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  1. My gamma is on 2.5 and everything still seems very dark, especially on overcast maps. No issues in any other games or with my monitor, just squad.
  2. Completely agree, they definitely need to have vic kills, etc. incorporated into your score, as unless it's changed recently and I haven't noticed, you can be MVP with three 30mm kills as AT and it'll show up as 4 incaps and 2 kills, when in reality it's like an 80 ticket advantage you've gained your team. I understand people not wanting k/d ratios being focused on in the scoreboard but it's a fact of life with the current ticket system, and it's already there so you might as well make it a bit more useful by incorporating vic kill tickets, etc.
  3. Did a quick search and couldn't find much so sorry if it's been suggested in the past, I haven't been browsing the forums for a while. Wondering what everyone's opinion would be for a more in-depth AAR for the end-of-round scoreboard, showing which and how many of each vehicle were lost for both team, how many habs were lost, with the new ticket mechanics perhaps how many tickets were gained/lost for caps, etc. Just a way of understanding how tickets were spent/gained and perhaps having a bit of insight into where your team fell short. Also, please add the info regarding ticket cost for vehicles, radios, (habs? still not sure if they have their own ticket loss separate to radio) in-game. Either in the help section of the in-game map where it shows the legend, or somewhere else. Finally a question, not sure if it warrants its own thread and don't want to necro an old one; haven't been following the threads, just playing the game and reading the recaps, has there been any word on having squad comms also broadcast in proximity? I know it's been suggested before because I recall throwing my hat in the ring but never heard a dev response. For example; I'm SL2 radioing my squad about an enemy vic to the East that I've been informed of by SQ3, I now need to repeat myself in local for the nearby blueberries to be aware, whereas they should have just been able to hear me speaking over my radio in proximity chat. Would also help in the situations where you're SQL and are communicating in the command net with other squads, your squad could also be listening in proximity and be getting both a good idea of the plan without you having to immediately repeat yourself, but also just know that you're communicating so they both don't speak over you or think you're just standing mute when you're busy coordinating. Cheers, I'm not very good at conveying things so sorry if it got a bit confusing in parts.
  4. How to slow the gameplay

    Completely agree with the rally point mechanic, the overrun mechanic is already there as people have stated, but the problem with them is that they can be continually re-armed by the squad leader, essentially becoming an infinite spawn point for your squad until located (or someone messes up). It's the reason why there's no use for transport vehicles outside of the initial rush to the middle cap point. I believe I suggested this in another thread in response to you, but I'll state it again, I think the best way of remedying the RP problem (if it's deemed to be a problem by the devs), is to give the squad leader a single rally point to use, if he wants more he needs to either rearm or die, and it expires within 60 seconds. Infact just giving it a 60 second expiration might fix it without limiting his number of them, since he won't have time to respawn on it to replace it by the time it goes.
  5. Was just dossing about on a QFF server to seed it, went to find somewhere to lie down to AFK and found this, seems to affect a lot of the map since some of the compounds have identical layouts, and it seems to affect all the ones I tested (although some of them you can drop into at will, just not out of). You can see and shoot through the walls at vital entrances without being seen, can drop grenades into the rooms beneath you without taking damage from them, etc. Vid is still uploading and should be live at https://youtu.be/Mga4hO6zyB0
  6. I've just booted up the game and double checked, there's still a noticeable difference between the 30mm BTR-82A and the Stryker, it seems to have a similar gun depression to the regular BTR (the 14.7mm one). The turret height difference isn't as extreme but the Strykers still sits further above the hull than the BTR-82A's. The visibility itself out of the Stryker is improved, without the dirty, tinted lense of the russian vehicles. All together it adds up and the Stryker is normally the one to have first rounds on target. I haven't used the stryker in-game since the new update with separate AP, HE and coaxial options so that might change things, but pre-V10 I'd still have taken a Stryker over both versions of the BTR. I also could have sworn the ticket difference between the two was larger (I thought the 82A was worth 32 tickets for some reason, as opposed to the Stryker's 24. There's only a 4 ticket difference unless that info is out of date. I wish the ticket values of items were more readily available in-game through the map legend, though), which pushes me back towards the 82A.
  7. I would take a Stryker over a 30mm BTR any day of the week, due to gun depression alone. Unless you have time to set up in a position ahead of time, in which case you'll win the engagement anyway, the stryker has the advantage of being able to engage more quickly in a wider array of terrains than a BTR does. Stykers also have the advantage of the CROWs system being a fair bit taller, meaning they can engage over the top of a wider array of cover than a BTR can. In terms of small arms, Americans win on most, if not all, counts. I never knew there was a difference in smoke grenades other than visuals, though, that's interesting.
  8. Ideas For New Roles

    Not sure how I feel about vehicle crew kits, they were obtuse in PR and more of a pain than anything. The crew kit didn't really solve the problem of silly people getting into vehicles, it just killed them as a result. Although I guess it would aid in vehicles not being dumped as readily if the guy manning it was a dedicated crewman with just a sidearm or PDW. I think if any more kits do get added, they should be like the HAT and limited to very specific roles with an extremely limited amount per team, the bread and butter of a team should be the rifleman. The one class from PR I would love to see would be a breacher, the shotgun would be great, but the part I really miss about the kit would be the grappling hook; it would genuinely add another layer to the game than a slightly different sounding rifle. Other obvious ones would be a sniper kit, but that wouldn't really fit into the squad gameplay dynamic, they're much more of a solo/2-person class and wouldn't really be helping the rest of squad any more than a designated marksman would, if anything it would just weaken the squad because they'd have one less fire support kit actively helping them. And there's no real way currently for a 2 man squad to be set up as a sniper/spotter, due to the limitations on fire support kits. I'm not sure what adding a fireteam leader class would do, in order to have proper fireteams you'd really need some way of the squad leader diving the squad up (perhaps with the drop-down menu that's currently just for kicking players to change their green icon to designate their fireteam), and then I can't imagine their kit being very different. Perhaps just rename the limited ACOG rifleman kit to a fireteam leader.
  9. SL kit force

    Just kick people who aren't willing to change kits after being told, if they're willing to run around with a marksman kit while your squad is being hosed down by a BTR, they probably aren't going to be contributing much to the squad anyway.
  10. Ability to hold spawns at your rally point

    I never played much PR, but there was never a time when I joined a fully populated server and there wasn't a squad doing transport (although if I recall correctly, PR maxed out at 64vs64 so there were more players to play with, to be fair). However, in saying that, just yesterday I had my first experience as a somewhat of a dedicated transport driver, and it felt very rewarding to do. I was driving a APC (can't recall if stryker or BTR), did a little bit of harassing enemy logi runs, mixed in with covering a long stretch of road which I could prevent the enemy from either moving down or crossing. After that, my squad leader gave orders to relocate his squad, then ex filtrate a friendly squad that was pinned down at a capture point that was no longer cappable (but still contested). Racing in, they had just the second I arrived finished digging up their radio, picking them up (first time I've ever seen a squad jump into a vehicle without taking 30 seconds to do so) and racing out, leaving 2 enemy squads sitting 5 minutes behind the front line and freeing up a squad of our own to maneuvre with. Sure, the friendlies could have just waited out the firefight and then respawned somewhere else and we'd only be a handful of tickets worse off, but it sure felt worth it. If rally points are nerfed, I think naturally transport will be seen as a much important role in a match and you'll see people levitate towards it. Right now it's kind of pointless with how hard it is to wind up without a spawn and needing to spawn at base, as such 98% of the time there's no transport squad, and transport vehicles are just left haphazardly about the map.
  11. Other than the few times when there's a clan who does the right thing and voluntarily changes team, because they want a challenge, I think the only way to fix it is hope that the V10 changes and the nerf to rushing helps balance things and make slightly less organised teams more forgiving. What I don't want is automatic team scrambling after every match, at least not without group queuing or something. Long-form games based on teamwork are absolutely unplayable if you need to spend 20 minutes trying to change teams to be with your friends because you got scrambled, and it doesn't result in a fairer game for the other team (the opposite, they're now one man down because he's spamming the change team button)
  12. Marker restriction is absurd

    Radiomen are great in something like Arma where you're playing with a clan, I guess even if there are milsim clans playing Squad, but for public matches they'd be an absolute shitshow. It's hard enough getting enough people to step up during a match to squad lead (just about 4 per side), nevermind needing to double that for a radioman for each squad who has just as much responsibility. *snip* Just wrote 6 paragraph essay about my issues with map markers, radio comms and the vehicle claiming system, especially on ME maps, which I'll spare everyone. As an aside, ME maps tend to be so cramped together, with muddy colours, and a thousand mud huts and walls everywhere, combined with the fact that the average squad is so bad at covering their sectors, that calling out a contact's position can actually be the worst thing you can do, because suddenly you have everyone in the squad checking that direction (which the contact probably isn't even in anymore), and leave yourself wide open to someone else running up to you *snip* Another change that could be made is having every rifleman be able to mark contacts on the map, but have them only visible to the rest of the squad (to keep things from getting out of hand). Squad leader markers being able to be seen by everyone (perhaps different colours, etc.) This is similar to how it's done in Arma, but has its own whole host of issues that I don't see worthwhile in it being implemented, especially not when there's more important and substantial things the devs could be spending their time on.
  13. Optics ballance

    In real life, if your eye is a centimetre too high or low, left or right, near or far, you won't see much other than the inner walls of the optic body tube. You really can't use a powered optic while moving effectively. Any shakes or movement of your hands or body is amplified through the scope.
  14. Longest Squad gaming session?

    On weekends, I basically play until INS pops up in the rotation, or I get pissed at a successful enemy rush. I think my record is maybe 7 hours.
  15. Required experience for being a SL

    You can normally tell how competent a squad leader is within the first 10 seconds of joining his squad, he should be on the ball with requesting medics, LAT and grenadier are filled, decided on the vehicles to take and should be giving a quick plan of action after he's coordinated with the other squads ("we're dropping one rifleman, playerx, at Y zone, everyone else will stay in the vehicles until we reach Z, which we're going to FOB and hold until the rest of the team advances past us") If I'm not leading, I'll hop between squads at the beginning of the game until I get someone who does something like that. If you join a squad and the squad leader doesn't mumble a word during the entire countdown, leave. Saying that, I don't want any in-game mechanic preventing someone from making a squad. There are plenty of people with far less played time who are more competent at squad leading than me, and there are some who have hundreds of hours more but who always pick fire support roles, are extremely competent with their class, but have no experience with squad leading itself. The only mechanic I'd like to see related to making squads is a cooldown period before someone can transfer squad leader after making a squad. I'm sick of people making squads, then giving the SQL role to someone else so they can take a marksman kit. It throws the whole squad into disarray and it can lose the match before the prep timer is even up, having 25% of your team stuck at base because they're busy passing squad leader between each other because no one wants to do it.