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  1. Destruction Networking: Tooner

    Hey guys, sorry for the confusion! As Z-trooper said, this was something I was working on in my spare time and it is not my focus of development in Squad. Personally - I really like the idea, it looks fun and it works on small scale which I tested it in, but atm there are more important features to work on, and the design and gameplay design decisions like that are not up to me
  2. AH-1Z Viper helicopter flight model

    @Elektro, Cmbelite-FR - I don't know which would solution would be better in the end, full manual control and allow blade snapping or try to make it FBW-like which would prevent snapping, I have to read more about it in the future. @Xx-RAGING-DEATH-xX, Rykane, IronComatose, unfrail - thanks! it's really great opportunity for me to work with them Not actually a public release, but it's very playable Here's a download link - http://bit.ly/1BJ0oJw The key config is in the readme file (same folder as main .exe), be sure to check out TV cam from high altitude F10 (switch cam) and backspace (high/low respawn). I was inspired by this vid and tried to make it look similar - Rotor collision is a must have!
  3. AH-1Z Viper helicopter flight model

    Thanks Yes, it is possible to make mast bumping and separation effect because the rotor blades and mast are all separate actors, but I don't think that happens anymore on todays new helicopters (it used to be a problem in older designed ones like Super Cobra 1W).
  4. Hey kingstreet, I'd say it all depends on your level of advancement - different aspects (c++, engine, design concepts) are important depending on your experience level. For example, for beginners it's more important to know how UE4 works, more than deep knowledge of c++, while for experts - c++ and the knowledge on program design is more important due to reasons such as optimization, code reusability and working in a team. For beginners I'd suggest one simple strategy - just make stuff. Follow the tutorials and make your own demos where you can combine all the stuff that you learned. Diversify - don't learn one thing, going super deep into one subject is very inefficient, you need to learn how everything in engine works together -> C++, blueprints, sound, materials, AI, physx, animation, networking and so on... This will give you good overview on how to connect all of it, how c++ code can affect material properties in real time, how can particles behave differently based on passed parameters, how to control sounds based on location or visibility etc... You need to know this if you're gonna be working in a team where every member is responsible for different part of the game. Try to bring your ideas into motion. If you hit a wall due to insufficient knowledge of c++ or UE4, don't be discouraged, rather than fighting with it for long time, simplify your solutions and re-visit them later after you gained enough experience (sometimes the solutions to past problems come spontaneously!). Beginnings can be frustrating so I wish you good luck and a lot of motivation
  5. AH-1Z Viper helicopter flight model

    Hey guys! A small update on the project. I re-made the flight model almost from scratch due to feedback on the previous demo and some more studying on how helicopters work. Now its now a bit more agile at low speed and easier to control during high speed or dive flight. It still needs some fine tuning of air resistance and rotor lift curves, but I'm very happy with it so far, it's really fun to fly and not trivial to control the chopper, it behaves different at various speeds and angles of attack now, takes time to get used to Added a ground effect which increases lift when heli rotor is up to 15m above ground or other objects(linear). I also added a basic system which allows switching pylon loadouts - right now only 2 loadouts are present - 2x hellfire + 2x hydra launchers or 4x hellfire launchers (max 16 hellfires total). Eventually I'd like to make a hangar where you can choose the loadout of each pylon, main cannon, paint color and add decals, etc. Here is the video of the new flight model: Hey Fred. I'm glad you liked the demo. I'm not a Squad developer. This is my own small project which is not a part of any game, I intend to release it as a demo with VR support, basic ground AI (infantry and vehicles) and basic 2 player multiplayer coop (pilot/gunner). If you'd like to work together or something like this, PM me your contact details Thanks! I didn't talk to devs because I'm still too green in UE4 Devs would have no use of my demo because it's very spaghetti right now, just a simple prototype. It may be of use after I make the flight mechanic a separate component, but that's still long way to go. I'll upload a playable version next week after I clean it up a bit (any feedback and suggestions are welcome)
  6. AH-1Z Viper helicopter flight model

    When I push the stick forward (pitch down), the main rotor tilts forward few degrees (you can see it on the video before takeoff). It shifts the force of the main rotor forward compared to center of gravity.
  7. AH-1Z Viper helicopter flight model

    ok then I'll go and try to re-design it with that in mind. At first I'll describe you how it is right now more or less, and then you correct me if there's something wrong with my thinking or my assumptions. Helicopter at ideal hover producest a lift force which is perpendicular to the area of rotor disc. This force counteracts the gravity force of 1G acting on it in the opposite vector. - So for simplicity we can say the magnitude of lift force is equal to 1G (at hover). - If we apply full throttle, the lift force goes up to 1.3G which results in climb rate of 15m/s (just like IRL) - When the total velocity reaches ~15m/s or 30 knots, a translational lift force is applied the same direction as the lift vector, it starts at 0 and then goes up to 0.5G at 90m/s velocity (here is the curve http://gyazo.com/5acc6ae9533a52d6e7aff2648161acee) - at about 25m/s I add slip stream velocity acting longitudinally along rotor blades to reproduce the intertia effect and give it forward speed. - drag force is applied at hover and increases with total velocity - it dampens all velocities acting on the helicopter. now I know this isn't perfect but I didn't have any better ideas on how to simulate the lift effect. Please write if my assumptions are correct and how possibly I could improve on that model or do I have to take a different approach.
  8. AH-1Z Viper helicopter flight model

    Thanks for the input. Like I said earlier - I never flew a real helicopter so I got no idea how they handle IRL, and what forces act on them precisely, if you could provide more info that would be great so I can improve the model. About the tail rotor - could you explain how it exactly behaves at higher speeds? Thanks. If you could ask your friend if he could provide some theoretical knowledge that would be nice Yesterday I managed to set up the demo with rift DK1 (was a bit pain to fix the head offset because DK1 has no positional tracking...) and holy shit it was fun to fly even on such a blurry screen, I did at least 20 laps around the map with a big smile on my face, it felt very real. I've been also working on setting up the minigun, I made it to follow mouse input and when you mouse look it follows the camera rotation. With Rift turned on the gun looks where the pilot is looking, which is pretty neat feature. Here's a short vid: https://youtu.be/UgZVrNDsFBw I'll upload the flight demo with rift after I fix the hud for it
  9. AH-1Z Viper helicopter flight model

    I could, but I don't know how it works precisely. I read a bit and if I understand this correctly - if rear rotor fails, you can still land the heli, but only if it had any forward velocity. Then you can do only a running landing?
  10. AH-1Z Viper helicopter flight model

    If 4 blades produced higher cruising speed than why is it almost the same as 1W when having only 50% of it's vertical lift power (and motor torque)? I'm not so sure about the total area of the blades, based on this picture I'd say that they have almost the same rotor blade area. Also 1Z is twin engine (double hp) and 1W is single, also 1Z has almost double empty weight of 1W. I really don't get it - trying to get my head around it I feel like a blind man learning to dance. http://gyazo.com/06a7b08c778d3e9301dfe9d3f791ad94
  11. AH-1Z Viper helicopter flight model

    Thank you everyone for all the positive feedback! You are correct! Originally it was supposed to be a AH-1W Super Cobra, but then I found out that it only has 5.54 m/s rate of climb, which I thought would be too sluggish compared to 14.2 of viper, so I decided to model the flight after Viper but I didn't have a model for it. Still I don't understand how those 2 can have nearly the same cruise speed (152 vs 160 knots), while having totally different rates of climb. My only good guess is that the magnitude of translational lift is greater than power of main rotor itself at high speed?? That is because of inertia. The body is a normal physics object with 1G gravity applied to it. I try to apply the forces which work on the helicopter IRL during flight (main rotor lift with collective and tilt from cyclic, increased lift power after 15 or so knots, air resistance and slip stream effect which slow down the turning rate and make tail rotor have almost no effect), I didn't try to change the magnitude of gravity yet.
  12. Hey guys! I wanted to show you my new project in UE. I tried to recreate the helicopter flight model, aiming for something between arcade and sim, and fun to fly (I really liked how planes and helos in BF1942/BF2 worked, not the potato in BF3/4). It took me a bit of research about mechanics and quite some time of trial and error to get something working, I didn't know that the helicopter flight is so complex and how much forces acting on it change depending on velocity and air resistance. The model is not as good yet as I'd like it to be, but so far the performance matches the real world specifications of AH-1Z = max. lift is ~15m/s and max cruise speed is 160 knots. Dive speed is still not good but I don't have idea how to approach it yet. Today I'll try to make it work on Rift, and later to implement good joystick support (after I get my hands on one). Flying helicopter on rift, with joystick and cannon pointing just where pilot is looking or being able to lead hellfires with just your head sound like a really fun idea IMO Here is a video and playable game download link. I'd appreciate your feedback on the flight model, especially if you have experience flying a real one Video: Download: bit.ly/1P9ALlq
  13. AN-PRC-117F Radio Backpack for SL

    It looks nice but wouldn't it be much of a bullet magnet?
  14. LAV25 Vehicle Concept

    the only decent turret movement sound effect I found I'll try to make the sound less annoying I completely disagree, it's actually very useful - it prevents the vehicle from getting destroyed! On a serious note, I think it's a nice mechanic because it allows you to fiddle with balance of armor vs inf in many ways. The version I made is nowhere near final and doesn't have any sort of balancing in mind, just a simple concept. How it can be used in game? Well we all know all vehicles are pretty much all getting 1 shot by tows hats and well... almost every have asset can 1 shot any other heavy asset just like IRL, this sometimes leads to teams camping or preserving their assets in edges of the map, or playing super carefully, not being front of the line just to avoid getting wrecked. Giving APS to vehicles might be a bit OP when we think in terms of current state of PR:BF2 gameplay. Vehicles might be limited to 1-2 missiles per vehicle and then it's back to base for reload... or make them 1-2 per life... Or make reload time quite long... or make them work only 90% of the time... or many other ideas for solutions that you can fiddle to achieve balance. This could be also be counter-balanced by giving more LATs to inf, as in 1 per squad with removed per-team limitation as it is right now in PR. This would make vehicle gameplay more active, kinda hit-n-run and no more "this area is a no-go zone because they might have a hat or tow", similar to flares for air vehicles. Anyways it's just my idea for minor re-balancing and making gameplay a bit less static.
  15. LAV25 Vehicle Concept

    Thanks for the offer but I think the free model I'm using is good enough at least for now, I'm not planning on putting it on the market or anything. But Blackhawk or Abrams, maybe? (if you got time) nice, I'm flattered! BTW. here's my latest progress on the project - I managed to implement N-Wheel physx profile to the vehicle, with 8 wheels fully driven Took me a bit of time to get my head around physx API. I think it looks much better than the last one, not fully realistic yet, but I'm getting closer with each tweak, and tire collisions still are not working for me in all configurations. Having all 8 wheels working also made the turret much more stable on the bumps