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  1. Alpha Version 9 Released

    Yeh 4k and tried all that so I am over to BF1 for now.
  2. Alpha Version 9 Released

    Meh, game is now broken with this resolution bug. Deleted the applocaldata and can't even use in game menu to clear a cache. I get to mouse pointers and they only click the first 2 options. Also Resizes my desktop. Funny when I first downloaded it is was fine and I just loaded the firing range to check out the gear. Now, won't start proper at all.
  3. Resolution is screwed

    Yeh same also on 4k. Resizes my desktop and windows to 100% down from 200%.
  4. SLI Configuration Trick

    This sounds promising. I had great success with the Paragon xfire profile with my old 295x2. I might pick up a 2nd Msi Gaming X 1080. May be heaps cheaper new or 2nd hand when this 1080ti drops in. Geting anywhere from 45 - 70 fps @ 4k as it is.
  5. 55-70fps @ 4k 40" depends on map rather than server pop. 5820K 4.4ghz OC 16GB 2333 MHz ram MSI GTX1080 GamingX The last game update saw a great fps boost. Around 15FPS.
  6. Alpha Version 8.8 Released

    Server browser now does not work. 8/
  7. Alpha Version 8.8 Released

    Great update at last. 80fps @ 4k full server. Up 30-40 fps. Gtx 1080/5820k 4.4OC
  8. Unofficial SLI configuration for Squad

    I have switched out my AMD R9 295x2 for a single GTX1080. I get framessimilar to you Langor with a single GTX 1080 at proper 4k (not scaling ie 1080p x200%). This game is a brain ****. My 295x2 in xfire would do anywhere from high 50's to 80 fps (170 fps in firing range) but up and down all over the shop. The GTX 1080 is constantly around the 45-55 mark on full 70 pop servers. I am playing Ultra 4k in the BF titles at around 59fps and SWBF is high 60's. Happy with the 1080 but the 1080ti is where I think 4k 60fps across the board will be achievable with an OPTIMISED game. Using a i7 5820k hexcore 4.4OC.
  9. Unofficial SLI configuration for Squad

    Has anyone tried the "paragon" sli profile? I use the paragon x-fire profile for my AMD 295x2 and works.
  10. Absolutely agree. Have a 5820K 4.4OC, same issues. Come on, call out my CPU as a POS. I can't complain too much as I can get 50 - 80 fps @ 4k, but God help you if you walk near 5 smoke canisters nearby or an insane grenade / vehicle fire fight battle. SYSTEM SHUTDOWN! Rage quit and one less medic to help ya's out. As for DX11, if you can't optimise on a 5yr old gaming code, there is no hope for UE4 with DX12. DX12 is the way forward, though I see nothing wrong with DX11 for Squad as long as it works ie optimized. As stated if you want a game with reasonable graphics, loaded with assets and high player count. Multi core/thread code has to be on point and probably the high priority. Credit where it's due. SQUAD has bought back Teamwork/Voip game play and future sandbox community, which I consider the essence of the BF2 experience. If DICE were to reintroduce this gameplay / community back to a separate BF series, Squad would be dead in the water. I'd like SQUAD to be the best it could be and it's fans get the best out of their hardware. Multi core optimization makes the game enjoyable for everyone. Near all CPU's these days are multi cored no matter what price point. It is probably the one and only most beneficial of any improvement to the game and an expanding playerbase. We all want players / community right? Surely most would take smooth action and quality gameplay over eye candy and toys.
  11. Alpha 7.7 Released

    Stop muddying waters with this specs for a start. Blamming CPU's and Gpu's. i7 5820k, 4.4OC , r9 295x2 running in xfire 100% both gpus, 16gb of ram. Yeh my garbage PC, feel sorry for the guys with regular mainstream PC's. Self entitlement pfft. Unemployed, no benefits. Put every scrap of money into living and a hobby that makes life bearable. Yeh
  12. Alpha 7.7 Released

    Yeh it's Squad play, nothing to do with COD. Map size or supply drops. Point?
  13. Alpha 7.7 Released

    Only because of map size.
  14. Alpha 7.7 Released

    Accept payment for EA, accept criticism. Could you get this far F2P? Guniea pigs to you are actually paying contributors. Keep badmouthing the contributors. What contributors have been asking most is OPTIMSATION. Stop passing buck around EPIC and yourselves and show why this UE4 is so good and was a correct choice.