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  1. What do you Usually Name Your Squad?

    "The Fellas" or "Rock's pals" is the two most common names I use.
  2. V10 and...??

    I believe the quote was referring to the changelog presented in the article, hence it follows with "a complete changelog will accompany final release". They mentioned previously that they entered a bug-fixing state of development for V10 and therefore no further content will be added for it. I hope I'm not wrong.
  3. Animation System Update

    Fantastic animation work gentlemen. How old is that AK animation set preview by the way? I assume it's long ago because it looks like it needs a whole lot of adjustments (fingers and general firearm body movement mostly). Either way I love all that you guys do, and your fellow animator understands all the hard work that needs to be done.
  4. September 2017 Recap

    That's a very big BTR.
  5. 970 user as well, and I do the same as L0cation does. Updated to the latest and this game along with other games work just fine for me. Should go for it. Wouldn't hurt I think.
  6. Yeah I'd like the binoculars to function like actual binoculars instead of just a zoom.
  7. Alpha 9.9

    When it's done.
  8. Alpha 9.9

    Always nice to have some little things like this. That Stryker bug happened to me so many times. Glad it's fixed.
  9. FPS tweak for GTX 9xx users

    Might be something I did wrong, however I'm positive I didn't mess up lol. Made a clean installation and used DDU to uninstall everything properly. Well I guess I'm just unlucky. Anyway I did test out 378.92 and apparently it works out pretty well. Not a huge FPS gain but a 6-8 FPS boost is good enough for me. I'm sticking to it.
  10. FPS tweak for GTX 9xx users

    Here to say that the 368.81 drivers do not function with 9.8 anymore. It will give you a UE4 engine crash, or atleast it did for me. I'll be testing Squad on 378.92 drivers. See how that turns out.
  11. Oops, I actually meant Stom because of his collision mesh explanation. I can't read anymore.
  12. Dismount MG from jeeps

    Uhhh those machine guns are not that easy to carry around lol. Atleast sandbags make sense because you can just carry a bunch of empty bags then fill them up when you need to use them.
  13. What our good pal Stom means is the following: When you try to place your barrel above one of the rocks on the wall, sometimes you won't be able to shoot due to the fact that the collision box blocks the projectile. As the collision box MUST maintain to be low quality and low polygon for performances' sake, you can't easily adjust the collision box to cover up all of the model and nothing else. This means that an issue like this can't be easily fixed or just unfixable at all really as you don't want to 'de-optimize' your collisions for the sake of a small space you can collide with but shouldn't in reality, which makes sense. You also don't want to resize the collision box to be smaller so it only covers 'most' of the model and the very little parts on the top not covered because you will be able to use that to your advantage and give you slightly more concealment whilst able to shoot through a wall lol. Honestly I don't mind the little barrel icon and primarily because I think his reasoning is plausible. To add, Squad IS trying to add some arcade elements along with realism ones if you keep the Squad FAQ and most Squad developers' comments in mind. Stuff like the magazine count and amount icons and whatnot would likely stay.