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  1. I would like, as an SL, to use more than one green marker, say you have two fireteams, today I have to improvise with various markers or stop the entire Squad to read the map while I animate a route using green marker moving along a trail or whatnot. Would be a valuable improvement to be able to use small markers, dots or equiv. , to support fireteams
  2. Say on al basrah, mortars are effective on targets in the open , while fobbed multistorage buildings are only effective on the rooftop but not effective on the level-s below, this could be a settings or selection at the individual mortar ops, select fuse or mortartype, ammoselection we now have in the armoured vehicles gunner ops selecting different ammo. would mean a lot to the mortarteams, ops to actually do any Damage to multistorage buildings or even penetrate a bit more
  3. A better tactical map

    I like the proposal to improve map And step away from satellite only view , Brought this up a long time ago but everything was under dev. back then. especially nice to see objects and altitude which are critical prior to movements, and a bit more real.sim.
  4. Hypotetical question? Hard to tell without gameplay , watching recorded closed gameplay does however show environments and sounds not present in SQ. So PS Will be my next install once available, then again who knows what SQ Has to offer in the coming mnths
  5. Also the lean bug where nametags fade out...not helping
  6. I am not only positive but also excited for almost everything in v10, with some exception like I stated previously.
  7. Lets Hope for changes then. The number of comments about this on servers where seasoned players go, are noticeable and negative.
  8. New player experience

    Imagine, as SL and asking for roles and some guy goes ”no I want to be marksman always, ranking stats....” simplest way forward is to ask the guy to leave or else....then next guy goes ”no I am LAT, same reason”...is this what the staging timer is supposed to cater for? anyhew - some sort of personal stats and progressionbadges most likely to show up...its been tested? and suggestions taken.? My current skins are remains from a one-time official event, not much to see unless your are looking for it.
  9. Dissapointed in some changes after v10, US arms, frustrated because what feels like a better aim does not produce results Why is recoil on m4 so high, its a 5.5 ? or not? 3shot, what is it for, cqc maybe? But still worse than auto in cqc., so medics loose most attempts to win cqc without auto. why these changes?
  10. That my Squad listen and confirm to my medic map reports That my Squad knows the value of intel.
  11. Squad lead

    I think that is a perfect time for a new SL to step in and try out whatever map or tactics, and if the guys in the squad are decent as the round ends, then I Will start as SL in next round as the last Squad - and the same guys usually join again or at least some do who enjoyed it. Now I do clan SLing, and that is a whole lot a different experience.
  12. Hoping for continous smaller additions and changes to Squad, but not to the things listed in the thread as those seem to reduce the SL authority, clutter the map, enable scattering of assets and squad members.
  13. Locked squads Good Idea or bad idea?

    Human interaction is dangerous....must....be.....avoided........have....no....social..skills....
  14. Locked squads Good Idea or bad idea?

    Hope its a mod....not for pub - that would hurt.