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  1. Communities opinion on VOIP Mute

    A toggle mute option for the squad SL channel is something I request!!
  2. Burning, smoldering fires

    What do you think? ;D
  3. How to suppress?

    We'll see which direction the devs take.
  4. How to suppress?

    source that shat up! ZiGreen, I don't have a problem with this system either, at least not aiming wise. I'm able to strafe shoot any opponent like it's freaking counter strike.. I mean In reality I wouldn't even try.. but hey it's game... You still fail to see the flaw of this? It's awful. Plain and simple.
  5. How to suppress?

    Players should be able to calmly concentrate and shoot back? What?... I don't think this is your type of game buddy?
  6. How to suppress?

    Sounds like counter strike.
  7. How to suppress?

    That doesn't make any sense what so ever. That's what I'm doing. But there is something called random deviation in this game. Since that's a thing. Having the opponent shooting back at ya and killing you instantly with a scoped rifle feels like bad game design. But whatever.. let's just agree to disagree.
  8. How to suppress?

    I think that in fact that's just what it does. Unless you don't work with your squad so you are able to provide fire superiority you should have to fall back or stay in cover until help arrives.
  9. How to suppress?

    Sometimes I have actually jumped a little yes x)..It gives me stress as well but of course you can fire back.. but you wont be able to see shat. It's better to take cover than to fire back guessing where it's coming from. In squad I just fire back no problem.
  10. How to suppress?

    Well almost. Project reality suppression. Large sound effects and all that blur och darkness. Some hate it. Some love it.
  11. Weapon Jam System

    Jag var så sarkastisk jag bara kunde bli ;) I know, it was a joke.
  12. How to suppress?

    I don't think you understand suppression.. Every fire is deadly. A bullet landing 20 meters away from me could have killed me.. You don't think you would have been scared by that if it happened all of a sudden. Project reality did it right. This game not so much. Aiming and shooting directly at him should give enough suppression to make it almost impossible to respond with accurate shots. It's not. It's super easy to shoot back. No fear effect at all.
  13. How to suppress?

    If you fire first and the enemy is still able to accurately shoot back the suppression is lacking. There is no suppression in my opinion.