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  1. Cry babies on the forums.
  2. Rifleman having the ability to drop ammo packs in squads. US Mortar system. AT4 replacing LAW. Dismemberment. LOL < never gunna happen.
  3. Yes, the RKG-3 was one of the biggest threats in Iraq. With the concave design it punches a copper ball straight through armor and creates a huge heat blast. I've seen guys who's arms had massive blisters from severe burns just from being near it going off. It was a daily threat briefed to all gunners before missions. RKG-3's are no joke and will destroy a vehicle. Killing or maiming the occupants.
  4. I've done it a few times it's pretty fun actually. And you play a great role in your teams victory. If I have a full squad and can get two vehicles I get a Logi & Armor. We set up the armor on overwatch, build up the FOB, An run supplies while sniping with the Armor asset. Also once the FOB's built I let the rest of the guys on the ground move into the OBJ to help support the cap. Sometimes this means the Squad Leader himself is the designated supply runner.
  5. Yes, the Strykers have very light armor and would not stop an RPG. At all. If you want to give any vehicles in this build any sort of protection and valid reasoning to take 3 RPG's to kill they would ALL need to have RPG cages on them. I've been in many vehicle grave yards over seas and seen the damages with stained and it needs some tuning to be more realistic. An RPG would also go through a humvee with no RPG cage. Factor in these rockets are designed for tanks... t80's, t70's. Also the LAW rocket system is out dated and needs to be replaced with the AT4 as that is what the US uses currently. There is no training with LAW's.
  7. 1. GRENADIER:
  8. Close battle between US Army and Insurgent Forces. House to House
  9. Okay, yea there is definitely a bug going on hopefully will be fixed in next update.
  10. Mine don't seem to be working anybody find a work around for this?
  11. Victory through persistence.
  12. You know what's going through my head? Who gives a chit meng. I find it funny, if I'm on the Russian team I speak Russian jumbo of non actual words but it sounds legit. Its a game man.
  13. Simply amazing. Those animations... the vaulting... the explosions... top notch. I can tell I'll be triggered as fuq with those FX.
  14. Best Squad