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  1. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    Indeed. It is too much effort. Most players just don't listen and wander off the map. I have to constantly keep asserting myself and reminding them of the plan. Some won't obey at all and you'll have to kick them. Then someone else will feel offended by it and will start mouthing off at you, so you kick another guy like a domino effect. Have you ever tried to organized a wedge formation through the woods? It is the most excruciating thing you'll ever experience while playing SQUAD. Casual players know only one gear: forward. They will push forward running through the woods and will only stop when a bullet hits their head. When the third team mate falls, only then the rest acknowledge what's going on and get cover. By then, it's too late. They don't know where the enemy is, they're outnumbered, suppressed and getting flanked without even knowing that they're about to die in the next 40 seconds. But... Every once in a couple of months of gameplay, I do get the chance to experience a nice match while being SL. Here it is for those who might be interested. The title is in portuguese-BR, but don't cringe away: I speak english the entire video. Everybody did their job, we got to perfom in so many different ways keeping the whole video interesting and we won the match with flying colors!
  2. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    @♠DEG♠ LOL
  3. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    @Pmikey I totally get that some 'SQUAD vets' can ben toxic. But despite that, I have never been kicked out of the squad because I always do something called following orders. If you follow orders or communicate to the SL why that order can't be followed under the circumstances, everything will be fine. And in the eventuality of being kicked, you can just join other squads or even create your own. That is a non-issue and your problem is unrelated to the topic.
  4. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    Well, it seems that my post was brought up back to life. Thanks for participating, guys. I had 2 and a half pages of good content and good communication to read. Except for the last page where some of you kept fighting amonst yourselves about petty things that has nothing to do with the post itself. I'd reply to the many good comments, but I would end up wrinting a whole page to do that Nonetheless, it is good to be understood, even though some might have different views, at least we know we are in the same page. There is indeed something going on with the dynamic related to how players are behaving on the battlefield. But I gotta say... Way back in this post someone posted that in the Kickstarter page it was written that this game was all about intelligent and satisfying gameplay. OMG! I laughed so hard when I read it. That is so contrary to what we've been experiencing. And a lot of companies these days are doing everything they can to stay relevant and make ends meet because it seems that today's games take more effot to develop and mantain then the games of the past. Of course - and sadly - OWI is no different. They're gonna dumb down the game a little bit so more people can join and increase revenue. But... I still remain hopeful because of what I see on V12 (amazing!) and the suggestions that clan reps send on the feedback Discord channel. We have some pretty good people sending good and useful suggestions to the devs, which, by the way, the devs themselves created that feedback channel - a thing I have never seen before. Kudos for that! We appreciate it. And, sure, I've gotta take into consideration that I might - am - biased. I like hardcore. Anything hardcore, I'm in. And if it were up to me, this game woud have things like Softcore Shaming and it would constitute of showing in the end game screen how many soldiers gave up instantly without waiting for medics and other statistics. This would bring upon those people the wrath and shaming of the whole community. There would way less pointing fingers coming from people that are the ones to blame because names would be named. Tickets matter and not only random players but SLs themselves should give orders while being mindfull of tickets and how to best perfom given the current situation of the battle, instead of just say "hey, let's go there and shoot people" and then get slaughtered by organized fire teams with combined arms, suppressive and flanking maneuvers.
  5. What position do you play the most? Why?

    @Necrosexual I played with a guy who was willing to drive the SPG-9 Technical and spot for me. We killed an MRAP 800m away and blew up soldiers to pieces 200-300m away. Fun times.
  6. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    There was a test server yesterday where they tested the new class which should change the respawn a bit and make up for the lack of rally points. This might cheer some folks up. I need to give that game a second chance. Maybe when this change is implemented, the hardcore gamers come back to it.
  7. BE the CHANGE that you WANT to see in SQUAD

    Sure @PROTOCOL. That goes without saying.
  8. BE the CHANGE that you WANT to see in SQUAD

    OMG that gave the cringes lol What could have been done: 1 guy covers the door, 1 or 2 others throw grenades over the wall, everybody falls is cleaning the place. But everybody went thorugh the meatgrinder and at one point you entered the door with your back towards them without even checking the left corner of the door, not to mention that you were aiming to the ground all the time. Luckly back then medics had M4A1s instead of M4s. But you did stay alive and revived everybody. That is a good thing.
  9. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    For sure. It is a me problem. That's why I play on US servers. I get an entire different experience on those servers than on a BR server. It's more to my liking. Yesterday I played on server that, even though it started out awful in the maner of what I've been complaining here, but then people told admins/clan to shufle teams and stop the clan stacking, and we had an amazing time. There was no steamrolling and there was the kind of dynamics and culture I like.
  10. I get it. Tons of games have those quirks. Annoying as shit on some of them. PUBG for instance... If you jump, fall or get out of a vehicle, your character will only ADS once your feet has been on the ground for 1 second. So you get stuck in that retarded system that you need to shoot the guy, but you can't ADS, so you end up shooting him with the crosshair wipe open and die. If you try to click several times to ADS, you won't even shoot and you most likely will ADS and then back out of it twice. The easiest thing for them to to would be to program it so that once the player hits the ground, your command to ADS will then get triggered - since you clicked "mid air" and do it. But do they do that? Noooo.....
  11. BE the CHANGE that you WANT to see in SQUAD

    +1 Logi Truck I always do logi runs when the FOB really could use it. More often than not I see a super FOB holding its ground and/or shooting mortars, and no one is doing the logi runs. I go and make at least 2 runs. And people tend to do FOBs and not place repare station. Then I need to get out of my APC, get the freaking logi myself and make it happen so we can be effective with that APC. Most people just want to waste CPs to build .50 cals that they aren't even going to use. Medic And my experience as being a medic isn't so bad as others say it is. I have a bag full of healing potions. I get to kill a lot of people and heal myself later. And I also revive tons of people. This talk about the medic being forced to stay behind and not do anything is bs, to a point. This will only happen in 2 situations: 1, your squad is not being able to advance while under heavy fire, so you have to stay behind; you're not Rambo to kill everybody by yourself; have patience; 2 maybe you're not that good, so you have to stay behind because you can't get killed again and again. Shovel This is something else that wasn't mentioned... If I'm on squad 2 and as I'm passing by a FOB I see SL 3 putting shit in the groud to be dug up, I'm gonna stop what I'm doing and dig that up. He might not be my SL and therefore I don't owe him anything, but he is in my team and I need to make sure my team has the best chance at winning. Getting those assets up and running as soon as possible are imperative.
  12. Awesome! And G29 version of this would be cool as well. I'd love to drive transport and logi trucks using a steering wheel.
  13. Mortars FTW

    At some point I trained with mortar. Learning how much deviation it has the further you shoot, mainly because marks in the map and distance aren't accurate. So you need someone to tell you where it hit so you can adjust it. And the goal of that training was to know by heart how much to tweak. Knowing that kinda of stuff is useful, but............... We have a freaking calculator. It hits dead on. Kinda ruins the old school fun, but that way it more effective. I just pick up the phone, type my location and the target's location and yell 3 times so the other mortar guy can shoot. And I tell him to increase 20 degrees to hit 50m closer or vice-versa. And if I remember correctly, if the target is way further from the mortar, then 20 degrees would would make 100m. On that note, what are your findings on this?
  14. Battlefield 3 Project Reality mod

    Back in the day there was a custom server that removed the minimap, spotting and increased drastically the damage. It was so fun, but the server didn't last one month. It was so freaking easy to play. You'd find casual players running around and getting themselves killed all the time. And there wasn't enough hardcore+ gamers. SQUAD folks won't go back to BF3 just for the vehicles or else that server back in the day would have worked.
  15. What position do you play the most? Why?

    I like everything this game has to offer. All classes and all vehicles. Sometimes I'm tired of playing to kill lots of guys, so I just join a server to do transport or logi runs. I find it fun. If I were to play Eurotruck, that wouldn't be so fun. Driving trucks in SQUAD is fun to me because it matters. Other people are counting on me. But the class I play the most is SL because I know what needs to be done and someone has got to do it. If I'm not leading an entire squad because it is so tiresome, I have a 2 or 3 men squad locked up so we can go do some S&D.