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  1. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    African Factions / Rebels
  2. Squad environments.......yes please

    Ya, subtle use of this should be OK. That vid shows everything max'd. There's always away to make this stuff work - I'm sure the UE4 Dev's have seen this comming and have been working on this for some time now; look at UT - why cant Squad be at that level?
  3. Why play this game?

    This game is team based - should have stats comming out the ying-yang; so many stats that it can confuse newbies but be understood by veterans of the game. Should have strategy based stats, things that help you work the map. Maybe you unlock or work towards getting "strategy plans" that you can quickly communicate to your teams. Not sure if that all makes sense?
  4. The obligatory gunporn thread

    Is that holster Sting Ray skin? What material is that plate on the handle?
  5. Al Basrah Squad Remake

    Once you play test a couple times, your going to move, add, remove walls - to tweak the flow of the level. Just get a first round blockout done; make notes on ideas and things you want to revist. Once you see how the map plays with Squad game mechanics - you start tweaking.
  6. What type of things do you want to see

    I dont know about trenches; I see them as affecting gameplay too much - correct me if Im wrong. I was thinnking about animals, and how to get them into the game - like farm animals and deer to start Buildings other architecture for sure: -Castle ruins set -Oil refinery set -Gravel Factory set / Mining Set -General type Factory Set -Dam Set -City Set (obviously there would be many different types of city sets) -Small Town Set (obviously there would be many different types of city sets) -Hotel Sets Props: -damaged various cars, trucks -Fences -Trash piles / Trash decals -rocks, rocks -Vegitation -Laundry Lines Textures: -wall materials -floor materials -roof materials
  7. What type of things do you want to see

    Just wondering what type of general model sets, environment textures, effects, etc.; people want to see made. Just trying to get a general idea so I can focus on things that people are interested in first. A large map is always good, but lets create things that help build these.
  8. Modding Tips & Tools

    Photogrammetry and Battlefront Star Wars: GDC talk about Battlefront Star Wars sweet environment techniques
  9. Community content WIP thread!

    Integrated graphics might be a problem, but why not just try it. Also, you should post these types of questions in "Hardware Support" thread.
  10. Modding Tips & Tools

    World of Level Design - Youtube : some good tips and explainations of complete workflows for level design. He also has a blog, link is on his YT channel
  11. Level Design

    Thanks for the info. I have been trying to absorb as much "newer" level design info as I can. I just watched, havent played this game, have watched some gameplay vids. Obviously, making the world of Firewatch; is a good example of problem solving. I am keeping several things in mind when trying to approach the large map design - Squad still needs a "story", whatever that may be. There are many ways to write a story. Maybe not an overall hardlined story, but something as a basis. Maybe each map has its own, maybe multiple stories within, whatever. The Firewatch level design still uses this basic concept. Squad is not any different - war stories can be the most compeling we hear. Spots of interest, cool story land marks, props of interest; etc...Squad I think should be no different. I was thinking of the "walking distance" element: this is actually a game mechanic: the "walking and talking is fun" is an important player feedback they mentioned; although many games have already discovered this. You could do something with this as an added mechanic or option - "Squad" it.
  12. Level Design

    Appreciate the reply. I will make sure any communications I have, will get onto those sites.
  13. Level Design

    Thanks folks. I'm already on discord. Just wanted to see the response of the forums.
  14. Level Design

    I thought I would start a general Level Design thread. I am new to maps of this size. Add things in here that are needed or ideas that affect game play; from a level design perspective. I am currently learning this games mechanics and game play - so any additional items on how the current game play flows and any changes to this would be good. I am aware that this is in alpha; and many things are not optimized - like tree collisions. First off, I see an issue with terrain - it seems I can pretty much climb and walk anywhere. Need to use that slope bias more.