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  1. Climb-down ability to compliment climb up ability, and save ankle damage... PLEASE
  2. I would like to see two or more different levels of difficulty/realism being run on official servers. At least it'd be worth an experiment. Let the servers decide ^^
  3. I'm guessing there are balancing issues against it, but couldn't roles that come with optics have the option to remove/affix them on the fly using a keybinding, with realistic timings? I'm not sure if removing/affixing optics is something practiced by soldiers in the field during squad ops but I figure it's something I'd do if the situation demanded.
  4. Movement in bushes should come at a cost, if technically feasible. This suggestion might be more applicable to games with a lot of bush, like Post Scriptum. It seems a bit mental that I can rush a position, by running length ways through a hedgerow. That said, this could be quite annoying if implimented... but... I shouldn't be able to rush through a hedge for 100M...hmmm extra stamina drain might be the least annoying fix... just want to ensure realistic movement around the battlefield, unless soldiers typically sprint through hedges and bushes... perhaps pressing the spacebar is required to penetrate said bush/hedge, to get to the other side... hmmm
  5. With the tripod deployed on a wall you're a sitting duck, so it would be good if one could duck head and upper torso behind cover by using the 'lean' keys 'Q' and 'E'. The weapon and its tripod can stay deployed and roughly fixed in position. I believe this would add to the foot soldier experience, and think it would be good to extend the leaning function for ducking to use with deployed tripods, in some way shape or form.
  6. Look left, run right.

    Keen to know... Can you run in one direction, in Squad, but look around as you do so. It's an essential feature but have only found it in one game... In this other game, it's enabled by pressing the alt key and moving the mouse to look around while your AWSD keys 'manage' your legs. Great for checking your flanks as you advance and etc. Any FPS game that doesn't have this feature makes me... It can't be a patent protected feature can it?