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  1. Action packed Montage + Promotional video

    Hey guys. I took my time and made two videos of the clips i had on my harddrive from various FFA/Clan games in Squad. There is also a sort of promotional video i made when there was a free-2-play weekend on Squad. - It promotes Squad + Warriors [community] They are both 1440p 60fps Fragtage Montage: Promotional video:
  2. What FPS do you get playing Squad with your rig?

    FPS: 40 CPU: i5 4590 GPU: GTX 1060 RAM: 16GB 1600 Res: 2560x1440 Settings: Epic (or low, doesn't change anything)
  3. Guide: Inject SMAA to Squad with SweetFX

    Sorry, forgot link! Here you go.
  4. Shots & Squads [Funny montage]

    Hey guys take a look at a video i made for shits and giggles. It's allowed to have some fun while playing even serious battles, so check it out. I also made this:
  5. Hello guys. If you hate the blurriness of FXAA, and want to try out some SMAA, I've shown in a video how you can inject it with SweetFX. On my system, it isn't that much of a performance hit. I wonder if Nvidia's MFAA works with SweetFX SMAA. If FPS, blurried pixels, stuttering or inpug-lag is a problemn, know that some systems gets a drastic performance hit with following settings: Resolution scale: Input lag, blurriness Ambient Occlusion: Heavy impact on FPS at this Alpha stage Thanks to "Melbo" for this quick info-update on current version.