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  1. You tried reinstalling it? I tried that and I've had much more success with running the game, crashes are not as common and I can play more than three games, It hasn't really crashed. I did once have similar issues with the game before, I was having fatal errors when booting up so I had no choice but to reinstall it, after that it was running like normal again. Update On the day I reinstalled it, it was working fine, played it two days later and it's doing the same old thing
  2. I'm running it on high settings with some settings disabled or on medium
  3. I've set bSubstepping to false and will test it out
  4. It's now working flawlessly for me, I'm so glad I updated my drivers
  5. Since V7 came out I'd been experiencing fatal errors, memory dumps and my frame rate would vary from 29-44fps. Before V7 went live, my GTX 970 and i5 were running it just fine, crashes were rare. Good news! I've found a solution to these issues I've been encountering, it's working like used before the update! I opened GeForce experience and updated the GPU driver to the latest version, once it was done I restarted the PC and booted up squad. What I found was that my frame rate was much more consistent at 39-45fps, the game isn't having any fatal errors and that it's not having any memory dumps, however when I close the game it says that the "memory can't be read", but I don't think that's an issue as I can actually play the game now. I'm not sure if it works on all Nvidia GPUs (AMD is out of the question) but it may be of use to anyone who's running a GTX. If it works let me know, thank you.
  6. Fatal Error - Squad's New Best Friend

    I'm getting crashes at the start at every round on my GTX970, it's supposedly a problem with PhysX. Devs are looking into it and will get it fixed soon.
  7. Crash on most "green" maps

    Did the game crash just as the round started? I've been encountering that issue in particular
  8. Prior to V7 I've never had any issues with running squad on my GTX970 and i5 4670K, since it came out it crashes at the start of the round saying "fatal error", frame rate is between 29fps and 44fps (was 40-60fps before) and if I join a game mid round, it'll soon crash because of a memory dump. Anyone experiencing these issues? especially the game crashing at the start of a round. ===Edit=== Does anyone know how to fix this if possible?
  9. Memory Error

    I've had the same issue, prior to V7 it wouldn't crash, but now it's doing that to me.
  10. Is this normal anyone?

    I've also been experiencing issues like that, my overall framerate is lower after v7 was released. The game has also crashes at the start if a round and says "fatal error" when it does, I've also got an i5 (4th gen) and a GTX970.
  11. Update: Alpha 7 Major Changes Preview

    Vehicles with Banhammers? That would be interesting to see implemented...