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  1. How it feels to play squad

    The game is too quiet Said nobody ever that starting intro gahhhhhhh my ears.... The state looks down on ear sodomy.... It's good tho, buy it. - My review
  2. How it feels to play squad

    its pretty good....
  3. Nano's Squad Meme Videos

    i like u nano
  4. Alpha 9.9 Released

    amd fx 6300, gtx 970, 8 gig ram, this update double even trippled my fps on some maps... full server.. very nice!
  5. Game uses up all ram?

    Question In this post it says " There is a gain, instead, in putting it on a different physical disk, but only if there are no other workloads on it." i have windows on my HDD, and squad basically alone on my SSD (along with steam), obviously while playing squad there will be a workload... should i put it on my X drive instead? (other HDD i have for programs, misc. files) which will have no workloads while playing squad
  6. very interesting points... And i pretty much agree with your assessment that if the CO is going to exist, it must have this mutually beneficial relationship that is actually visible in actual game, because the other reason CO isn't placed high on the priority list, is because it wouldn't have a presence IN GAME (or much that is visible), that people actually see the difference, where as if your SL doesn't set good spawn points, you either have to play running simulator, or you just get torn to shreds. This is something the actual SOLDIER feels. here's another idea to add more of this symbiotic relationship, Another way of giving commander this sort of relationship you talk about with SL, would be to change the vehicle spawning system, so instead of just the same vehicles spawning sometime after they have despawned, the CO system would be alot like the FOB system & building reinforcements & upgrades to fobs... Give CO the ability to spawn certain vehicles that they need, but have the same sort of FOB/supply system of a set amount of points that can be spent and the bigger and more things you want, the higher cost... this would add another element to CO, resource management and tactics... so you could make transport vehicles the least cost, Supply trucks cost a bit more than the last then technicals then tanks eventually helicopters costing the most or some variant like this... (balancing is something that obviously would take alot of thought) this would give CO a pretty important role to play down the line of the game of managing those vehicle resources making sure you can get supply trucks where you need, while at the same time providing enough firepower with tanks to support the troops on the ground...
  7. A few good suggestions.

    with the bodies that can pile up in one area very quickly, imagine hearing a few repeating audio of tracks of people screaming in pain, ALL AT ONCE.... it would be, overwhelming, and in certain times, would end up being less realistic.... On the muting the mic, maybe for squad chat, but i think the local chat is fine, because it does allow you to roleplay what you want from your second suggestion (and i do often).. the rest of your suggestions i would be fine with having, but really wouldn't be missing much not having those features, especially being in alpha. very interesting suggestions tho,
  8. Game uses up all ram?

    is there any reason to keep a page file on your c drive (even a small one for windows logs)? like at all? are there certain windows logs that only save to c drive? or will it work on the ssd for all and no issues?
  9. Able to hide your teammate's tag

    just make them less intrusive, no need to show their entire name in full size a kilometer away (taking up meters and meters of ground depending on how far away they are), just show a small green emblem showing they are on your team, as you get closer, show their name.... and you could have a keyboard bound toggle... Or it could be like a streamer UI option type thing, a minimum option, just showing little green icons, rather tahn full names...this would be nice...
  10. Collision fix for wall asset.

    did not know that, i figured it was the same sort of issue(shows my knowledge of developing games)... Apologies for going off topic then.
  11. Collision fix for wall asset.

    also shooting over some of these are, well, less than ideal... very finicky, gotta wiggle around and shoot just to see if you're making it over
  12. Alpha 9.8 Released

    yes,i lost fps and fps stability with this update, but when i turned off my CPU OC, it was much more stable, and i gained a few frames.. try that.