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  1. Of Kings And Men

    Cool to see some Squad players talking about this!! I got an invite for the beta test from the games devs and looking forward to seeing how the game is taking shape!! Hopefully slay some of you on the battlefield this evening!!
  2. Hello everyone, got a few things to say!

    Yep, I remember your name, so indeed we were in the same squad!! From what I remember we did OK as a squad but I think we lost the match, not sure. Hopefully see you around again soon though! Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! Hopefully see you all on the battlefield someday!
  3. Hello everyone, got a few things to say!

    Indeed, hope to see you around!! I'm pretty excited for the vehicle update although I'm also slightly apprehensive as I think it will probably create chaos initially. Fun chaos that will most likely drive squad leaders to despair as they attempt to create some semblance of organisation amongst vehicle units, infantry and other squads.
  4. New Players and Misuse of Gameplay

    I definitely think that would be a shame as in the end, that's what pushed me away from Arma from my experience. It certainly was an isolated occasion and in no way reflects my general experience. On one occasion I was kicked with a polite and reasonable explanation from the squad leader regarding why I was being kicked (making room for a friend who plays very well as a medic, which i certainly can not do). This, i have no issue with as there were slots open in other squads, and in fact reflected positively on the community in a strange way due to the common courtesy shown.
  5. Hello, I picked up the game during the sale and am really, really enjoying the game so far, currently with 40hrs played. When you're with a decent squad leader and other communicative players the experience is fantastic. I used to play Arma 2 a fair amount (nothing serious, just with friends) but then dropped away from more sim like titles in the last couple of years. Thankfully, I took the risk on Squad without knowing a huge deal about it (apart form being aware of the PR roots etc). I understand lots of new players are running around clueless / not listening to instruction but please don't judge us all on their behavior. Some of us actually want to learn the intricacies of the game. So far, I've found the community to be mostly fantastic, and hope to meet and play with more great people. Planning on looking for a clan soon and hopefully get in some more consistently organised teams that way. All the best.
  6. New Players and Misuse of Gameplay

    Hello, just a comment from one of the summer sale buyers here. I feel it's kind of relevant to the discussion but maybe from a slightly different perspective. Currently have 40hrs played. First of all, I love the game, particularly the emphasis of communication and collaboration. I understand that lots of new players are just running around not listening to their sl, playing with no mics or even starting their own squad with no intention of actually doing any leading. As a new player, I find that to be extremely annoying too. Mostly because players like myself, who want to learn as much as possible about the game, are being lumped in with the run and guns / lone wolf players. I know everyone understands this point already. Which brings me to my second point. On a couple of occasions I have been instantly kicked from a squad because I am not part of their particular clan. The most recent of these, the squad had two SquadBeans players and nobody else. All other squads were 9/9 people. I joined hoping to ask whether I could just play with them that round and assure them that I use mic, call direction and bearing of contacts, and always listen to direction. Before I had to the chance to utter more than two words, they kicked me. I then asked them in chat a shorthand version of above, they said nothing. So i joined again, obviously kicked again as expected. So I left the server feeling pretty disheartened. Didn't want to play unassigned, certainly aren't capable of squad lead and and couldn't change teams so what choice do I have? Generally I feel this is pretty counter intuitive behavior as it alienates new people who genuinely want to learn and be part of the community, and in turn does nothing to deter or affect the lone wolf / idiots because they don't really care about squading up anyway. It's sad and I hope it remains a rare occurrence. Or maybe I'm only seeing it from a newbie perspective? Most experiences I have are with great squad leads and I can already tell the core community of this game is great. From my limited experience I definitely think there needs to be mic check for all players, at the very least for squad leaders, that's a must. Hopefully see people around and going to start looking for a clan soonish, once I improve......