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    Hey guys! Since yesterday I can't join your servers anymore.. It says that I'm banned but I dont remember being kicked/banned nor doing anything to cause this Is this some kind of bug or issue with EAC as stated above?
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    Name: MiLC0RE Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/milkerderilker/ Primary Language(s): German, English & Turkish Age (optional): 18 Timezone or Region: GMT-2 Nature of Interest: MilSim Gaming Background: Played alot of ArmA 2 in a Clan focussed on a MilSim style of play. We switched to ArmA 3 in 2014 and I kept on playing in that Clan until July of 2015. Played CS:GO since Early 2014 competitively (also in organised Teams & Leagues/Cups). Also played Project Reality in 2010 (yes, i was VERY young at that point). I'm a big fan of tactical and especially realistic military games. Additional Skills: Because of my ArmA experience I know how to communicate effectively and I know the importance of tactical play & communication. Always ready for a laugh and I am very calm and almost never get angry at anything In-Game. Status: Unsigned