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  1. Helicopter Joystick Support

    Yes, we need two things. Joystick/Gamepad support, or at least well working mouse and keyboard controls. The current controls are pretty horrible. Also why in gods name dont we get a proper hud as a pilot? We only get the small instrument window, which distracts you from what is actually going on. Sorry guys, but this needs at least 1-2 more months of solid work before it should go into proper testing.
  2. Has something to do with growing up and probably also with more deeper experience when it comes to games. When you get some insight into development you realize that a game must work in the first place. You also realize that not every game has to be 100% what you would like it to be for you. Personally I think Squad is in the best shape it ever was right now with the latest decisions.
  3. Did not find anything fitting via search function. If I missed a existing thread about this, please merge my post into it or ignore it. ;-) First let me say I like the new logistic functionality on the vehicle menu. But what has been keeping bugging me for a while is how you access the vehicle menu. Right now it is like this: Press & hold the enter button to bring up the menu and enter the vehicle. If you hold the button down long enough you will enter the vehicle If you access a menu button and press you will not enter the vehicle So let's say I want to re-arm on a vehicle. I have to press and hold the enter vehicle button and hit the rearm option before I enter the vehicle to stop that interaction. This feels clunky and weird and can result in you frantically hitting something just in order to not enter a vehicle. So I would suggest the following. Give us maybe 1-2 options that we can set in the gameplay/control settings. Simple button press will either open the vehicle menu or make you enter the vehicle. Button hold will either open the vehicle menu or will make you enter a vehicle. Would be great if players could choose the option that feels more natural to them. Cheers
  4. Has nothing to do with you being his SL. Please ready my entire post. There are several factors that he is most likely benefiting from. This also does not devalue the skill of the player. These factors basically just multiply it.
  5. Very likely he is basically getting "carried" in one way or the other. By his squad, by the team or simply because the enemy is feeding. It is also stupid just to look at the top or worst results as a player. You need to look how a player plays 90% of the time. We all have rounds where we get very good or very poor results, but those rounds are not the rule. Personally I often see players "performing well" when they overall balance is completely broken and one team gets steamrolled or made a big mistake and keeps feeding the enemy.
  6. This is not Project Reality.
  7. Voice Lines?

    I would like to see at least "some" automated voice lines and not lines you have to trigger yourself. It can create immersion which is the bread and butter of every video game. Games only really work if you can get somewhat immersed into it. Imagine you play a first person game without any footsteps. You would get passively confused because it feels wrong to move that way without any sounds. Apart from that sounds also work to give the player feedback. This can include things like taking a hit yourself, hitting the enemy or being out of stamina etc. I think it would be cool if your character would say something like reloading when is reloading etc. For balance reasons this should be only played for members of your own team. It is a bit annoying if you have to reload and you know a enemy is around and your character shouts: RELOADING! In this situation you would take away control of the player which would be bad in this situation. But I would like some battle chatter for the team. Obviously they should not overdo it and also avoid being way to cheesy like Battlefield 5.
  8. Well personally I don't think the game is shallow but the game gets a different attention. The most basic level of Mordhau which is 64 players doing chaotic battles is attractive to streamers. So the game got a lot of attention from that. It is only normal that the big streamers move on to another game (not talking about streamers getting directly paid to paly this game) and with that the numbers also drop. I also got some friends back into playing the game since it is much better on a technical position and it also massively improved on the gameplay front.
  9. They are probably not alone and part of a squad. You often end up with a good K/D Ratio if you go into firefights with the greater numbers. This makes the following more likely: 1. Getting targeted in the first place, because the enemy may target another player. 2. A enemy that is engaging you will get engaged by multiple players of your squad/team. 3. You will get revived after your squad/team has won the firefight. Apart from that already mentioned individual skills and experience will help you like map knowledge, positioning and overall game sense.
  10. This is a game and not the real world. Squad is also not aiming to be a hardcore realism simulation. I have +3.000 hours in ArmA 3 playing Milsim. I would have not got so many hours by playing in or with communities that use all the available tech and options. It would be boring. Limitation is a part of game design. A game in which you could do anything is boring. I like the fact you don't have a "working" target solution system for tanks. It would be extremely boring. The current system adds (at least) a small skillset for players which is basically: 1. Know or measure the distance. 2. Know the holdovers in the optics. 3. If the target is moving, calculating where the target will be when your shell impacts. I honestly don't really care about the so called "realism". It's a game and it must not just work, it must also be fun. If there is one thing especially tracked vehicles need it is better driving/interaction with ground objects, so you dont get stuck when you should not.
  11. There is one huge flaw in your argument. You imply that the daily peak numbers always involve the very same players. I can't play Squad every day and this also applies to other people. One "problem" Squad has is that they are kind of honest in their marketing. A lot of other games would have already ditched the early access or alpha label and released other patches and content drops as updates or dlc's. Squad is not doing that. When I show footage of the game or talk about it a lot of people say that they will look into the game once it is properly released. There is a field of players with what I would call early access fatigue.
  12. I think that the player base for Squad is healthy. Mordhau has a lot of players right now because of way different reasons. It has a nice melee system and it offers chaotic large battles, but also pretty deep and demanding 1vs1 Combat. Rounds are also relatively short. Gore is just a tiny detail in the game. From a practical stand point gore would be extremely complicated in Squad. Gore is often used as hit/kill registration/feedback. A lot of "kills" in Squad are not kills. Players get downed and they often can and will get revived. It would be very confusing if you have a lot of blood or dismemberment if the player just stands up a minute later like nothing happened. Another "good" part about Squad is that you often don't know if you killed somebody over medium to longer ranges. He might have gone prone, or maybe he got revived. You would take this away with gore on kills.
  13. Because being a SL requires a different skillset that pretty much any other role. At least when you want to play together with your team. You will spend a lot of time working together with the other parts of the team, while you also have to manage your squad, maybe place down emplacements and also manage yourself. What I can recommend for people who are afraid of picking SL is the following. 1. Create a smaller Squad It is much easier to take care of a smaller squad. I also often feel that a Squad of 4 people made out of randoms will stick together more. When you have 8 people you often have some guys not being close enough because they think: there are enough other squad members close to the SL and so I don't have to do it. 2. If you go full Squad use Fireteams A simple way is to split the squad into two fireteams and ask one guy to be essentially a fireteam leader. That should also get a lot of work of your own plate. 3. Simple objectives Another good way to get more experience and confidence is to pick a simple task for your squad for a round. As a example you could designate your Squad to always defend the active cap in a round. You will need way less time thinking what to do and where to go. You can focus on the actual task and coordinate with the rest of the team.
  14. The current stabilization is good enough. Those vehicles are already very powerful and adding more crutches to them would make them a complete no brainer.