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  1. Hello guys, I just bought the game today on steam and I was so excited to play but on startup I encountered a Launch Error. I tried to reinstall C++ Redistributable 2015 but then i also enountered another issue. After I uninstalled the Visual C++ and tried to install it again an error poped up saying i already have this installed. But I don't. Also I use Avast Antivirus just in case it has something to do with the game error. Help? Thanx !
  2. Ok then, I'll just refund the game and buy it again when I will buy a windows license. Have a nice day.
  3. It was not bought. But it is activated. I got a dvd from a friend an directly installed '' Windows 8.1 Pro Activated ''. but all the updates were turned off just to avoid problems.
  4. Apparently I cannot update to windows 10. At the end of the update i got an error... Any suggestions on how I can run the game without upgrading ?
  5. Even if my windows is not ''legit'', it is activated. Should I upgrade it to W10 ? And if so, do you think this will resolve the issue ? I play plenty of games but none of the issues I had with those games were there because of my windows 8.1
  6. idk to be honest didn't like it at first
  7. I cannot enable windows updates because it's not original windows. Also reinstalled the latest versions of VC++
  8. Update: I restarted the computer and now it seems I have Visual C++ 2015 installed. But the Launch Error still occurs