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  1. Ranking System?

    There are a few concerns of mine regarding implementing an effective ranking system that should be addressed in order to actually make it worth while. (Which I am not of the opinion would be) 1. Using military ranks is not helpful. Squad is, as the name suggests a Squad level game (Section to us Brits and commonwealth) a section or Squad is led by a JNCO typically a full Corporal or a Sergeant in the American case. The Second in command is a Lance Corporal and the remainder are privates. How would using a military ranking system be true lt reflective when you have three colonels and 5 warrant officers in a squad? It’s just strange and would kill off anything close to immersion. Ultimately a bad thing IMO. Furthermore, there are plenty of Corporals who would have better weapon handling, tactical awareness and leadership ability than a full colonel or even a Major, because officers tend to be focusing on big handful movements and framing a whole battlefield, the level we are playing at is that of a platoon + (reinforced). Point being, rank isn’t reflective of effective soldiering skill and that’s what is being suggested as an accurate measure of individual players. An alternative? I’m not sure, but I wouldn’t use actual military ranks. 2. Getting anybody to SL as it is, is a difficult enough task. If we add another layer of percivied ‘eliteness’ people will shy away from stepping forward into leadership roles because they will assume the higher ranking guys will make and lead Squads. But it is those new people who should be encouraged to take a stab at leading if they want to, lord knows it’s desperately needed within the community. Just by two pence. Not that anybody asked me.
  2. Get schooled on FTs

    He's an okay standard of SL. He gets allot of attention for jazzy videos, but his tactical play isnt anything to write home about. In answer to the OP's question, I agree with you - it's a shame they just get used for ranging. I always run SL in game now, I usually role Alpha and Delta (sadly we can't be Charlie and Delta and follow British Army doctrine and we're forced to use yank fireteams, but thats a minor moan) fireteams, Alpha 4 man and Delta 5 man. This only works if you have a "second in command" type player who can actually control a small team, without that you're up shit creek with apple maps. Aside from vehicle squads, I don't see the point in having more than two fireteams. It's not effective to control at all.
  3. Not especially helpful, I play on a Razer Blade and like you I am serving, so it's exceptionally useful for plug and play. It's about $1,900 for one with a big old hard drive. It's pricey, but it runs Squad on 80FPS on ultra all day long. And if you're gonna invest, my mindset is you may aswell buy high end for the longevity. Beautiful bit of construction, looks like a macbook too.
  4. Laughed too hard at nerdifications. Some times a SuperFOB is the best solution. Sometimes it is better placed on a flank for attack. I have lead, and been lead when both were used effectively. The reality is that not always so black and white.
  5. Looking for a Team? POST HERE

    Name: Wonka Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/iFrenzy/ Primary Language(s): English Age (optional): 26 Timezone or Region: BST. (UTC+1) Nature of Interest: Competitive. I want to get back into high level Squad play with a competitive clan that wants to constantly improve, so I can likewise push my own ability further. Gaming Background: Countless hours in BF2, PR, 565hrs on Squad. Additional Skills: Would say I do a decent job at Squad Leading, people seem to always rejoin my Squads upon next pub match draw. I'm a reliable medic or AT or MG soldier too. Status: "Unsigned"

    I have also tried running mortar crews, with similar experiences (largely on the QFF servers.) And would say these points here are exactly on the money. I have two suggestions that could assist with mortars: I think implementing a separate "ammo" feature would help this. If memory serves, a mortar takes 80 Ammo to refill 3 rounds? (Even if it doesn't, for sake of argument let's say it does.) How about taking the mortar off of the generic ammo requirement and giving it another category of it's own, increase the cost to fire a 3 round barrage, so even if you had a dedicated logi you couldn't keep the fire up continually. Or simply reduce the range of mortars, forcing mortar FOBs further away from main, thus increasing logi travel time (and therefor exposure to counter attack) and thus reducing the spam function. But the HE damage needs to be MASSIVELY increased. People do not fear the whistle anywhere near as much as they should. Here's hoping for people to fear the rain.
  7. Hand grenade bounce-back solution

    This, you know roughly where a tennis/cricket ball is going to travel when you throw it. It's not making the game more casual by adding a faint guide to the throw animation. It makes it more realistic.
  8. I'll just get right to the chase, hoping the developers look at this so I'll keep it snappy. Two things that frustrate me as a Squad Leader who enjoys building superFOBs on viable and worthy defensive objectives. (Not a popular opinion, but hey) 1. Why when I place the HESCO bunkers (Not MG) are my bipod wielding lads not able to set up on them? Seems like a very silly bug to have and I'm sure is easily fixed. 2. Why am I not able to place HESCO walls flush next to each other, but I can with sandbags? It's frustrating to have a hole too large to fill (giggidy) in a wall, for one HESCO wall, where two flush together would be more than enough? Just me two pence. Wonka out.
  9. Thats exactly what is being suggested and by the look of the Dev post earlier in the thread, what is likely to be implemented. Fireteams are not a long range unit, they are to allow a Squad Leader (if we insist on using American terminology ;)) to better organise his Squad/Section. As a SL myself, being able to arrange my lads into two teams ahead of time and then be able to call out "red team, provide fire support, blue follow me on the assault" will only further aide the squad's overall effectiveness. Any serving or veteran will tell you the same thing. Fireteams aide tactics and communication.
  10. British Faction: Optics and Ironsights

    You'd use your EBS (Emergency Battle Sight) on top of your sight, either SUSAT or ACOG. (However the Infantry do have a ACOG style sight they use, combat support units tend to still use the SUSAT.) You'd never deploy into a combat environment without a sight though, OP is quite right.
  11. Laptops that work with squad

    I'm on a Razer Blade. Cost me £2,400 but it's an investment. Great bit of kit.
  12. AK74 vs M4/16 Recoil

    Not to be "that guy" but, I've fired both and I can tell you with all honesty both the AK74 and M4 are represented pretty accurately ingame.
  13. New change - map marker icon

    Judge a man by his integrity and you won't go far wrong. Excellent response from the Dev team. Mistakes happen, but Integrity like that is a consistent saving grace.
  14. Can i play squad on this laptop

    Realistically around 20-30 on low/mid settings.
  15. Dear all, I address the community and specifically Squad Leaders out there who consistently construct FOB's in tactically sound locations for defensive purposes. I bring you a few golden rules that I personally have found to work exceptionally well and offer you the innovation that is.. Wonkabags. But before we get into that. I'll just jot down a few key principles that are required to construct a defensive position that has any real lasting potential. THINK about that the actual placement of any deployable.. Try to use the actual compound walls as much as possible, the less stuff you can have outside of the walls the better. If you put those sandbags right on the door you're trying to block, the enemy can dig it down happily from the outside. Place it just on the inside? That talibaddy has to expose himself directly in front of the door in order to bring it down. It's all about the inches. Offer as much concealment yet provide as much situational awareness as possible. This may seem like these counter one another, but the use of ladders and wonkabags* will provide access to compound walls that you've decided to feather your nest in. If your guys can shoot over the walls and continually re position, while giving the medics the cover from the wall to revive anyone unlucky enough to take a 7.62mm round to the head. You'll again, enforce Rule 3 and keep your teams ticket count up which is what it's all about as a defensive force, right? Secure the perimeter with wire acting as a stand off. Its no secret the longer you can keep the enemy out, the longer the defense will hold. Time and time again I see SL's fail to employ wire, it's cheap, big and pretty effective at blocking off obvious access routes. Put this into effect and you'll reap the rewards, as a suggestion do this early in your FOB build. Work from the outside inwards (its clearly harder to get this shit up when there are rounds coming in already!) Have an exit point. No matter how much you spend on making this FOB, all the emplacements in the world do not equate to a few friendly squads advancing on the attack objectives. You need to have a readily available way of getting in and out of the FOB. Clearly, out can be easier than in, jumping over walls etc. But you as a defensive force should be disciplined enough to have a few guys covering the main entrances. Fragmentation is the biggest killer of a defensive force. This is even more pertinent with the introduction of mortars. Creating fragmentation barriers (wonkabags*) in the more exposed areas of your defensive position are a complete must. You need to give medics a place to shelter during an indirect fire (IDF) barrage so they can get to work immediately once the rounds have finished. Wonkabags* will assist in the channeling of fragmentation, use the design to protect doorways and create channels where you can restrict the amount of fragmentation. Stop using the sandbags with the little rifle slits in. They are exceptionally annoying when it comes to being a medic. Why? Person A is firing from behind said sandbag and gets knocked down. Medic comes over, and is still taking enemy fire because the bottom of the sandbag, your cover, HAS HOLES in it. If that isn't enough for you, the enemy can prone crawl through them and fragmentation will cut you to pieces if you're hiding behind them. They can be used in certain circumstances but generally speaking, avoid using them for regular fortification. Lastly, and especially important for the wonkabags* is if it looks good. It will be good. When designing your FOB, ensure your deployables are as straight and true as possible, any minor error in the construction can allow enemy's to exploit easy ways in. For example, poorly stacked sandbags can be used against you or allow the enemy to simple jump over. *And here is something to aid in this.. the grand unveiling of Wonkabags. They aren't ground breaking, but they are exceptionally adaptable. This design will cost you 150 construction points. It will block off a 2m door and leave you enough room to fire accurately through the top of the door frame. It will allow you to access nearly all compound walls with a 2m long firing platform. It will stop fragmentation up to 50cal if you're prone behind the bottom bags. It will stop HE from mortars and grenades turning you into swiss cheese. You can create channels within the FOB, guiding enemy forces into an exposed location. You can fire over the top of them while crouched. If you get killed while on them, 9/10 your body will fall behind the wall and be nicely accessible to a medic. You'll note that these don't use the sandbags with holes in, for reasons I mentioned earlier. Because they also screen you from the enemy, they can't see you, but you can see them if using the firing ledge. If you need to re position, they won't see you leave. Hopefully this helps all you budding sappers out there. ~Wonka, out
  16. So I figure a picture will paint a thousand words.. (Squad forums are not allowing me to post this picture directly for some reason.) Map here Legend: Black indicates compound walls. Red indicates doorways. Brown indicates wonkabags. Blue indicates friendly forces. Orange indicates fragmentation. Stars indicate point of explosion. So Pikey, to answer your question, fragmentation is random and so are mortar strikes, however you can.. largely speaking predict where grenades will land - people want to throw them just inside a door, or over a compound wall before breaching. So if you think about your placement of wonkabags, you can accurately deny likely detonation spots. What's important to remember while building a sustainable defense, is to think "How would I attack this?" If you can put yourself in the enemy's frame of mind you can make your defensive position a truly impregnable position.
  17. 100+ Lessons Learned as a Squad Leader

    Excellent list, surprised you managed to keep that so relevant all the way up to #100.
  18. That's where you're wrong brobeans. I know they're similar, but you did make a point of saying exact.
  19. Evening Gentlemen, I come to you tonight to express a concern, a need for us as fellow squad leaders to rethink our common misconceptions on FOB placement. I ask you the dirtiest of taboo questions: Why is there such a dislike to putting FOB's on (or very near too) capable points? Now, I am aware of some arguments to this questions immediately arise: e.g "But if you get wiped on the FOB, the point's easily capable." (Or similar arguments to that effect.) My answer however is this: Rally points are an alternative, but before that the mindset of our playerbase needs to shift. Because the current "meta" of placing FOB's far away from the action to act as permanent rally points, to me is simply lazy Squad leading. Encouraging zerg playstyle and boring backcaps that steam roll opposing teams. It is a tactic that invites the misguided saying "the best form of defence is attack." I ask the question, what is so bad about defence? Digging in a position after the logistics truck comes in, dumping its supply in order to allow you to place those 50'cals covering the killing areas, or wiring off the obvious avenue of advance. The wait and then the crack of contact, the round's are flying and the orders are given. And it's you, your Squad holding against a numerically superior enemy, but you have all the comforts of sandbags and wire to even the odds. The options are endless, the Dev's have allowed us to entrench ourselves yet we shy away from building these great defensive work's of art for an unknown reason. The replay ability alone is amazing, attacking a well entrenched enemy, forcing you to actually employ your Squad in a different way, not just following the same cookie cutter tactics employed on the same map rotation. Now, I know obviously, you're reading this, thinking this guy is either onto a valid point, or clearly missed out on every game I've been in, I've seen plenty of FOB's etc. Well, if the latter is your strain of thought, then perhaps I am mistaken, however with 139hours logged into Squad I have only come across two well fortified positions in my time. I challenge you, break the Meta of lazy FOB placement. Take a stab at holding a point with a FOB a stone's throw away and dig it in. Who knows, you may just end up with a close knit team by the end of a victorious round. ~ Wonka, out.
  20. I'm for this, I feel like I have to rush my "orders" to my Squad members an brief the older SL's on what I'm planning on doing within about a 30second window, sounds like a long time, but when you've got two radio channels you have to repeat everything twice.
  21. (1) I'm not sure I agree on your points here, and my only reason for this is this; having a Squad dedicated to defense, I am aware that just putting up fortifications alone is not a viable use of manpower, boots on the ground will hold the point, the fortifications are simply there to assist in doing so. I have been conducting an experiment over the past week, I've been dedicated defense as an SL every game and I've seen a marked increase in my win ratios (it is worth noting that I am not an amazing player by any stretch of the imagination, however when it comes to FOB construction I've had some real success.) I think provided that somebody is defending the points, building wisely and communicating with the whole team, FOB's on points have their place. (2) With this again, I don't agree with. An aggressive, assaulting Squad does not require anything in the way of fortification, aside from an Ammo crate, or maybe a Ladder to breach a compound. But a Squad playing as a dedicated defense, will have time before contact to dig in a reasonable stronghold, provided the SL has a clear idea on several things: e.g direction of enemy threat, likely size of force and most dangerous avenue they could move on. As to the Logistics truck, it can dump it's supplies reasonably far behind the FOB without needing to expose itself, this again, requires semi-decent placement of FOB's in order to allow ease of supply. (3) I'm simply challenging the current Meta, it seems daft to me to have entire team's all focused on simply attacking the enemy and praying they can sneak around each other's backline, finding FOB's quicker than one another. Because that may aswell be Hide and Seek with an M4. I dont believe it's a 100% strategy, simply because it doesn't always work. We've just allowed ourselves as a community to think that this is the only way of doing business. (4) As much as you may of thought this was a serious remark, I find it laughable, 80% of the time as an attacking force is spent running toward the enemy. As a defensive force, that time would be spent building? Therefor the sentence doesn't hold much water, in my eyes at least.
  22. Hey all, Is anybody else getting an issue where while pressing "T" (say for example, placing down obstacles, also this is my keybinding.) it will actually become a permenant part of your screen, meaning it glitches and doesnt go away after you release the key for it? I've not been able to find a way to stop this from happening, it happened initially after I was killed while placing obstacles down, then happened again when I took damage and then also happened randomly while I tried to close it. The only way I've been able to get rid of it is to close the game down entirely, suicide and respawning does not fix the issue ! Any thoughts would be appreciated on how to fix this.
  23. Ghillie Helmets for British Faction.

    Quoted for truth.
  24. Understood, submitted. Thank you !