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  1. I once got kicked for placing a FOB in a place that an admin - who wasn't playing, but rather just watching the whole day - didn't like. There was no warning. Just some excuse for him to get some action since he was scratching his balls all day in front of SQUAD waiting for something to happen. I say this to exemplify how much I get this 20%. In other severs, speacially brazilians, you don't even answer other SLs because not only they don't understand shit I'm saying, they will curse you for thinking outside the box. It's like a bucket of crags. They pull inside the ones who try to escape. Also, that other 25% you speak of, @Gopblin, is totally understadable. You just can't reason with some people. And in the end of the day it's all about Call of Duty players trying to fit in SQUAD and impose themselves on the rest of us who actually understand this game as a simulator of war instead of just a little arcady game.
  2. Well, by the time I ended this reading @PuddleMurda, I thought the point was made and I appreciate you taking the time to tell us all that. This is the first time ever I've seen someone being so precise about how a SL should behave.
  3. I am rewarded with compliments quite a lot. That's enough for me. Also I get a personal feeling of reward when other squads take my suggestions into account and we all can make a fine joint operation. I'm all about the team. I find it quite a rare thing to be honest. Not many players find it as fun as I do. And, @SHO-SHIN, yeah, I can go either way. When my team plays for fun or to win at all costs, when we lose or when we win. I just can't stand when 2 things happen: when people destroy expensive assets and when people think that the radio is a phone to have long conversations preventing me from listening to the game when I need it most, and that goes for self entitled brat who keeps trash talking constantly as well.
  4. If somehow I passed you the idea that my squad was doing everthing at once, I'm sorry for the confusion. And thanks for finishing your post with what matters: some people you just can't reason with. Like that guy.
  5. Every once in a while we get either posts in this forum or some discussions on Discord about why Squad Leaders suck so much or why we get a lot of noobs playing that even a good SL won't make them play like average players. Well, this post is about looking in the mirror and learning how to be thankful when you get what you want instead of screaming for more and more. Bear with me. It's that good! I was playing in a good server with good players. Everybody was communicating the right amount, pushing flags in a cohesive manner. I even though to myself: these guys are OK. Good clan. Next match I created a squad to play with a friend. I named it Recon, because that's what we do best just because we don't need to relly on others who might end up faulting. Since the server lacked squads, I didn't close it and immediatly everybody joined. I was SL4. Now the story really starts... SL1 asked me to place a FOB in the 2nd flag. I comply. SL1 asked me to take 3 logis there and make it a Super FOB. I comply. SL1 asked me to place a FOB in the 5th flag. I comply. SL1 asked me to divert my logis to the 4th flag. I comply. SL1 asked me to immediatly get inside the 5th flag. I already was doing that. So I comply. SL1 loses the 4th flag, loses his shit and keeps going on and on. I tell him that I've complied with every order out of my good will and that now I need him to be quiet because I can't play with his continuous screaming. SL1 continues to scream like a brat. At this point, I can't hear anything anymore. I am forced to open the menu and mute the Command channel. After a while I open the map and I see his squad in the middle of nowhere trying to get to the 3rd flag, which is now in double neutral, and that Super FOB he requested on the 2nd flag earlier in the match was for nothing. We lost everything. Bottom line is: learn to recognize and appreciate when you find someone who actually places the bigger picture and the long game above his need of having fun. Next time, that kind of thing might not happen again. And, also, that is another example on that thing I've requested long ago - mute button. Instead of clicking a button to mute his screams for a couple of minutes so I could approach the 5th flag with full attention, I ended up dying and them muting it on the Options and only unmuting it on the next match 'cause I sure af won't be opening the mune to mute him again everytime he spins out of control and starts his ranting.
  6. Medic progression in Squad

    I don't agree with your general way of thinking, but the highlighted though I totally agree. I'd like to see this feature. It would force people to be more mindful about how many tickets their are spending. But then again, I'm more of a hardcore player and some might be against making things more responsible.
  7. Medic progression in Squad

    You're a horrible player with that kind of talk, encouraging people to waste tickets instead of waiting for a medic.
  8. Can't find the right sniper thread

    This whole deal about not having a Sniper Class because this is supposed to be a teamwork game kinda falls short because I still can operate as a sniper, but with a limited power. I mean... We have a Marksman Class but I get quite a lot of kills, clear the way for my friends, mitigate the enemy forces and whatnot. I do get to do a lot of "sniping montages" because of this. The lack of a bolt action rifle with high precision and a better scope is not holding me back
  9. Medic progression in Squad

    I just like to put it out there that the burst weapons in this game sucks and that is the main thing that bothers me when playin medic or AT. If I shoot an enemy 3 times in the chest on single fire mode, I kill him. If I burst shoot (3 shots) his chets, he doesn't die. That's just annoying af!
  10. Look at how many headshots I did in this small video. Tons of guys would have to spawn in main. Well, I'm down with making it more realistic, but there's a lot of noobs out there that would abandon the game if it got too hardcore. But, I can only dream that someday we'll get a mod that your suggestion is made into reality and we will once again find good use to the transport trucks. If people keep getting forced to spawn back in main base, then transport trucks would play a larger role in battle. Progression in the battlefield would have to be more careful and planned. Also we would have to protect the transport truck instead of just leaving it in the middle of the battlefield like we're playing a casual game such as Battlefield... haha
  11. Ego play - what you do ?

    Today something funny happened. And oh boy, was I surprised? lol I was marking an enemy AR on the rooftop of a key building. He was slaying for ages up there and no one did anything about it. I tried to talk to other SLs to see what gives and why my marker was deleted for the third time. It was almost like someone wanted him to be up there with a free pass. Suddenly some overaggressive female keeps interrupting me just for the sake of it and start giving me shit. Oh, the wonders of overcompensation. As if been rude to others for no reason would make her manlier than the rest of the player base.
  12. Ego play - what you do ?

    Situation A: I tell him to stop. If he continous and the other SLs don't step in to make the radio pollution and harrasment stop, I'll resort to muting the SL frequency. It's a sad thing, even if not that often, but necessary in order to not escalate things even further. Situation B: This one time I talked back because the admin was a spoiled child who don't know how tactics actually works. I got banned. Admin guide lines stablished by the devs - even though they say - are not a requirement. So admins can do pretty much whatever they want. I suggest you either play on that server when that particular admin is not online or just leave and never returned because that kinda of behaviour only attracts more people who feed this type of abusive system and narrow-minded tactics, or lack of it. There are a lot of other good servers out there. Trust me. Just don't be part of the problem.
  13. South American servers have always been the same: headless chikens running around, spies on the other team telling where the FOBs are, more noise than proper communication on both radio frenquencies and radio silence when you ask if anyone needs a logi truck or if the transport pilot can come pick you up at the main base since nobody wanted to build a FOB. Since my clan specializes and FOB Hunting, we're pretty much ok doing our own thing and helping out the best way possible. But some times other type of issue comes up, and this is not a south american server issue only because it happens in any server. Some losers see that you're sneaking your way to the enemy's flank and then they run guns blazing calling attention of the entire server and we all die.
  14. I often offer my services as a logi and transport pilot, or mortar operator, to other SLs and I get the silence treatment. So this issue go both ways. There's a lot of noobs out there. And they just don't care. It is a sad thing indeed.
  15. [EXE64] Exército 64