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  1. Veteran Skins

    Seems like the founder skins are never working. Kind of annoying.
  2. Team Killing

    Story Time. Got into a game, went squad lead, and drove a transport with my men to the fortress flag cap. Get there, start building defenses and stuff, and some squad lead just comes up and pops my ass. I spawn in thinking whatever, then his clan mate does it aswell. This whole time, all theyre doing is acting like i'm retarded, when they haven't stated WHY im being killed. So to prevent me getting shot every 3.2 seconds, I killed them lmao. Then they all go "OMG THIS GUYS TEAM KILLING OMG OMG", keep in mind there's like 4-5 of them, and I get banned from the server. Why? Because an admin couldn't correctly do his job and identify WHY I had teamkilled them. Not like I much want to be on that server anyways if they're going to pander to their boyfriends. Admins aren't flawless. Quite a bit of them look out for their buddies and are power hungry.
  3. Takes me about four times to connect to a different server. I get this quite often, while annoying, the game is still playable.
  4. No doubt it was fun, but, my point still remains that a 750 TI, which is quite a bit worse than a 660 TI, is still not going to be very good end game for this title or future titles for gaming.
  5. While i'm sure you CAN run games on older cards, they're probably not nearly what I would want within a proper gaming experience. I would also argue that the Closed pre alpha, which I was in obviously, was so bare bones it was insane. You were running an extremely basic shooter on an older GPU.
  6. Greetings from an ex PR-Dev Mapper

    Oh the community will love you. We always like more content and better maps
  7. Holy christ dude, I like Arma, but stop defending it like it doesn't have its flaws. Nobody plays Arma 3 Vanilla typically, because it's shit lol. The games driven by mods mainly. The game ran like dog shit up until a little while back, and I would argue it ran as bad or even worse than squad now. In the end, Arma for large scale janky shooting and gameplay BUT it has a lot more content and mods. Squad for still large scale battles with more tactics and team-play and way smoother gameplay.
  8. Well Rooster, i'm not going to lie, a 750 TI isn't exactly even decent nowadays. The GPU can barely run games from four years ago well, let alone games nowadays. For example, Battlefield 4, a AAA game that's extremely well optimized, you cannot even run at medium-low settings reliably. Your build is an extreme budget build, and only worth around $200 in total. I wouldn't expect a game to run that well when you have a 750 TI, AMD cpu, and a game from an indie developer. Between the mix of your honestly bad PC and Alpha, I wouldn't expect your computer to run it. V8 is APPARENTLY optimization according to everyone else, but I STILL wouldn't expect to run this game with your hardware. You NEED to upgrade your computer for newer games, otherwise youll be stuck with 1280x720 minimum settings, and playing on 16 FPS. The GPU was a good BUDGET low end card in 2014. It's now 2016. time to upgrade brother.
  9. Founder Skins NOT showing when enabled?

    Found a fix for it that seems pretty consistent. 1. Make sure settings are enabled for your found skins (If you can't do this right away, jump to step 2 and retry in between step 3 and 4) 2. Join Game 3. Leave Game 4. Join Game 5. Skins should be working. - If skins are not working, verify that you have Squad Founders skins in inventory of steam - If it doesn't work, retry again - Remember, you only get skins for the AK 74, Squad Leader AK-74, M4 Red Dot, M4 Foregrip, M4 Medic.
  10. Everytime I enable and try to use them, they never work. They worked flawlessly on V6, but not here. Anyone know why?
  11. New Youtuber Wanting Feedback!

    New vid! Getting even better!