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  1. TL;DR: too many new guys flooding in on $team$ale weekends etc, and we can't teach them fast enough, and the mass of inexperienced people end up tanking the servers. eventually this will ruin squad and chase away all the pros. unless you stop promos and create better ui or required tutorials. No need to take every point literally, but most of you get the jist. If you get it, you know.... ty! i'm at 950 hrs btw Don't take this as a complaint, more as advice or a warning from the deep-end... When I first started playing Squad it was a huge leap to get in a game. It took me a very long time to understand all of the elements of the game, and there is still more to learn. While there are intro-videos, the training range, and the splash player controls screen, it is often very easy for an inexperienced player to stumble into a game without knowing many basic elements, whether factual, statistical, social, or mechanical (aka gameplay and how-to). That's not a big problem, currently, the best way to learn is by jumping in and asking experienced players questions. Luckily, squad has one of the greatest communities around, and there are plenty of qualified players who are prepared to help out the new guys! But sometimes, that becomes impossible, and the foundation cracks. - It seems that when this game goes on sale, it sees a dramatic influx of players. This is fine, but too many new players at once (players who join without knowing the ins-and outs) and this game can reach unplayable levels fast. If you have too many new players, and teams cannot perform their roles, eventually you will have a majority of players who are oblivious to basic gameplay, goals, and progression. When the majority of players on the team are inexperienced, it affects the ability to progress, and thus makes it unfun or even tiring to attempt to play right. Good players try to stick in there as much as possible, I love to help people learn, but it gets to a point where the game stops being about war and becomes a lecture about shovels. The problem is compounded once it reaches critical levels, and serially stops being fun for 'serious' players. Basic goals become impossible. I ironically call it the 'fog of war', but once the tipping point is reached, it causes an exodus of 'regular' players and the server is left to people without mics trying to rush each other's main. I have days where I often cannot play a game without losing, due to the most fundamental aspects being ignored by other squads or players. So i give it a rest and come back during weird weekday hours, when the majority of people playing are less casual. This 'effect' invariably removes a lot of good players who could otherwise mentor or SL. Before you know it, these servers become a frenzy of guessing, mistakes, and blunders. - -inexperienced SLs -making a squad, and switching roles when others join -snipers who just came to wander off and shoot -not knowing how to aim, dig, patch, bury mines, resupply, logi run, vehicle gun zoom, switch seats, underhand throw, friendly patch, -lone wolves engaging enemy on their own -not setting rallies or fobs -no communicating or calling out enemy -no checking spawn counts when rallying in -no defense -no concept of 360 security -engaging enemy when told not to -squads defending non objectives -people taking vehicles on joy rides -attacking from a single bee line -no SL comm -ignoring orders - Once that's the norm, it's over. Once you've played a few games where the biggest challenge is trying to get 4 squads to set their first FOB down, because they keep taking vehicles to the enemy without laying rallies, while the rest of the team is wandering aimlessly, then you'll realize how frustrating it is as a whole. It's hard when you have to coach everyone at once. As with the balance between profit and popularity, maybe it's not a good idea to open the flood gates, sometimes you wash all the harcore players away...... and on the low, SQUAD is the shit. I have 950 hours and bought it for $40....... SO this game costs me 4 cents an hour. IF YOU NEED MORE MONEY, JUST ASK! No need to wrangle in rainy-day COD warriors just to make some bucks on a game they'll quit in 20 minutes anyway... - Also, maybe have an all-expansive required tutorial.... think about it fast, because even despite your best wishes on the dev-side, the consumers can turn this into a COD clone despite your best wishes. This 'too many new guys' shit happens to real militaries! You are not impervious!! TOO MANY RECRUITS!! xoxoxo
  2. American Militia?

    Wouldn't it be nice if they eventually developed an American Militia...?.... full of blue-jeans, tennis shoes, velcro vests, flag hats, imported AKs, old AR15s, and tapco SKSs......? Either way, i would like to see an unconventional US forces, irregulars... or even contractors/mercenaries...
  3. i'm talkin about rephrasing the button for absolute first-timers who don't understand what creating a squad implies... i always question people who ditch SL position immediately in voice chat. almost always, it's people who just bought the game, started a squad, and just didn't know that 'create a squad' gave them a leadership role. i just want the implications of creating a squad to be more clear, so a new player who can't fit into another squad doesn't just make a squad out of thin air without understanding what they are doing. they should know that they are assuming a responsibility and a role. this should be clear to the first-time player. when it's not clear, it accidentally derails the game start. it's natural to click 'create squad' the first time you see it. i did once or twice when i started. as it stands, people are just unknowingly clicking it with the intention to make more slots to play in. all we need is a way to clearly inform the first-time player. a popup dialog: "Create a squad and lead it into battle as Squad Leader" would do the trick too. ______________ >> i agree foremost that every squad should have a leader. so it's extra important that the creator knows that they will have a leadership role. as i mentioned, a new player will instinctively see the 'create squad' button and click it... and once they realize they have the chevron next to their name, they bail. or worse, they aren't even aware, and don't even have a mic. this wastes the prep/warm-up time, vehicle claiming, kit swapping... (if you don't want a squad, go unassigned) >> having the SL kit move to the next SL during the beginning of a round, without needing an ammo, can is a good idea. (as long as it isn't used after the first 3 minutes or something, to prevent swapping in battle.) ty guys
  4. The easiest way to ruin a game from the start is by having someone "create a squad" and immediately leave it. This creates a round-robin of "who's the Squad Leader?!" and ruins the momentum/planning/implementation of the game. It requires switching kits and is a total hassle to every player. I have noticed that it is usually first-time players who do this accidentally. An easy fix would be to either have a pop-up box warning, or just rephrase it to "Lead a Squad" instead of the more vague: 'Create a Squad' This problem happens every game, and this way new players will understand what they are clicking.
  5. I own an SKS. The bolt does not lock to the rear unless the magazine is totally empty. Pulling it back would eject, and then chamber another round. -FACT- Even the most minimal amount of research would conclude this. You took a unique firearm that could have drastically added to the style of play, and you cut/pasted it and slapped it together with no thought. You omitted one of the most prominent classic features of the weapon. Next time, at least watch a YouTube video or two about the weapons you attempt to make. You are trying to make a realistic military game right? Seriously, google it... once.
  6. Thanks a lot guys. i have played on those blue fang ops servers before. i noticed the diligent gameplay. im so new, i don't know who's who yet. thanks for alerting me, i have trouble finding the "superior" servers. - your responses are wonderful, glad to have the community... ------ RE: ^previous post^ as far as revives, if you wanted to be accurate, whenever someone gets injured, you should have to set up a defense, set up an LZ, radio a heli in with smoke and medevac him out.... it should take about 3 hours... then you have to go back and inventory his gear for C.I.F. and stand his firewatch... you'll have snipers making leg shots just to bog down your unit. unless you are russian, then you just shoot him in the head and write his mother a heroic letter . lol/jks + tys
  7. I would like to see a game mode made which forces players to communicate even more, and play more tactically. for example, a "real war" mode. rules would be: -one life -players can only minimally apply medical aid -most shots = death -no revives -no post mortem chatter -no deployables except ammo -players can only see themselves on the map -attack and defend/ convoy missions etc. this would force you to stay together, check your six, monitor your squad members in first person, verbally communicate enemy and terrain, reduce risk taking, coordinate fire teams and maintain accountability. it would be hard, you'd get lost if you didn't pay attention, you'd get die if you got shot... you'd waste your entire round ifyou felt like going off on your own. but people would take it seriously, and it would be realistic. in turn, it would make your enemy's behavior more realistic too. no more sprinting to a base because you know you can respawn later if you die. no more pulling a 50 cal out of your back pocket, or filling a 60 sandbags in 30 second while in prone... or covering up a bullet to the cheek with a bandaid. full situational awareness, maximum communication, or imminent death.
  8. horrible frame rate still

    i7 4770.... under processors in device manager, it seems to list it 4 times though. like i said, it was the stock dell XPS 8700 from costco at about $2200...... here's the real embarrassing thing though.... i actually had svga hooked up instead of hdmi... so yeah, full disclosure, i'm an idiot.... i guess i didn't have a cord when i last swapped out my monitor. i doubt that affects the frame output, i got high frame sin other games like bf4, but still embarrassing none the less.... either way, the new gpu is brutal! thanks a lot
  9. horrible frame rate still

    i upgraded the card to an nvidia gtx1080. i needed a new powerpack too. works awesome now, often over 100fps. everything is smooth on epic. the 660 was fine for a while, but this game is too vast. as of (6/27/16)
  10. i have a horrible frame rate and no chance of playing 'epic'. - i have had to go down to 1600x900 and 'high quality' just to get close to 30fps. - i made an .ini file with some graphics tweaks i found online that helped (gave me +10fps) - i also unparked my cpus and disabled other startup/background processes - i get 60fps while alone, but i often get as low as 17fps in a full 'epic' game i've read in some forums that certain processors are choking on the frostbite engine... IDK.. i have a: DELL XPS 8700 full specs: http://www.dell.com/us/p/xps-8700/pd here are a few specs from my system folder, but check above link for full details. (i don't know what's important or not) nvidia gtx660 gpu (i have four of these) intel core i-74770 cpus at 3.40ghz 32gb ram acpi 64bit win 8.1 intel 8 series/c220sata ahci contoller SSD HD cable internet 4th gen core processor dram controller xeon processor e3-1200 v3/4th gen core processor ty