play and enhance everyone's in-game experience. Please could we test such a feature in the next update. I guess you could use the 'Shift' key + click to place the waypoint and then the usual for the action point/marker.... grovel grovel... grovel... P.s. I searched and found but thought this really needs bringing back to life... people's vectors are too much of a clue... #make-Squad-rich-...-in-depth...-for-enhanced-funzies-...-people-will-like-it-...-o7 P.p.s. This would especially useful for squad leaders that become seperated from their squad, for whatever reason... "Do such and such via such and such waypoint-move-marker..."
  14. Climb-down ability to compliment climb up ability, and save ankle damage... PLEASE