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  1. Panzer

    Sprich mal mit [B.T.S.] Husky dazu. Er hat zumindest mal eine Tank-Trainings-Map gebastelt. Zu finden im SteamWorkshop zu SQUAD. Gruß von DSK
  2. Und hier die Webseite: https://dsk-clan.de/
  3. Hier gehts zu unserem Discord: https://discord.gg/FKccfa5
  4. Willkommen beim Infanterie Regiment 58!

    Grüß euch! LieutenantK von DSK hier. Leider gibt es keinen aktuellen Discord Link mehr zu euch. Könnt ihr mal Kontakt bei uns aufnehmen? https://discord.gg/FKccfa5
  5. What are you working on?

    I looked the topic up now. As i expected: There is work to do and i will try it out. I ll message u via PM to discuss the topic further! https://stackoverflow.com/questions/37482958/dealing-with-autocad-objects-in-unity
  6. What are you working on?

    Hey Psyrus! As i wrote: I guess they will need some refining to be completely Gameready (even though ArchiCad got a new FBX export function). But im willing to try this out. We need to make SQUAD great, so PR can be great again.
  7. What are you working on?

    Hey guys. I work professionally with 3D CAD Software since 2006 and im a trained architect. I´m not working yet on anything, but i´m able to produce new buildingstructures for SQUAD realy fast (like 1 - 4 hours per building, depending on the complexity + some time for refining textures/sounds in Unity). Just give me a shout if u need anything. I´d be happy to help, even though im busy.
  8. Commander role

    Hello Folks! Me personally, who played PR for quite some time now as squad leader, i wish not only to get the commander back, but also to add one more level of collective coordination. Since i got some experience through my time at the German Army (Bundeswehr), i realy miss a platoon sized groupleader function. Commanding a squad is cool and stuff. But creating objective focused battlegroups will open up a whole new experience. Imagine up to 3 squads joining together under a Platoonleader. We would be able to perform military tactics in combat such as complex ambushes, formations and multirole squad-fights (SQ1: Set up as Cover with MG´s, DMR and Grenadiers; SQ2: Flank with Breacher and rifleman; SQ3: Backsecurity, Scouting, Reserve or infiltration...). Also a platoon-objective marker set(important!) for the PL and all platoonmembers, would be important, such as formation orders (tactical sign: line, column etc.) or mission-goals. Also combined arms warefare would be taken to the next lvl. Instead of having assigned Tank-sqd, Apc-Sqd... only, we could assign vehicles to thoose battlegroups: 1 MBT, 2 APC´s, 2 Humvees - mission and role specific. On a heavily played game with hundreds of players on a huge map, its realy not fun anymore to take over the commander role - over using the UAV, processing incoming intel and coordinating artillery strikes - there is no strategy creating role left for a commander. That´s why the commander is not a popular role! PL would help getting pressure of the commanders role. If the servers will allow it, one day, we could have coordinated(!) games with up to 300 gamers and more with my proposed structure! PS.: Give us SL, PL and the Commander more time for creating strategys before the beginning of the game - some kind of war-room. Otherwise we will continue to outsource thoose talks to clan-forums. Greats from Germany!