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  1. Devblog: Squad Motion Capture Session

    Wow... As an animator this makes me moist. The movement is beyond outstanding. I'm glad you're taking advantage of motion capture as it's making things look real... maybe TOO real!
  2. ACSS reticle 22lr

    I'm okay with the classic Chevron reticle, maybe because I got used to it in the Armed Forces. The ACSS is pretty nice though.
  3. It depends on your location, not the speed of your connection. You must be close to the server's location to get a good connection and low ping. May I ask, where are you from? If you're not from the Unites States that might explains why do you have such a high ping (I get the same and I'm in the Middle East, so I try to not join these often when there's active EU-based servers around that give me a decent 100 ping). If you are from the U.S. then that seems to be abnormal behavior of your internet connection. I don't know about how officially licensed servers work but I assume this is acceptable because it keeps the server's performance to not hinder because of the high ping handling or something? I'm no expert to be honest.
  4. I'm glad that there is some solid progress being made to the game, specially to the animation. People like us, artists and animators alike, keep an eye out for these things and appreciate the effort. Telling from the new system preview that's currently on YouTube, that is some real professional work. Good to see some IK being used for Foot Placement and 180 degree turning! It looks amazing so far.
  5. Another monthly recap would be appreciated. I love looking at progress.
  6. Would love to see MEC in the game.
  7. As a 3D animator myself, I am looking forward to the Animation System Overhaul mostly. Any other additions are also welcome.
  8. Chance Brahh al basrah?