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  1. Reduce mortar spam

    Whole point of mortars is to punish a team that becomes too static. I've not had any issue with mortar spam, if anything I'd agree with anti-mortar measures being put in place because of how useless they are the majority of the time. Eating up 2 players at every FOB (if they're placed everywhere), then you normally have at least a third guy per battery doing the spotting and adjustments. I've seen games where half the team was either mortaring or supporting the mortars somehow, and they always lost. I was chatting to some guys in-game the other day while en route to a cap point and we were talking about how the game's meta has evolved to the point where the first team to place mortars is the one which loses, because they just lose so much manpower and initiative. And then you have the situation where there's no ability to lock squads, and so the '3 man mortar' squads end up having 9 people in them who can't maneuvre using rally points because their squad leader is sat on the mortar, and so you can end up down to just a single fully functioning squad at the end of it.
  2. Why the medic aversion?

    I think you need to re-read my posts before replying. I stated the one thing I miss about playing a medic, since I do it so rarely nowadays, is the ability to see casualties on the map and inform the squad leader, since other medics seem to not do it the vast majority of the time. And again, you can't differentiate between downed regular players or squad members on your map, since they have the same icon. Even mousing over them doesn't indicate whether they're in your squad or not as both squad members and non-squad members have a green nametag (rather than non-squad members having a blue nametag)
  3. decoy stones ?

    Don't really understand what you would mark using the stones for friendlies. I believe, and I'm not entirely sure, that in PR you didn't have IED or mine markers on the map, and so when insurgents and the like would put tripmines at the top of stairs, they'd indicate it by putting the stones nearby for friendlies. I may be wrong because I didn't play a lot of PR. But in Squad, you do have those markers on the map, and so I can't think of what use the decoy stones would be for marking. Putting them in the middle of roads, where it's very obvious that they're there, can slow down a vehicle by making it inspect the stone or even detouring around it. I've seen BTRs get stuck in forests because they detoured around a decoy stone thinking it was a mine in the middle of the road. Putting the stone near or on top of a mine seems counter intuitive as the stone has a larger footprint and is easier to spot than the mine itself, once buried, and so the two combined are almost impossible to miss.
  4. Vehicle hit indicator

    Last patch added a health bar in the same style as the stamina bar for infantry. In real life, you'd know if you got hit by a frag round or an AT round, or a near miss vs a direct hit, because you'd have bits of shrapnel flying around the crew compartment, damaged modules, transmission wouldn't be working, you'd be half deaf, etc. None of that's in the game right now and so it makes sense to add some kind of mechanic to substitute for the lack of sensory input.
  5. Mines are fine, from what I recall they're AT mines and so most of the blast would be going directly upwards into whatever vehicle triggered it. However, I agree with both IEDs and mortars. I had 3 mortars land not 10m infront of me last night, and I didn't take a single hit from it. From what I recall, I wasn't even supressed. IEDs seem only large enough to kill people coming through a large doorway, with little to no damage outside of the immediate fireball. Since they seem to be based off a mortar round (at least the model), their damage is sensibly just as anaemic as the tube-fired mortar round. They could probably both do with a large damage and blast increase, with tube-fired mortars being balanced by a large increase in the initial build cost (they shouldn't be worth the same amount of points as a couple of ladders)
  6. 95% of the time if you go down, you're just wounded. Not sure of the exact mechanics that determine permadeath, but it's very obvious when it happens. When you're just knocked unconscious, the screen blacks out but you can still see that you're on the ground, can hear people around you, talk to you, etc. This is what happens almost all of the time. If you're insta-killed, it's noticeably different. You just warp out to a greyed-out view of the landscape (the one you see at the beginning of the match before you spawn). This usually only happens if you've been revived by a medic and get shot again before being healed up, although there may be other mechanics involved as well (I believe I've been insta-killed by vehicles blowing up and HMGs hitting me, although most of the time you survive them just being wounded, so I'm not entirely sure if it's just dependent on your health when they hit, and if they push you below a certain threshold (that isn't reachable at full health), they kill you outright. Not sure, though)
  7. Why the medic aversion?

    Ability to see casualty markers on the map is exclusive to medics, otherwise you're having to stare at individual markers long enough to see if they're moving, and even then they might just be stationary watching a doorway, etc. Edit; Another thing I'd like to see to make the medic class more playable is the ability to differentiate between squadmates that are down and regular players, and again with injured people. It might already be in the game with squadmates having slightly larger icons, but it's so minute I can't tell if that's really the case or not. It's not even the case that you can just mouse over them, because both squad members and blue guys show up with green (the colour of your squad) nametags in the map view. I know you should be picking everyone up, whether they're in your squad or not, but there are lots of reasons why you would want to know where your own squad is, and that's very hard to do when you're playing medic and their green arrows on them are replaced with generic injured markers.
  8. Wondering if there's anywhere on the website that lists all of the posts (in order) by developers on the forums. Would love to keep up to date with what's going on, without having to do it manually by finding a developer's name and looking in his history, or by just relying on the bi-monthly updates. Something like the 'recent posts' area on the main forum page, but just listing posts by developers. It might exist, but I can't seem to find it.
  9. Why the medic aversion?

    I used to always take medic if it was available, why wouldn't you? You have the same loadout as a regular rifleman with the benefit of being able to heal yourself and revive others. Even moreso with the last update that gave them a fragmentation grenade. But nowadays I'm doing it less often. Like the people above said, people are idiots, and I don't like having the responsibility to assist them all of the time. Sure, you can just ignore them, but at that point you might as well just be a regular rifleman and let someone else babysit them. The one thing I miss is the ability to inform my squad lead of mass casualty areas on the map, which can give us a lot more situational awareness, because neither other squad leaders nor medics call this out for some reason.
  10. Very select places would be interesting, although I agree that it's not worth the performance hit (or the developer manpower) to add it to everything. Destruction of bridges, perhaps gates and those metal fences would be an easier endeavour. Having BFBC2 (never played anything after it) level of destruction would be a massive undertaking for the developers and a huge performance hit, and people already complain about the update pipeline and framerate. I'd just settle for damage and destruction to the player-placed sandbags and what not, although I believe that's coming (not entirely sure, though), and in an ideal world, the select-destruction of gates, fences and bridges mentioned above. Fences and gates being destroyable/tamperable may be come with breacher class and interactable doors, which again I believe is confirmed but not entirely sure.
  11. Pre-round 'Ready' system

    Not really a fan of ready systems as it tends to just result in people going AFK or alt tabbing during loading screens and holding everyone else up for no real reason. However, extending the pre-game would be great. A couple of minutes in the squad selection screen and then a couple of minutes limited to the walls of the main spawn would allow squads to better communicate their role, plans and what assets they're taking. As it is now, it's basically a mad rush to the logi or IFV by all the squad leaders, and then everyone races off to their objective without taking the time to communicate because everyone wants to get to their destination as soon as possible because of how prevalent rushes are. Ofcourse the issue will never be completely solved, and there are downsides, but I think this would be a helpful step forward.
  12. Mortar Squads & Teamplay

    It's a combination of them being new toys that everyone wants to try out, teams not knowing how to effectively employ them, and lack of mechanics to limit their use. First two will probably fade in a couple of weeks. Last point will require at least another patch. I'm not in favour of limiting them to a maximum number per team, if a team puts a stupid amount of mortars down then they're hindering themselves. A limit per FOB is fine, same with any other asset. I'd just increase their cost to be 1000-1500 tickets (to be honest most of the deployables need their cost adjusting, especially things such as ladders and the like) so they're an actual investment and not an equivalent to a couple of sandbags, and put down a squad lock feature so that mortar squads can operate efficiently without being a detriment. Infantry who join the mortar squad are useless because they have no rally point to spawn on or any real orders being given to them, and the mortar crew end up with people yelling inconsequential shit over the radio and drowning out any adjustments being given to them. They're already fairly balanced by their ammo consumption anyway, two mortars on a FOB will give you a minutes worth of target saturation before you run out of ammo.
  13. Squad leaders with no idea what they're doing

    If a squad leader isn't doing particularly well, drop some helpful tips (without resorting to backseat commanding). However, most of the time when people are doing badly at squad leading, it isn't because they're just new, it's because they made the squad with no intention of squad leading (majority of the time they've taken a non-SQL class). However, even if if the guy is just horrendously bad at squad leading, the answer is the same. Either request he give you squad lead, or make your own squad (and if everyone else thought he was terrible, you'd seen enough have all his squadmates in your own squad) What no one benefits from is people bitching and moaning, and putting people off from giving it a go. I'd rather have a couple of incompetent squad leaders than 40 people in the unassigned section as the match starts.
  14. Seems pretty ingenious. Doesn't break realism (any more than knowing the positions of all friendlies on the map at all times with no delay), if they're using a phone as a receiver, even the cheapest burner phones have GPS nowadays. Even if they were to attach a GPS device to a logi, it's still not an absolute giveaway as to their FOB position unless they were to just dump the vehicle 30 feet from it after dropping supplies (which happens an awful lot anyway and will give away the position much faster) If they were to remove it because it's unintentional, I'd be all in favour of adding a seperate weapon or loadout option to the scout that adds a GPS tracker device (with no explosive option). Seems like the kind of asymmetric warfare options that insurgents have been lacking until this last patch (all they've really had was an extra frag round for the RPG and a rocket artillery truck that they can't afford to put a 25p protractor onto to measure the elevation and so is useless the majority of the time.
  15. I might be misremembering, because I never did play an awful lot of PR (my two biggest issues were manually updating the game since I only played it sporadically, and not having a server queue, which are both fixed now with Squad), but from what I remember, there was always lots of activity at the main spawn point, but I didn't play enough (and it's a long enough time ago) that I can't remember what mechanics in PR made this happen, or what mechanics in Squad currently prevent it. Just wondering because I'm playing an awful lot of Basrah right now, and after the initial spawn at the beginning of the game, typically as US loses vehicles, they aren't replaced. I'd initially put this down to vehicles simply not being very effective at city fighting, but parking them outside of the city and hitting any superfobbed apartment complexes with the CROWS guns is always helpful, and once US gets to refinery they can be used to lock the insurgents at their first cap point. Not only that, but the same issue with vehicles not being replaced happens on other maps where vehicles are far more useful because of larger maps and more open terrain. I never played enough to understand the logistics mechanics properly, and so am not sure if it was a difference in the logistics system (as of now, ofcourse, everything is subject to change) that makes FOBs and Squad far more easy to set up and so there's no need for main spawn. Or if it's perhaps the vehicle locking system needing multiple people at main (unless this has changed, I believe it needed 2 + squad leader, or 2 + squad leader's approval via radio) that creates a disincentive to spawn at main and take a vehicle (whether it be logi, transport or combat). I understand that squad leaders using mics is mandatory on almost every server, but it's infuriating the amount of times someone does spawn at main and they can't get their leader to approve a vehicle after multiple requests (written and spoken) I also remember in PR there were even dedicated transport squads, and I can't think of a mechanical difference between squad and PR where it would be viable in one and not the other (although I'm sure there's a reason, since it's quite prevalent). Same with logistics being handled by a dedicated squad rather than a volunteer (or no-one) in a squad, and even vehicle usage like IFVs were often handled by their own vehicle squad at a platoon level, rather than by the infantry they were transporting at the squad-level like they currently do. Again, not saying any of these ways are more viable or preferable, I'm not sure if the devs want to go in a particular route or not, but I'm just wondering what the mechanics were in place in PR that incentivised this kind of meta, and what mechanics currently disincentivise it.
  16. In terms of squad as a whole, what pisses me off is similar to what's in the OP. People having reserved slots for clan people, which is all fine and dandy, but combine excessive clan slots (8, 12, etc.), with also booting people to make more room for people. I'd prefer if people just did one or the other. And the icing on the cake is when they just randomly decide the person they're going to kick is a squad leader from the opposing team. Maybe your clan friend can wait for a slot to open up by itself if you've already ate through the excessive reserves. I understand it's their server and they can do what they like on it, which is why I've stopped using that group's servers. In terms of of the game itself and not the playerbase, biggest gripe right now is between uninterruptible animations (RPG reload and you can't pull out your pistol for 10 seconds if someone strolls around the corner), drop shotting horseshit (although I understand this might be fixed with the updated animations?), and the vehicle lock system resulting in two dozen fresh vehicles at US Main not being used because no one trusts their squad leader to approve the vehicle if they were to spawn in there, and they obviously aren't willing to run 15 minutes on foot back to the front line. Even when people ask their squad lead in advance and he acknowledges them, the number of times they still end up waiting 5 minutes for a vehicle to be approved (or just suicide to respawn at an FOB) after constant requests is quite annoying.
  17. Al Basrah Multi Storey Fobs

    It's quite easy to counter in a number of ways, such as parking your CROWS vehicles (strykers, hmmwvs, even regular non-crows hmmwvs can work) at a standoff range behind some cover and you simply pound the top 3 levels of the building with penetrating .50 cal fire. Even a layer of sandbags won't stop .50cal fire, although it will diminish the damage a fair bit. Combined that with simply putting a massive amount of bodies in the area, even if you can't storm the building, you can have enough people in the area to increase the INS respawn timer on that FOB to the point where it's not viable to spawn there anymore (seen spawn timers well over 2 minutes), and they'll either have to spawn elsewhere or sit and wait and their numbers will steadily decline until it's cappable. Alternatively, you simply push fast enough that they don't have time to dig in. Turns out, if you let an enemy fortify an already easily defended position, it can be quite hard to flush them out. Basrah is one of the few maps where insurgents have an actual tangible advantage that they can utilise. US teams haven't realised yet that their usual tactics of just rushing with vehicles into a dense, urban area filled to the brim with RPGs isn't going to be effective. Again, CROWS vehicles parked at render distance firing .50 at Apartments is incredibly annoying for any insurgents there. If you want to talk about imbalanced superFOBS on Basrah, have a look at the kind of shitshow the game turns into if the US just rushes Refinery and superFOBS that. They can just park all their vehicles behind hesco barriers or the already-placed shipping containers and are practically invulnerable, with line of sight all the way down the main line of attack. I had a game a couple of days ago where 2 Strykers and 3 HMMWvs were doing exactly that, along with .50 cal positions on the large oil containers to the north. I don't even think we ended up capturing refinery until the very end of the game, but we simply prevented the enemy from capturing a second point.
  18. Booted up the game after V8 finished installing, since the changelog implied my two biggest gripes with the game were fixed (slow to update server browser (coupled with no server queue made it a massive chore to try and find a game) and poor performance). Absolutely nothing is showing up in the server browser, no matter if I have the prior-version or empty server boxes checked. Solved - go to your steam installation location and make sure squad.exe and squad_launcher.exe are set to NOT run as admin.
  19. Additional comms - are they needed?

    Give me an example rather than trying to insult me, please.
  20. Additional comms - are they needed?

    Don't get me started, as much as I loved the ACRE system and think it's incredibly flexible, it can only really work in clan-style environments where everyone playing together is regulars. The ACRE system is suited for Arma, which is already hip-deep in abstruse keybinds, so adding a couple dozen more isn't going to hurt. I didn't even play with a particularly try-hard clan but we still ended up having to do almost daily training sessions to get any new players familiar with the system. I don't think such an in-depth radio set up would work with a fast-paced, easy-to-learn-the-basics game like Squad that fills the niche between a Battlefield-like game and something more abstruse like Arma.
  21. Additional comms - are they needed?

    The thing is your squad shouldn't be two fully operation teams, it should be two halves of one operational team. Fireteams are only really used when travelling in a hot area, when you need to bound and the like. Any scenario in which you'd need to independently assign a fireteam to do something or another, they're always going to be close enough that any communication between one fireteam is going to be relevant to another (fireteam 1 declaring that they're in position and fireteam 2 is free to move, fireteam 1 calling out a contact, etc.) Anything that's is so local that it isn't relevant to the rest of the squad should be kept to proximity chat anyway, as fireteams should always be well within proximity of their fireteam leader. I completely agree that my definition of 'significant gameplay' is subjective, and in the end it's up to the devs to determine what's worthwhile adding and what isn't.
  22. Additional comms - are they needed?

    Should also note the one instance where I think there could be more communication options is in regards to inter-vehicle communication, as people are discussing. Logistic truck drivers communicating with each other, Stryker commander communicating with an infantry squad leader. However, in most cases, the Stryker driver is already part of the infantry squad it's tasked with transporting. Same with logistics, it's normally a designated squad member who's been tasked with running supplies from main, not an independent driver. I imagine once the maps, vehicles and assets flesh out more in-line with PR, the squad meta will change accordingly. I didn't play much PR, but I do recall designated tank platoon squads, all logistics vehicles being assigned to a single logistics squad. I even believe transport duties were outsourced to their own squad, meaning once a squad was transported, the independent driver could just drive to help another squad rather than the vehicle just being dumped.
  23. Additional comms - are they needed?

    Not needed, provided proximity comms can overcome engine noise. Adding an automatic intercom when in a vehicle might help, since it would use the same key as proximity and not add any confusion. Fireteam comms are completely unnecessary, especially since 99% of squads don't utilise individual fireteams (especially static ones, normally they just select a few random people to send somewhere), and any squad that's coordinating at that level is going to have enough radio discipline anyway. The last thing I think anyone wants is something like an ACRE style radio system being added.
  24. January 2017 Monthly Recap

    H A P P E N I N G
  25. You're entirely right, people talk about insurgents just needing to get in close to where the US/RF can't use their optics, but they're just as effective at close range, and far better at longer ranges due to the excessive ACOGs, etc., over militia. Higher stamina just sounds gamey as **** and so I don't support it, not to mention I don't think being able to sprint for an extra second or two would do much against a CROWS, but a temporary ticket boost until we get things like IEDs, etc. would be fine. Or things like random weapon caches around the maps that act like temporary FOBs (but don't cost tickets when destroyed), just to give militias some more mobility and elements of surprise.