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  1. Because Post Scriptum has shown that is does not work.
  2. I guess (?) I managed to fix this. I completely deleted the game and steam and made sure to purge all config and registry files before reinstalling. But you still can not bind the delete key in the menu btw you have to do it in the config.
  3. Hello, I tried my luck again with the new update and the problem still persist. I changed the language back and forth and I went into the input config file in: C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Squad\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor I changed the line to this: ActionMappings=(ActionName="LeanLeft",Key=Delete,bShift=False,bCtrl=False,bAlt=False,bCmd=False) This used to work before V12 and it still does not work and with that I am unable to bind the del key to any function.
  4. The M4 feels extremely inferior now.

    You can pretty much shoot fire as fast as you can click with the M4. Both in single fire and in 3 round burst mode. https://streamable.com/4vq0r
  5. Bug: Machinegun fail to set up bipod

    Right now you can not deoploy bipods on any surface which the game appears to indicate as "inside". You not from inside windows or not even on the floor of a room.
  6. New/additional scoreboard information

    Nice to see that this was and is already being thought about. Any news on this since a lot of new systems were implemented with v12?
  7. Thread necromancing... So I used to be able to use the "del" key in Squad. I cant bind it directly in the menu, but previously (including v12 public test) you could force bind it over the config file found in: C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local\Squad\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\input.ini. In V12 it actually shows up in the controls correctly, but it is not working in-game. Other keys work and I checked that I have not bound the key to another function. Any ideas?
  8. Arcady Milsim? Suggestions.

    Squad is not "Milsim" I know a lot of people think it "should" be Milsim, but I think Squad is just it's own thing. Somewhere between Battlefield and ArmA 3 in its very own position. A lone BTR is a wasted asset and it is most of the times also wasted tickets. Right now a BTR is worth 15 Tickets (not sure about V12). That means the BTR has to reduce the tickets of the other team by 15, just to get on neutral level when it comes o ticket efficiency. That makes the BTR (and similar assets) valuable and a lone BTR will often die without even getting close to being ticket efficient.
  9. Insurgency, militia savage

    That idea is open to massive abuse. Use vehicles as a free one way fast taxi and then dismantle it. If you are careless with your vehicle and leave it somewhere, you should suffer the consequences which are the possible destruction (ticket loss) and the fact that the vehicle can not be used elsewhere.
  10. People who played v12 !?

    I have a similar pc. I would also not consider this a potato pc. It is perfectly fine for running most games well on 1080p. My point was also that v11 performs much better overall than the current test build for v12.
  11. People who played v12 !?

    I had a similar experience, but I only checked the public test client for 5 minutes in the shooting range. I also realized I installed it on the weong HDD (not my SSD). I set the fps limit to 60 and it looks like the game kept my graphics settings from the normal client. I got massive fps drops when turning around a lot. Fps go from a stable 60 to 20-30. Happened a lot when I looked sown the shooting range (stable fps) and then turned around 180 degrees. Frames massively dropped for 1-2 seconds. When the map loaded I also got texture loading issues. I had these issues when the game was released, but this stopped around v9. I hope that the game will run as good as the current version if V12 comes out. Otherwise it would be a massive step backwards for me.