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  1. 16x10 Aspect Ration Problem

    Yes, default bottom.
  2. Quite simple, not really a bug so I posted here. The 16:10 aspect ratio needs tuning, as currently things overlap themselves in the screen. Scoreboard and final screen look zoomed in, with text going out of the edges. This started to be a thing for about an year or so now. Please, it needs love!
  3. (Single) Human Wave Attack in Squad

    What do you mean by this, the complete removal of the incapacitated instance, downed means dead? Or that people aren't allowed to give up, rather they have to await the bleeding out? I almost exclusively play with a closed group and it's annoying having random people getting on the squad, locking is a must. A squad of 5-6 "brothers in arms" will perform better than having extras that always die because they are unfamiliar with your play style.
  4. (Single) Human Wave Attack in Squad

    It's not working as intended. In order to create better SL the game has to create a scenario that commits people to work together. In my opinion, increasing the timer that a lonewolf lays there will just do that. Because he'll want a medic around him. One minute laying on the floor is not as cumbersome as a 5 hours long ArmA section, please. If you keep saying that there is a problem, a lack of leadership, what do you suggest in order to sow new SL? I suggest the small increase in giving up. It's absurd that I kill a guy and he doesn't even take the time to breathe, he goes for Give Up. This is a "BF2 Vanilla" behavior in a game idealized for teamwork, read teamwork as in teamwork, and not as in ArmA MilSim.
  5. (Single) Human Wave Attack in Squad

    A batch of good SL won't solve the problem, it's just people playing Squad as if it was Battlefield or Call of Duty.
  6. (Single) Human Wave Attack in Squad

    Nobody else bothered by lonewolfing/respawning?
  7. Clan Pack - Name in Credits

    I did that, my name isn't there, according to a clanmate.
  8. Clan Pack - Name in Credits

    My clan bought 10 keys (2 clan packs I believe) and only one member has his name in the credits. Someway we can get our names added there? Thank you.
  9. Human Wave Attack was a series of tactics widely used in WWI, in which, masses and masses of infantry would push the enemy lines and try to override it. Obviously, this costed many lives. Now, this is happening in Squad. Not like in WWI, but mostly in the form of lonewolfing and GIVE UP. People play alone (away from their squad), wander around the map, get killed and just respawn and do it all over again. They even give up when there are allies nearby. IMO this does not fit well in the game's concept! People are supposed to play together, patch each other, in sum, survive. I suggest a minor delay to the "Give Up" feature be added. Say, one minute, just a single minute, the lonewolves will have to lay there for one full minute prior to being allowed to start the respawn counter either. I'll add a video, it's not spoke in english, but you can see an enemy getting killed and giving up instantly! There were other US just over the wall to my left but still, the guy gives up! Edit1: Same happens when a HAB is being attacked, they die spawning in the HAB and just respawn AGAIN and AGAIN and try to kill the enemies around it, depending on some factors it's effective, but at the cost of several deaths.
  10. I'm quite pleased to see that others also share the feeling that in certain maps the games has become largely a rushing festival. The fact that there is not way to disable respawning in a FOB/HAB other than shoveling it down, disrupts gameplay. Last night an enemy squad rushed to one of our first flags with a supply truck, barricaded themselves in there and managed to hold that flag for far too long! They had endless ammo and an active FOB inside the compound, all the while exchange frag granades over the walls. So, they died and respawned in there and had infinite supply of frags and bullets, quite...gamey. It's worth to mention that our team did the exact same thing, rushed their flags while leaving ours vulnerable to this. The logistics system needs the overhaul ASAP, points for ammo and construction must cease to get replenished as the clock goes by, if they need more bullets and sandbags, they need a supply drop.