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  1. New discord and players https://discord.gg/SQC7tGM
  2. Look no further ! Ronin Gaming or Ronin| is a newly formed Squad EU clan currently. We are looking for both Casual and Competitive members to fill out our Roster. What we can Offer you A great community of fun people to play with. Serious and competitive gameplay. But a place to make friends and be honest with each other. Admins you can turn to if issues arise (Which we hope wont) But a great Clan that you can be proud of when we win. A place to hone your skills and be able to learn the game, But also a place you can play to the best of your ability and show of to the rest of the clan and squad community. Join our discord play a few rounds with us and see what happens. https://discord.gg/SQC7tGM Requirements English speaking Must use a MIC See you on the battlefield !
  3. Community Clan Fight Night

    Ronin in AL Basrah
  4. We are regularly playing on The Trench - Hosted by FA or either Mumblerines. If you are interested jump in a squad with one of us and we can have a chat