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  1. The biggest limitation of the current tripod HMG emplacements is just how minute the shooting angle is on those guns. Since the tripod HMG's don't have the extra padding they should have a much wider traverse if not 360 degrees. To balance out, then a slower (but not too slow) turning speed could be implemented, something faster than the turret turning speed on the insurgent scout car. I can't count the amount of times I wanted to shoot at a target with the tripod HMG, but the small turning angle got in the way.
  2. In the upcoming update the logi truck will be resupplied differently (ie: 0 ammo, 2000 construction points / 2000 ammo, 0 construction points / 1000 ammo, 1000 construction points) So if a logi truck accidentally resupplied the wrong amount of ammo/construction points then there should be a quick way to delete/change the resupply amount. Edit: Opinion neutralized
  3. Further Explained 1. Regeneration of Stamina inside of Vehicles +1 I noticed that stamina isn't regenerated while inside a vehicle. It makes sense that stamina should regenerate while a soldier is sitting in one. 2. Specific Weapon Keybinding Each individual weapon item in their respective tabs (healing -> medic bag, bandage, or explosive - > phone detonator, ied, mine, grenade) Should have their own keybind in the control settings. ex: Medic bag [key:4] bandage [key:5] It would make it quicker to change to the desired weapon instead of using the mouse scroll key, or double clicking the weapon tab key. 3. Upcoming V10 Logi Ressupply Suggestion We should be able to change the resupply type at base without deploying them at a friendly fob. 4. Directly Proportional Ammo Resupply Ammo resupply should not cost the same amount of ammo points to reload 1 magazine vs 6 magazines. To prevent explosives and keep things close to the current situation, 2 heat rounds should have the base cost of around 80 points. The title summarizes these suggestions well enough.
  4. Adding to what Clown_Tactical said: The russian main base repair station for one of the infantry layers is on the very top of the base. This poses a big problem for logi runs as the logi truck cannot easily (takes about 3 minutes) travel up the mountain slope in between the satanic trees. There fortunately is an inconvenient way of getting up there, but unless the current placement of the repair station is on purpose, it would be better if it was easier to access.
  5. From my perspective I had the same problem and through the logs I noticed that Steam had supposedly kind of failed to connect to the internet while launching squad. The log mentioned that it failed to connect my friends, etc.. (other steam-internet things only) I got the problem most likely because I uninstalled Killer network manager and reinstalled it with the network drivers only. It seemed to have been the recent network driver change that caused the problem. I haven't tested this first step out but it might help. Try updating your network drivers, (use youtube for help on this, or go through your device manager and under *network adapters* find the *update drivers* option) This may or may not work. Now here's what worked for me. Because this was a steam related problem. I opted for Steam beta testing which you can do under *Steam* (upper left corner) -> *Settings* -> under "Account" find 'Beta participation' and click *Change* -> change to beta participation then restart steam. This worked for me and it might work for others especially if they just changed some things with their network/Ethernet adapters. - P.S. this topic seems somewhat old but I just wanted this solution to be out there.
  6. I thank myself and mastah4 and R3b3l-Scumm for support.
  7. I have solved this issue. Possible Solution Below. I had this prompt always come up whenever I booted up my computer on the desktop screen saying something on the lines of "Cannot find internal directory: Error" This was supposedly the issue that failed the EasyAntiCheat code signature validation thingamajig. Solution is on the internet already solved, but ill say the gist of it here. Find your system properties tab. [Windows 10: search "System" in search bar, first option or second] -> *Advanced System Settings* -> Environmental variables. Then the first thing you want to do is look at the first rectangular white prompt stating TEMP and TMP with some side writing like "*{USER} etc...* and click *Edit* and for both TEMP and TMP replace that side writing with "c:\temp". Restart computer -> Play.
  8. i have also tried reinstalling EasyAntiCheat with no luck, and I've tried launching squad not through steam but through both 'Squadlauncher.exe" and "Squad.exe". no luck.
  9. I did the windows update, restarted my computer, and I'm still getting the issue. I don't have an antivirus but I have disabled windows defender. Still no luck. I ran malwarebytes before i began getting the issue but from the things that it says it removed none of it seems squad or easyanticheat related.
  10. Just reinstalled, same problem. Is anyone else having this issue too?
  11. I'm not sure if I'm correctly posting this in the right topic however I thought game server feedback would be the one. Sorry if wrong topic, but I hope that doesn't disregard anyone from helping me with my issue.
  12. I don't know exactly why this happened and its's been bugging me all day because I can't play at all. Since morning to night. Whenever I attempt to play the game the green bar loads fully and boom Launch error (above). I can't tell if anyone else has this problem. I'd like to first say that I am not cheating under any means, please arrest me if I am. I'v tried to verify the game files and restart my computer but no luck. I have also updated windows but that hasn't worked either. Any help? perhaps even moral funny support if nothing else. Thank you in advance, but I'll still thank you a second time if you manage to solve the issue. Ps. one day later still the same issue. cannot join.