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  1. Mk 19 in project reality not squad why?

    Maybe a tow at high ticket rate or more ied bomb suprise attcks
  2. Mk 19 in PR why not Squad?
  3. MQ9 Reaper

    Will we see this in game? Scout?
  4. New gun

    Nice! I want to have a Mk19 or m38 granade lancher.
  5. Mk 19 with smoke rounds.

    Mk 19 have be cool to have in this game. With smoke rounds to make way for infantry. Animation is nearly the same as machinegun sittning down and fireing.
  6. Main Menu UI

    When can we see the new Main menu ui? And play multiplayer mods? Maybe a server only for mods?
  7. Mk 19 and Asg30

    Will we see this two in the game. Mk 19 and Asg 30 mounted on any vehicle.
  8. Mines and ied?

    When can we see mines and ied in game?
  9. Tooner

    Is Tooner in this game or on?
  10. Mk 19

    Will there be à Mk 19 it look like 50 cal anim had be à good to take out vehicels. And lay smoke.
  11. Claymore

    When are the claymore and ied come. So we can make some traps. Maybe mines.
  12. Weapon

    Weapon suggestion Mk 19 Grenade Gun look simular like 50 kal animation. On hunvee to had been cool If it work.