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  1. Yes, I just realized that an will switch back to WASD
  2. Thank you again for your valuable input. I heavily updated the config (and included some of Raul's suggestions). Mainly, the paddles are now used for voice communication and I added a second touch menu for the weapon selection. I still kept the weapon cycling on the D-pad since it's not needed otherwise. LB is now also considered a general modifier, which modifies both trackpads RB doubles as Use (single press) and Deploy (long press) In general, a '&' character denotes a second usage on a long press. I also tried to tweak the layout to be comfortable ingame. This means that important things are reachable via the face buttons to allow them to activate during walking. Use joystick input instead of WASD I added a second action set which makes it easier to use the menu. However, squad unfortunately doesn't allow the automatic action set switch when the mouse is displayed/hidden so you have to do this manually (press right trackpad). I did NOT include a seperate vehicle action set because I think it's not necessary at the moment and overcomplicates things (maybe in the future when we see helicopters) The first post in this thread has been updated with some screenshots. Excuse my potato camera but unfortunately you can not capture screenshots of the steam controller overlay. I did not put it in the community profile section yet, since I want to include some feedback first (at least the one you can give based on screenshots).
  3. Thanks for the inputs. I'll definitely consider use Joystick instead of WASD. I also thought about having VOIP on the left grip, however I kind of decided against it for consistency with other shooters. But I really like your tap/double tap idea for the different radio channels. I'll also wait a bit and see if there is some more feedback and then release an updated version.
  4. Hi fellow Squad players, I want to present you my configuration to play Squad with the Steam Controller. I know it sounds a bit crazy but works surprisingly. So if there are some of you who enjoy playing Squad on the couch on your big TV, feel free to try it out. I based the configuration on ExistentialEgg's amazing Squad Config (Video) but heavily modified it to suit my needs. Anyway, give this man some credit as well! Features Gyroscope for Aiming, Lean controller for ingame lean Left trigger zoom (and also sprint), right trigger shoot Supports infantry and recently added vehicles Paddels used for different voice channels Touch menu for weapon selection Touch menu for text communication (bring up keyboard to type) Keys labeled with '&' have a second usage on a long press and much more (check out the pictures below) Pictures Overview Touch menu for weapon selection (right touchpad activated by LB) Touch menu communication (left touchpad activated by LB) I hope you like it and you can find my configuration in the Community Configuration section in the Controller Settings. If you have any suggestions or feedback feel free to post them. I hope you have some fun! Best BloodyDeed
  5. Alpha 7.7 Released

    Congratulations to this Milestone, looking forward to play it!
  6. Update: Alpha 7 Major Changes Preview

    I'm looking forward to the new patch, great work so far!
  7. Querying your Server using GameQ3

    Awesome :-)
  8. Alpha Version 6 Released

    Awesome, congratulations on the next release
  9. Querying your Server using GameQ3

    Nice, do you thought about posting a pull request upstream?
  10. Aimbots

    But that's not something an indie studio could do. If at all it would require Microsoft to build something like this.
  11. Aimbots

    Let's just make this short and say this is not possible without a tremendous amount of work which even large company's would do for important projects. Think about how long it took thousands of Linux Kernel developers to come up with something like the Linux kernel which is slowly getting towards the same graphics performance like Windows. I won't go into details because I'm on the phone but these things are way to complex and out of scope.
  12. Aimbots

    That is too much work and extremely hard to implement correctly. And there will be ways around this anyway.
  13. Standardized Ruleset?

    Link works perfectly fine here, even when not logged in. Regarding Bans, in PR we had a subforum devoted to ban reports. This works quite nicely, admins actively report griefers and cheaters and other admins can decide whether the proof they provide is satisfactory. However, this has the issue of scaling, considering there might be a lot more admins and a lot more servers in Squad. We also tried an automatic, synchronized Banlist once but that failed, mainly because of technical limitations of BF2. EDIT: I hope you aren't annoyed that I always mention PR but the fact that these two games share so many things makes it perfect for comparisons.
  14. Server Performance

    I don't have any reports from any problems at our G-portal hosted server yet.
  15. Standardized Ruleset?

    I remember we had quite a lengthy discussion on this topic in the Project Reality Server Admin Forum. The result was pretty much that could not agree on a combined ruleset and some not even wanted to. Personally, I also do not see a need for this. Of course it makes sense to have some sort of consistency over the servers but a) not all admins even look at forums like this and b) some rules are definitely personal preference. This might not be the case yet, since the game is rather simple at the moment and people havn't found many ways to exploit game mechanics (yet...they WILL definitely). We at New Era Warfare are currently using a stripped-down version of our Project Reality ruleset. If you want to take a look: http://newcommunity.eu/viewtopic.php?f=88&t=4562&p=41941