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  1. [TGS] The Girl Scouts

    Princess Jack abusing admin to a regular player. This was one of my first time playing as an Squad Leader and I was playing it safe. Princess Jack was extremely rude by telling me he would **** my squad up if we didn't move to the next point. My squad only had 5-10 minutes game play and just put up a defense FOB in case we lost the next point. Princess Jack started digging up our FOB in which was the time I asked what he was doing. He was very rude and yelled at me, it was frustrating. So I said "meh meh meh meh FINE" and he banned me. This is not a nice way to treat players just trying to have fun. IDK maybe Princess Jack was having a bad day but someone should coach him on how to be a leader and admin and to treat people better. Its a shame because I play on this server all the time because I get a good ping.
  2. Looking for a Team? POST HERE

    Name: mode/mitch Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/forbes1987 Primary Language(s): English Age: 29 Timezone or Region: Central Standard Time (CST) Nature of Interest: To find a serious team to grow with and become recognized and respected as an elite squad. Gaming Background: Started playing Counter-strike 1.3 and from there I was recruited onto a local LAN team (Team Evolution) that worked its way up to Cal-Main and played competitively in the Winter CPL 2003. Additional Skills: Website building & Video Editing Status: Unsigned NOTE: New to the game but willing to put countless hours in to learn and grow with the TEAM