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  1. Total War | Chicago

    What a pro player... LOL
  2. I'm not talking about those basic informations found at the wiki's page, nor the spreadsheet about the damage information. I'm looking for how many bullets each vehicle has and what kind. Perhaps any aditional info too. Does anyone know where I can find that?
  3. Awesome. That should do it. I have yet to finish that reading. Thanks!
  4. That's probably what I'll resort to, unfortunately.
  5. Total War | Chicago

    Wow... 1 post on the forum, Tjgunny. Butthurt much, I guess. Anyway, I don't take offense from the likes of you. Instead, I will give a few lessons in the name of the community. - Making the whole team push in the same flag from the same place of departure is not called PTFO. That's just being dumb. One or two squads doing that, ok. But the whole team? No. Just... No. - There is something called flanking. That needs no explanation. Any human being that gets logic will understand this. If you don't, I suggest you read some Sun Tzu before playing, or even talking. - There are other roles squads can play besides attacking or deffending a flag. A few of those are: supporting other squads from the flank, either by attacking their target or just holding position so they don't get flanked; doing recon; and searching and destroying enemy vehicles, mines, FOBs and rally points. Have a good one.
  6. Total War | Chicago

    I was playing now in his server. What you've said describes him with perfection, dangerboy34. > The match begins with him telling people to move from one squad to another. > Then he tells me to get out of the truck. > I didn't know he was the admin until I saw that his name matches with the server name and by his aggressive tone of voice. > I comply and get out of the truck. > He then procedes to tell everyone to get out of the truck so he could get in and claim it for himself. > Everyone gets out but one person. > That person gets insta kicked. > After we all get to the flag, I get the truck again and asks me why. > I asnwer him why and he says something and then "whatever" as in that he doesn't care. > A few seconds later he tells me to place a FOB even though my squad was just my friend and I. > I tell him that it is impossible to place a FOB with 2 people. > He gets even more aggressive because my squad doesn't have 3 people likes it's my fault. > Then he asks what I'm doing. > I, beginning to get impatient tell him that I'm playing my game that I bought with my money > PERMA BAN with the stated reason: refuses to play objective My friend got mad with that kinda of behaviour and went to talk to someone on his Discord channel. Doc and his admin friends stop playing to get off on the chaos that he created and tells us that we can "go ahead lol" and post the video on the admin abuse section on this forum because devs aren't gonna do anything about it.
  7. Combat vehicle guide ! Caution very long text !!

    I've never seen anyone do the #8. I will sure give it a try. lol
  8. APC's crew guide for Dummies

    Amazing post, Aragorn89! I will create a Guide section in my Discord to share this link with my squad.
  9. Going Solo

    I felt a hint of 'asking for validation' on this post since what you've asked is totally OK. The thing is... There is a lot of one track minded folks out there, so I get the purpose of this. Be asured, you're not alone. I know an entire clan that plays for over a year now and all they do is but one thing: camp inside a village on the middle of the map. And every freaking time, last year or this year, it doesn't matter, the same always happen: he gets his squad pounded inside the small contained area by almost the entire enemy force respawning on top of the montain which is a point of advantage (high ground) thus costing our team tons of tickets. He doesn't have the IQ required to allow 2 of his 8 soldiers to search and destroy the enemy FOB and cut the enemies' source. Usually 2 things happen: a) We lose all tickets b) Somehow I - all by myself or with the help of a random fellow - find and destroy the enemy FOB which kills their source of respawn and allows our entire team to move forward. There are a lot of wannabes out there who think that being a good SL means keeping the squad airtight together. They don't know about progressing in the battlefield, the concept of suppressive fire, pinning the enemy down, flanking, mortar before entering the area, search & destroy enemy rally point/FOB, and the list goes on. All they care is to be in the flag area so they can get those 100 points. But in the end, we know who's actually contributing to the victory. Check this video. Other SLs asked me WTF I was doing so far way from all the action and not helping. They always are so entitled and angry. Always presenting themselves as superiors. But it turns out that Scouts do win battles! PS.: don't mind my lack of recoil control. This was done a long time ago, but still I was effective.
  10. [EXE64] Exército 64

    Somos um exército estruturado com hierarquia e sistema de evolução de classe, comunicação e tática. Para se juntar a nós, é necessário os seguintes requisitos: - Agilidade e precisão com M&K - Headset e uma ótima expressão verbal - Entusiasmo e crença em nosso ideal O que gostamos: - Organização - Parceria - Participação - Visão estratégica - Humor negro O que não gostamos: - Cheaters - Bisonhos - Vanillas - Ressentidos Exército 64 - Tática e ferocidade! Cornix cornici nunquam effodit ocellum Contato pela Steam: Ceceli
  11. [EXE64] Exército 64

    This is a recruitment ad for brazilians. As far as the rules goes, I'm obligated to translate what I have written here and I will do such at the end of the ad. Somos um exército estruturado com hierarquia e sistema de evolução de classe, comunicação e tática. Para se juntar a nós, é necessário os seguintes requisitos: - Agilidade e precisão com M&K - Headset e uma ótima expressão verbal - Entusiasmo e crença em nosso ideal O que gostamos: - Organização - Parceria - Participação - Visão estratégica - Humor negro O que não gostamos: - Cheaters - Bisonhos - Vanillas - Ressentidos - Comunistas Exército 64 - Tática e ferocidade! Cornix cornici nunquam effodit ocellum Contato pela Steam: Ceceli ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We are an army structured with hierarchy and level system, communication and tatics. To join us, the following is required: - Agilitity and precision with M&K - Headset and great verbal expression - Entusiasm and belief in our ideal What we like: - Organization - Fellowship - Participation - Strategic view - Dark humor O que não gostamos: - Cheaters - Those who can't follow orders - Those who play just for fun - Overly sensitive people - Communists Army 64 - Tatics and ferocity! Cornix cornici nunquam effodit ocellum Contato pela Steam: Ceceli
  12. I did not attack you. I stated my opinion and you still wanted my opinion on the other issue of your post that I tried to refrain myself from further commenting on it since I guessed you'd might not like the whole truth. Your last comment proved me right when you clearly thought that I was attacking you, thus being on the deffensive and then gloating about getting validation from the devs. But anyway, congrats I guess. Huge achievement. And be careful with what you wish for next time.
  13. Mine is on my topic that you didn't bother to read but rather just copy pasted the link of this post there.
  14. Make. This. Happen. Radio is a tool to communicate with others and organize who does what. Period. For everything else, you have the local voice chat. But a lot of people think the radio is just a ingame voice chat instead of using Discord, TeamSpeak or whatever. And even worse than that is Squad Leaders who use the G (general SL frequency) instead of directly talking to another SL (using numpad 1 to 9) about specific things or to chitchat. The main ideia here is not to impose a way about how people play the game, but to offer the option to hardcore players not to have to endure this kind of disruptive behaviour. Countless times I have died while doing an incursion because I couldn't here the enemy over the noise pollution, resorting to muting the command or squad leader channel for the entire match - 'cause I won't be openning the menu every time to turn it on and off again. Like in real life, the soldier would have the option to just remove the earphones. After the incursion is complete, plug the earphones again, since people talk more than my grandmom and her friends at the bingo.
  15. I didn't. I just thought it would be another thing to criticize and I felt like not addressing this issue as well. Auto sound reduction would be a complete mess. I don't even have to speak against it 'cause I just know devs would never pay attention to it.
  16. About Radio and noise pollution

    But all you have is wishful thinking. I'm giving altenatives even if they are compromises. Because in the end, if you get what you want - to not tweak the game mechanics -, you'll end up with me and a whole lot of other guys just muting the SL comms in the Options for the rest of the match. That's up to 2 hours without communication instead of just a few minutes or changing channels. People will adapt wheter you like it or not. I sure af will not have my ears bombarded with noise pollution for 2 hours straight and directly impacting in my ability to communicate with my squad and how effectively I play the game. It is that simple. EDIT: Also, I've seen your behaviour in another post, as well in this. You've said and I quote "*will sound like a broken record but...*". Your opinion has been stated many times here. Having the last word won't decide the future of the development, so chill. We heard you. Be assured of that.
  17. Although this is a good idea, I don't think it would work. You would have different voices in each ear at the same time. The ONLY game I saw this function perfectly was SOCOM Confrontation on PS3. You had the sound of the game and local voice chat coming out from you stereo TV. For radio, you had something like a Motorola headset H800. Now that was perfection. And that wouldn't ever work in SQUAD because we don't play in TVs.
  18. About Radio and noise pollution

    I think we're viewing this from the incorrect perspective. It's like we're all trying to bend ourselves towards the noob SLs, instead of the other way around. I liked the idea of having real channels and we could use this in the benefit of us - the real hardcore and teamwork players. We would have a channel for us and those douches who like to chitchat nonsense in the general SL comms would have a channel of their own. Then you guys might say: yeah, but that would break the game's communication and we need to be able to listen to them. So, yeah, that's why it's all wrong. It's the other way arround. They need to listen to us! And if whatever bs their talking is important, they can damn well switch channels and say only what's important. Someone here said that he feels it's important to be able to listen to the SLs planning. Well, I beg to differ. What I need to hear is what their are gonna do. I need effective and concise orders. I don't need all that arguing, stuttering, figuring out what to do in a huge brainstorm, thinking out loud, asking opinions, talking about their weekends, cursing other SLs for the shortcomings of their subordinates, etc. Tutorials about comms discipline won't change anything if the community doesn't bash the waywards. We would have to shape the our culture and that's hard to do with all the noobs out there and even with the devs telling us to be friendly. I don't see any other way besides either adding a mute button or making a new channel system that players can tune it to. Also, muting general SL comms wouldn't mute SL to SL comms. If there's something important that needs to be told directly to a SL, it still can happen even though you have the general SL comms muted. Another thing that could be added, for those who don't mute the general SL comms, is to automatically turn its volume way down when a SL directly contact another SL. Also, we do need de Squad Comms mude option 'cause something we enter the only available squad and everybody is chitchating and you can't hear anything. And, no, that won't make a difference 'cause it's a 'fun squad'. They don't care about tactics and proper communication. I would operate way better with them muted while I follow them and have my attention to the battle and sounds, being able to think instead of going crazy.
  19. null_value

    I won't even get into this since a lot is debatable, but one thing caught my eye. 33. Pro Server 200+ Hours Only Allowed I'd love to see a server with this rule!
  20. Ability to hold spawns at your rally point

    I've seen SL's getting together to kill a friendly FOB because their subordinates kept respawning in the FOB and they didn't want it happening. Instead of just ordering their subordinates not to, they killed a key FOB for the next flag. So, yeah, I don't see how this argument of "just tell them not to respawn at the rally point" really would work. If players on their own kill a FOB because they don't have control over their subordinates, I think this feature suggested by the OP about the rally point is totally valid.
  21. What do you Usually Name Your Squad?

    1 JOB = FOB FLANK S&D Some Star Wars spoiler (but subtle) Some shit in portuguese
  22. Required experience for being a SL

    I was playing SL yesterday and I explicitly named the squad with something in portuguese so I could play with my friend and perhaps some wondering brazilian in american servers could join. Yet a lot of nonbrazilian folks joined. Well, not to worry. I shall do my duty and be a proper SL. I've got the transport truck and moved to the flank of the enemy captured flag. Set up a rally point. Ordered my two ATs to go first so they could destroy the parked Striker just waiting to get destroyed so after that the rest of the squad, counting on them, could advance. They took 5min to walk less than 100m and still couldn't do it. After we all died, the enemy striker has moved away from that flag. I ordered my scoped riflemen and marksman to take position in the hill, hold fire until the rest of the squad reaches the wall of the village where the flag was and then shoot everybody on the rooftops and anyone else they could see inside the village before we could fall in killing the remains. Again, we lost. Such a simple task. Sometimes we have to understand, even though we do have stupid SLs, that there are a lot of noobs playing that don't do justice to the good SLs too.
  23. Movement too slow ?

    IRL, yeah, I agree. But in the game, no. If only that was possible. Sometimes I run out of ammo and I'm still alive 'cause I've killed so many and there isn't such a feature that friends could lend me some ammo
  24. No title or donor tags

    I get that, but the game keeps getting into promotion periods over and over again. If they need more money they should look into the already existing community instead of lowering the price of the game several times in order to get new custumers only - who actually are paying less than the game is worth.