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  1. May 2018 Recap

  2. March 2018 Recap

    great sttuf . cant wait
  3. Plans for another 2nd public v10 test?

  4. Desktops

    go for desktop like mine i5 7600k 16go ram gtx 1070 i have avg 90 fps epic all the time on all maps
  5. November 2017 Recap

    release it please ............................. cant wait
  6. How it feels to play squad

    squad is my number 1 game
  7. August 2017 Recap

    thank you devs.
  8. Am I going to have issues?

    squad perfer intel cpus
  9. AMD is worst for Squad

    i have i5 7600k and gtx 1070 16go ram . my min fps 55 avg 70 max 110
  10. Release: Alpha Version 9.6

    thank you for this great update .
  11. Arabic language + servers

    i can speak arabic and french and english add me on steam
  12. How/Where did you discover Squad?

    i saw a gameplay video in youtube
  13. no helicopters fir taliban just like project reality
  14. can I run Squad?

    HELLO . i was wondering if i can play squad with this build im getting gigabyte z270x gaming 5 gigabyte gtx 1070 extreme gaming gigabyte xtc 700 cpu cooler samsung ssd 750 evo 500go evga gq650w intel core i5 7600k 16go ram 3000mhz