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  1. I'm down for removing scores altogether!
  2. In order to get players more inclined to play the objective and not go lone wolf marksman for kills heres a thought. This likely could use some tweaking but here's the basic idea: Just show the net amount of tickets each player earned or lost. But then theres some cases I'm not sure how you would calculate and not make the player look useless? Heli pilots and the guy who does 10 logi runs? Still, I think it would be a better system then what we have now that encourages people to just get as many kills as they can at any cost. Examples: You blew up 2 enemy radios(+20), killed a squad of 4(+4), but lost 2 logis(-10) and had a dozen deaths(-12). Net tickets: 2 You die 13 times(-13), lose 2 techis(-10), and kill one enemy through blind luck(+1): Net tickets: -22 Now lets look at a driver/gunner possible scenario, even 50%/50% split? The tank crew: Kills 2 enemy tanks(+30), 1 BTR(+10), and 3 logis(+15), they lose 2 tanks in the process(-30) and the deaths (-2). The gunner: Net tickets 23 The driver: Net tickets 23 What if someone actually bothered to sit in the .50 seat? Do they count the same too? Then you might end of with an edge case where the driver gets out to repair the tracks while the gunner is still in the tank when it blows up, what do you do then? Just count the driver as part of the crew still? Is that even possible? What if he was retreating while the other refused? Still counts as losing the tank and tickets right? Again, this is just a thought I had and didn't put a lot of time into. Maybe its a horrible idea and I should be ashamed for having it? Please discuss.
  3. Anyone else feel this is a big problem? Slows down the game, one person can kill your teams chance of winning. So many trucks that can't be used for the whole game because they are derelict in middle of nowhere with blown out tires and no combat engineer is going to fix them. You get some squad that wants to set up a fob behind enemy lines and loses all your trucks trying to do so. Gets to the point you team has 1 or even 0 trucks to use. I have a few solutions to consider. 1) Logi should be equipped with a set of spare tires anyone can change. ("Change tire" in radial menu?) 2) Bulletproof glass so the driver isn't vulnerable to small arms fire? 3) Trucks with destroyed tires should have a "self-destruct" timer? 4) Bring back the small vehicle repair station logi's could drop in Project Reality, but it's only good for replacing tires? We can go back and fourth on a few arguments here. Argument: Logi drivers should be more careful and not drive into hostile territory! Response: Everywhere is hostile territory and there could be (and usually is) a loan wolf meandering about hoping for a cheap kill anywhere. Argument: Just switch to combat engineer and go fix it? Response: Chances are someone already has that kit and is not willing to help, even when you can get it you will get no help and just die trying to get to the truck yourself. Argument: Just go blow it up yourself. Response: Even if you can get your hands on a weapon capable of doing so, and can get close enough, you're costing your team tickets and it just doesn't seem fair. Argument: Its realistic! Its a strategy! Response: This is a video game. If you wanna be that way lets remove respawning. You die and you gotta wait till the next map or change servers. You got shot? No quick patch job you gotta go sit in a virtual hospital for a few months.
  4. Oh well, thought I had it fixed for a minute there but its still doing it, just not nearly as bad.
  5. Where does Squad store the controls file?

    Thank. I ended up redownloading the game again and it seems to be fixed now. Not perfect but playable! While were here though, any way to set this to toggle? "ActionMappings=(ActionName="VehicleEnableDisableCustomAutoBox",Key=SpaceBar,bShift=False,bCtrl=False,bAlt=False,bCmd=False)"
  6. I want to try manually editing it because I'm having an issue with sights that makes the game neigh unplayable and I've tried everything else. See this for more details if you dare.
  7. Problem persists and it ain't the mouse either.
  8. Ugh, well guess I gotta re-download 40GB's of stuff tonight...
  9. Well that didnt't help but I found out if I change it from RMB to something else it works flawlessly, so what the hell? I have a theory, I remember there being a "hold to use sights" option but its gone now, maybe thats still stuck in my controls somewhere? Even though I wiped the cache...
  10. How about anyone in a vehicle purely as a passenger can hold use and pick "bandage self" or something like that? Takes the same amount of time as doing it normally so no cheating. Why not, right? Also maybe medics could slowly heal players in vehicles with them? Wasn't that a thing in PR? Am I allowed to compare Squad to PR like that? Can you guys add wenches to the bumpers on logistics trucks? Jumping on the wheels is a thing, but sometimes you get stuck in other ways too. Or need to pull you truck out of a ditch. It could work like this, you hit "use" on the tuck and select "wench" and then you have it in your hand(if the truck has a driver, they have to hit accept), move to a tree or another vehicle and attach it. (If the other vehicle is occupied the driver has to accept the tow). Then you get back into the truck and select "wench" just as you would "ammo/construction" and M1 for "pull" M2 for "slack". Can't be that hard to implement, right? And while were at it add a "horn" option for fun?
  11. OS: Win 10 CPU: AMD... 6850, I think? GPU: GTX 670 2GB RAM: 8GB DDR3 I can right click 10 times exactly the same way and it does something different every time. I can tap it, hold it, press it, doesn't matter. Sometimes it pulls up my sights no problem, sometimes the sights start to come up and then go back down, sometimes nothing happens at all(or the opposite if my sights are already up). I've had this issue long before V12 but I guess whatever is causing it didn't get fixed so I gotta come complain. Doesn't matter if my ping is 30 or 300, it just acts wonky and I've died many times due to it. Game runs fine otherwise, all the settings on low so it looks like PR but I digress. So annoying all I can do if I unexpectedly come across a enemy is to spray-n'-pray because I cant reliably pull up sights.
  12. That's because you're not an emoticon connoisseur.
  13. When, in the far future, it comes time to add the steam trading cards, backgrounds, and emoticons for squad. Can you please make the emoticons actually good? For example look at these games, they have some top shelf emoticons. Not all of them are great, but its easy to see the good ones. No reason Squad cant when the time comes. http://www.steamcardexchange.net/index.php?gamepage-appid-107200 http://www.steamcardexchange.net/index.php?gamepage-appid-296970 http://www.steamcardexchange.net/index.php?gamepage-appid-247020 Please don't drop the ball and add a white outline or something stupid that totally ruins them. http://www.steamcardexchange.net/index.php?gamepage-appid-252470 All I'm trying to say is, put a bit of thought and effort into the emoticons please. Don't just phone it in and crop out something from in the game and call it a emoticon. I told you what I had to say was unimportant, but you didn't listen did you?