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  1. Fine for a CROWS but not so much for an exposed .50
  2. Sidearm & Optic Availability Poll

    Yea. I also think all classes should get akimbo RPGs and 10 grenades. It's asymmetrical balance. Why should you always get an optic? Also how does it make sense that non-specialized kits get scopes while the other doesn't?
  3. [Feed+sugg] Why scoreboard isnt revelant

    In reality you'd know these things, wouldn't you? (Enemy and friendly deaths and casualties, tanks destroyed, etc..) Or dk you want to rely on your own team (the same one that can't even report a fob sometimes) to always provide this information?
  4. [Feed+sugg] Why scoreboard isnt revelant

    The scoreboard gives you an idea as to how the enemy's doing. Why remove it just because of some idiots talking about it at the end of the round?
  5. Tanks and bomb cars

    Being "moral" in a game where you shoot people and kill them. Yeah.
  6. SQUAD is about team work..right?

    That still doesn't show that removing it will improve anything. I've seen (plenty of times) people brag about K/D who also carry their team.
  7. SQUAD is about team work..right?

    Pretty much this. Never even mentioned which K/D and you jumped the gun. I said removing K/D (didn't mention which) wouldn't boost teamwork. How would it? It doesn't make any sense.
  8. SQUAD is about team work..right?

    People think teamwork will magically go up because you remove the K/D. lol
  9. Entering vehicles offline

    When I load into a map while offline and try to enter a vehicle it tells me I need three people in the squad to enter. How do I avoid this? Also why doesn't the firing range have the CROWS HMMWV?
  10. Animation for 'R' key pressed

    How does adding something like this add immersion? ...... It's just a useless mechanic that only ends up screwing you over in the end.
  11. Entering vehicles offline

    Alright I got it working by using the command AdminDisableVehicleClaiming 1 thanks
  12. Friendly fire abuse prevention ideas.

    So funny how complex people want to make this shit... If you get teamkilled you should have a message as to who killed you, and it should be up to a server to decide what happens to the TKer. Also if the server has no admins you shouldn't even be playing there if you really want to avoid trouble.
  13. Plans on thermals for vehicles?

    IMO the problem is infinite view range but beside that thermals should be added. So manly. Yea and when you just spent 20 minutes hunting a tank with a HAT that has a single shot you'll be pretty damn afraid of dying.
  14. Alpha Version 8.8 Released

    FPS went up by ~ 15-20. Great work btw - no CROWS on the firing range?
  15. 3D World Markers

    Someone pointing a finger doesn't let you pinpoint precisely where something is - let alone in a split second. What's wrong with describing? He's below the ridge 345, by the rock. Enemy 250 by the log. If anything, a marker limits communication because with it you don't need the compass bearings, you don't need to describe the enemy's location. You just click and the whole squad sees where the enemy is.
  16. 3D World Markers

    3D markers are OP and it's quite simple: SL presses one button and the entire squad knows exactly where something is without even thinking.
  17. And a system can be implemented to stop this very same thing from happening.
  18. By allowing anyone in the squad to place markers, you allow basically everyone to pinpoint exactly where everything is and there is zero coordination in that. Nothing is wrong with calling out the grid and/or bearing of enemies.
  19. Why play this game?

    This. Anything like this should be built upon in the community (AKA your reputation in the game as a player) and not some star next to your name that signifies you ran some fool's errands.
  20. Language banning? Can you explain why this is included?
  21. What is wrong here? OP compared CAS going and killing everything (tanks, APCs, etc included) with no comms.
  22. It's one thing to have it for infantry. But if you need an indication to tell a T-90 from an Abrams or a BMP from a Bradley maybe you shouldn't be manning that vehicle/AT in the first place.
  23. Settings having no impact on performance

    Love this kind of toxic shit on the forums.
  24. How are heavy assets such as BTRs going to be assigned in the coming update? In PR you had a timer where everyone had to wait until they could create a squad, making it a bit more fair for everyone (one with the fastest PC doesn't get the asset automatically for instance). Also are appropriate admin/game tools in place to easily manage players stealing a vehicle? The first few months of the vehicles will be hell I think - because of this.
  25. The entire 'join a clan' argument and 'just tell them to shut up' is one of the reasons why older players don't normally play with newer ones. It's the same in PR - why would someone lead a pub squad if they have no opportunity to do something they normally would with clan mates? Pubs rarely ever shut up and if they do it's too late. That's why there is a mute button on PR's mumble. At least a +/- ability to turn the volume down would be great.