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  1. a.c.e. for arma has the best artillery system, way better than casual project reality. squad just needs something like this.
  2. wow you are so smart like did you actuall read what i was talking about?
  3. wow, thanks for response When i was talking about doors i didnt mention that i want them be openable, i just think pessanger just should have the ability to chose right or left door to leave the vehicle.If its on the opposite side of the vehicle the process can take few seconds more. This small feature can save lives and is very useful in ambush situations.
  4. Are firing ports and top hatches confirmed? Do devs plan to start implementing them in the long term perspecrive? Will i be able to chose the door to leave the ambushed vehicle through for safety reasons? Will i be able to throw grenades through the open hatch or shoot rpgs and manpads standing in one? If no why? I mean its already not a free mod and since people pay for the game they can ask for some features that make the game different from the free to play modification. Im talking about project reality.
  5. What type of things do you want to see

    100 players servers, but i think it will take another year or more, just like it was with vehicles.