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  1. There was a time that 80% of the matches in any server was awesome. Of course, sometimes there was one server that one team was just steamrolling the other one. So you would just change servers and everything went back to normal. I noticed that when Post Scriptum launched its first and second weekend test, it was amazing. It felt just like when I first started playing SQUAD, but with an extra spice called WWII plus those huge explosion sounds, stukas and whatnot. All matches were amazing playerbase wise. When the third weekend test came along, it all faded. Only noobs playing. I've witnessed things that would never happen, happening. Then I went back to SQUAD. I found myself feeling some weird vibe. Dynamics were different. Now 50% of the servers were OK. Yesterday I had not so much luck. Tried playing in 4 servers. Just 1 was OK. Today, not a single server that I - as usually - randomly picked, was ok. Every freacking server teams are getting steamrolled. And there isn't even been applied some good tatics. Just a FOB near enemies and they all fall like dominos. Most of the times there isn't even suppressing and flanking maneuvers. It's just head on killing spree. SQUAD University must have their plates full. Also, if you don't agree with me at least on some level, please tell me: what servers do you play and what time and day? Even a friend of mine that has a way lower standard bar noticed today how crazy this is getting.
  2. BE the CHANGE that you WANT to see in SQUAD

    +1 Logi Truck I always do logi runs when the FOB really could use it. More often than not I see a super FOB holding its ground and/or shooting mortars, and no one is doing the logi runs. I go and make at least 2 runs. And people tend to do FOBs and not place repare station. Then I need to get out of my APC, get the freaking logi myself and make it happen so we can be effective with that APC. Most people just want to waste CPs to build .50 cals that they aren't even going to use. Medic And my experience as being a medic isn't so bad as others say it is. I have a bag full of healing potions. I get to kill a lot of people and heal myself later. And I also revive tons of people. This talk about the medic being forced to stay behind and not do anything is bs, to a point. This will only happen in 2 situations: 1, your squad is not being able to advance while under heavy fire, so you have to stay behind; you're not Rambo to kill everybody by yourself; have patience; 2 maybe you're not that good, so you have to stay behind because you can't get killed again and again. Shovel This is something else that wasn't mentioned... If I'm on squad 2 and as I'm passing by a FOB I see SL 3 putting shit in the groud to be dug up, I'm gonna stop what I'm doing and dig that up. He might not be my SL and therefore I don't owe him anything, but he is in my team and I need to make sure my team has the best chance at winning. Getting those assets up and running as soon as possible are imperative.
  3. Awesome! And G29 version of this would be cool as well. I'd love to drive transport and logi trucks using a steering wheel.
  4. Mortars FTW

    At some point I trained with mortar. Learning how much deviation it has the further you shoot, mainly because marks in the map and distance aren't accurate. So you need someone to tell you where it hit so you can adjust it. And the goal of that training was to know by heart how much to tweak. Knowing that kinda of stuff is useful, but............... We have a freaking calculator. It hits dead on. Kinda ruins the old school fun, but that way it more effective. I just pick up the phone, type my location and the target's location and yell 3 times so the other mortar guy can shoot. And I tell him to increase 20 degrees to hit 50m closer or vice-versa. And if I remember correctly, if the target is way further from the mortar, then 20 degrees would would make 100m. On that note, what are your findings on this?
  5. Battlefield 3 Project Reality mod

    Back in the day there was a custom server that removed the minimap, spotting and increased drastically the damage. It was so fun, but the server didn't last one month. It was so freaking easy to play. You'd find casual players running around and getting themselves killed all the time. And there wasn't enough hardcore+ gamers. SQUAD folks won't go back to BF3 just for the vehicles or else that server back in the day would have worked.
  6. What position do you play the most? Why?

    I like everything this game has to offer. All classes and all vehicles. Sometimes I'm tired of playing to kill lots of guys, so I just join a server to do transport or logi runs. I find it fun. If I were to play Eurotruck, that wouldn't be so fun. Driving trucks in SQUAD is fun to me because it matters. Other people are counting on me. But the class I play the most is SL because I know what needs to be done and someone has got to do it. If I'm not leading an entire squad because it is so tiresome, I have a 2 or 3 men squad locked up so we can go do some S&D.
  7. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    I respect your opinion, but I have a different opinion on that, as I previously stated somewhere in this post. Not only I don't like playing there - even though I play on that server once in three months - SLs are rude. They don't understand tactics and they will mob up against you if you're thinking outside the box and doing what it needs to be done. Also regular players tend to bitch about stuff intead of taking the mater into their own hands. Their lack of effort and effective action that provides a poor experience for everybody becomes your responsability for some reason.
  8. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    Amazing! Good for you. Sadly, I can't play European servers. It gets so much laggy. I already play (and kick ass) on US servers that have up to 220 ping. That's my limit. If I get 170, then things get intense if you know what I mean!
  9. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    I agree with everything you said. Except that together, these statements, they get conflicted. You can't be the change you want if you have disobediente players. When players follow my orders, we kick ass. When they don't, we lose big time. Some people aren't SQUAD material. Giving them orders triggers that feeling of micromanaging and they just won't do shit. You kick them, they don't even complain. They just start another squad, all the other kicked players join that squad and they go on about their mediocre gameplay doing team deathmatch and ending the match with a super negative KD without accomplishing anything such as providing support, destroying vehicles, getting intel and sharing with the team, etc. Luckly I had a few somewhat cool matches these days. The trick? Well, I was lucky enough for the random servers I chose to have the same amount of casual players on both teams, so it ended up being a balanced experience.
  10. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    Don't take it too hard, buddy... It is what it is. You're only making it worse. Also, sinse you failed to see, let me point out the question - that was far from being vague - before you spin the story even further. What servers do you play and what time and day?
  11. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    Thanks for the invite @Axel. Perhaps you guys from Europe have it better. I'm from Brazil and brazilian are the worst of all. So I have to conted with US servers. @MultiSquid Sound observation and advice. I appreciate it. Although I join only servers from big clans. Even that isn't cutting it. Unless these clans are doing a lot of private events that I don't know about. Anyway, I think I'm just gonna take some time off. See if in a couple of months this new community gets better, since the game must have gotten attention from newcomers after the PS release.
  12. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    Here's a little bit of what happened today. This was the pinnacle of the night for me. I have never seen so many dumb people playing together. For real, I'm astonished. My squad was in charge of holding the flank while the rest of the team got the middle flag. Every SL was talking about doing a FOB near there. Nobody of their squads picks up the logi. Eventually, one of my guys took it. I said to him: just drive wherever those guys are going. They are still figuring out where to place the radio. After a long conversation on the SL frequency - with 2 squads already inside Police Station -, they tell me to place the radio and build a FOB where I was - the flank - and not where they were. Well, great. No biggy. I've been around the block so I know how to make that work. 50. Cal Bunker in the road, ammo for the boys inside the village with stairs for them to pick over the wall and sandbag walls to block the access to us from anyone who might come from the south. I positioned ARs and snipers in the north hill watching over the open field, road and whatnot; I was operating the .50 cal and the other boys were covering the mid. There was no way in hell anyone would get passed us. Also, that was a safe haven. Everybody was spawning there and moving south to go back to Police Station. It was a slaughter. Everything that moved got shot until it wasn't moving anymore. Now... Here's when the shit meter breaks. It was said in the SL frequency that the logi can no longer leave main base because there was mines all over the place. As if you couldn't go there and dig it up. So, no more logi runs, they figured. Then every SL agreed to dig down my radio - which were requested by them - because it was on a bad location and they wanted a new one eve closer to the police station. That would make it about 100m closer. I warn them about that. Next thing you know, we have no more respawn, they lose Police Station and all other flags just right after that and now we can hear in the SL frequency people saying: Don't take any flags and kill yourselves. Let's end this quickly. Well... Bravo, folks. Bravo!
  13. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    This right here portrays exactly what I'm talking about. I make statements about my experience and ask a question. The reaction? People either say to not complain or that this doesn't exist. It is the same behaviour that I see in the battlefield. The stinking shit is happening right in front of your eyes and people either enjoy the shit or they pretend the shit doesn't exist.
  14. Who was the coolest SL you've had?

    Don't remember the name. It happened just the one time. The guy played like I do. He knew how to give orders, he talked only the necessary and he was willing to go the extra mile to do what the rest of the team wasn't doing. Always, it played out beautifuly because our squad had many players in the same mindset. And locker room talk? Yes. Of course. But only localy or just a few times over the radio when nothing else was happening.
  15. Thanks, @fuzzhead!
  16. It's been a while since I played SQUAD. I'm back and something wrong happened.. Twice. My friend headshot the enemy point blank. He didn't die with 1 shot. I thought he just missed and as making shit up. Then I got to experience the same thing. I was 5m away from a LMG soldier with his bypod deployed. I shot right above his ear, in the helmet. Blood sprayed from his head. He then ran away and later on I found his dead body. What's up with that? Is something wrong? I've always known this game as 1 shot kill - even with a pistol - when it's in the head.
  17. This happened yesteday. Either the same problem happened again or the windshield of a simple car is mitigating a lot of damage.
  18. Yeah, it must be a hitbox error. We can see in that spreadsheet that headshots have a x3.0 multiplier making every weapon 1 hit kill in the head.
  19. Make. This. Happen. Radio is a tool to communicate with others and organize who does what. Period. For everything else, you have the local voice chat. But a lot of people think the radio is just a ingame voice chat instead of using Discord, TeamSpeak or whatever. And even worse than that is Squad Leaders who use the G (general SL frequency) instead of directly talking to another SL (using numpad 1 to 9) about specific things or to chitchat. The main ideia here is not to impose a way about how people play the game, but to offer the option to hardcore players not to have to endure this kind of disruptive behaviour. Countless times I have died while doing an incursion because I couldn't here the enemy over the noise pollution, resorting to muting the command or squad leader channel for the entire match - 'cause I won't be openning the menu every time to turn it on and off again. Like in real life, the soldier would have the option to just remove the earphones. After the incursion is complete, plug the earphones again, since people talk more than my grandmom and her friends at the bingo.
  20. I once politely asked SLs to use direct radio contact instead of the general command frequency to talk about whatever bs they were talking about. They proceeded to talk about what they were going to do in the weekend. I muted the channel. Totally agree with you. And this problem should get mitigated on the next update when Fireteams are introduced. It will be up to the deputy of that fireteam to tell others to shut up while people on other fireteams won't get troubled by it.
  21. Every once in a while we get either posts in this forum or some discussions on Discord about why Squad Leaders suck so much or why we get a lot of noobs playing that even a good SL won't make them play like average players. Well, this post is about looking in the mirror and learning how to be thankful when you get what you want instead of screaming for more and more. Bear with me. It's that good! I was playing in a good server with good players. Everybody was communicating the right amount, pushing flags in a cohesive manner. I even though to myself: these guys are OK. Good clan. Next match I created a squad to play with a friend. I named it Recon, because that's what we do best just because we don't need to relly on others who might end up faulting. Since the server lacked squads, I didn't close it and immediatly everybody joined. I was SL4. Now the story really starts... SL1 asked me to place a FOB in the 2nd flag. I comply. SL1 asked me to take 3 logis there and make it a Super FOB. I comply. SL1 asked me to place a FOB in the 5th flag. I comply. SL1 asked me to divert my logis to the 4th flag. I comply. SL1 asked me to immediatly get inside the 5th flag. I already was doing that. So I comply. SL1 loses the 4th flag, loses his shit and keeps going on and on. I tell him that I've complied with every order out of my good will and that now I need him to be quiet because I can't play with his continuous screaming. SL1 continues to scream like a brat. At this point, I can't hear anything anymore. I am forced to open the menu and mute the Command channel. After a while I open the map and I see his squad in the middle of nowhere trying to get to the 3rd flag, which is now in double neutral, and that Super FOB he requested on the 2nd flag earlier in the match was for nothing. We lost everything. Bottom line is: learn to recognize and appreciate when you find someone who actually places the bigger picture and the long game above his need of having fun. Next time, that kind of thing might not happen again. And, also, that is another example on that thing I've requested long ago - mute button. Instead of clicking a button to mute his screams for a couple of minutes so I could approach the 5th flag with full attention, I ended up dying and them muting it on the Options and only unmuting it on the next match 'cause I sure af won't be opening the mune to mute him again everytime he spins out of control and starts his ranting.
  22. I once got kicked for placing a FOB in a place that an admin - who wasn't playing, but rather just watching the whole day - didn't like. There was no warning. Just some excuse for him to get some action since he was scratching his balls all day in front of SQUAD waiting for something to happen. I say this to exemplify how much I get this 20%. In other severs, speacially brazilians, you don't even answer other SLs because not only they don't understand shit I'm saying, they will curse you for thinking outside the box. It's like a bucket of crags. They pull inside the ones who try to escape. Also, that other 25% you speak of, @Gopblin, is totally understadable. You just can't reason with some people. And in the end of the day it's all about Call of Duty players trying to fit in SQUAD and impose themselves on the rest of us who actually understand this game as a simulator of war instead of just a little arcady game.
  23. Well, by the time I ended this reading @PuddleMurda, I thought the point was made and I appreciate you taking the time to tell us all that. This is the first time ever I've seen someone being so precise about how a SL should behave.
  24. I am rewarded with compliments quite a lot. That's enough for me. Also I get a personal feeling of reward when other squads take my suggestions into account and we all can make a fine joint operation. I'm all about the team. I find it quite a rare thing to be honest. Not many players find it as fun as I do. And, @SHO-SHIN, yeah, I can go either way. When my team plays for fun or to win at all costs, when we lose or when we win. I just can't stand when 2 things happen: when people destroy expensive assets and when people think that the radio is a phone to have long conversations preventing me from listening to the game when I need it most, and that goes for self entitled brat who keeps trash talking constantly as well.