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  1. FPS: 50-90 CPU: i5-6600k 3.5ghz GPU: R9 390 8GB RAM: 16GB 2333mhz Res: 1080p Settings: All maxed out, no motion blur
  2. Should a 14 year old play Squad?

    I am 14, i made it into a clan, when i go solo squad leaders like me most of the time and i am new. If you're mature, everything is possible.
  3. Don't buy it. Wait for rx 480 benchmarks.
  4. Can i run Squad

    Hardly I guess
  5. Vsync method ?

    Triple/Double buffering are options that you decide to apply on Vsync. You choose if it's gonna be triple or double buffered.
  6. Vsync method ?

    Vsync is shit.It limits your FPS in the shittiest way possible.
  7. I got into multiplayer games that need communication really early, when I was 11, and I had to find the hard way people in my age aren't welcome in teams. i used to play when my mum was away, and trust me I built up friendships with people 10 years older than me. i am 14 , and most of the times she doesn't mind me talking on online games. You become more matture when you tend to play with older people. my point is not all parents accept their son talking to strangers, it's something they'll understand later on. try convincing your mother you're responsible enough for this.
  8. AMD drivers are fine, I suggest you buying rx 480 instead of 1070. Crossfire rx 480 equals 1070' price, but is superior to 1080's performance.
  9. Yes, people are interested in this game not only for the amazing gameplay and mechanics but for the communication it requires/has. I suggest you to buy one, and I'm pretty sure whispering loudly (??) will work out for important callouts.
  10. New PC, can I run Squad?

    I understand Nvidia doing these cheeky moves in games like the witcher, just not cool, but they won't know where to hide when dx12 becomes available for most games because AMD has the upper hand in it. I shall now wait for rx 480 to be released, see benchmarks and finish my build.
  11. New PC, can I run Squad?

    I am fine with anything above 40, used to play rust on lowest graphics, very low resolution with 15 fps and didn't mind it so I'm pretty sure playing this on around 40 is gonna be fine. Thanks for your replies.
  12. Amazing work, short and simple. Haven't bought or played squad yet, but I am planning to do so and this was extremely helpful.
  13. New PC, can I run Squad?

    Alright, just wanna buy the game without having MAJOR issues with performance. Totally fell ell in love with this game through videos.
  14. So my PC indeed meets the requirements, but I can clearly see from comments, reviews and videos the game is not yet optimized, something completely understandable for an alpha game. Anyways, I recently built and ordered parts for a new PC, and since the game has been on my wishlist for a while, I wanna see if someone with similar specs // good knowledge of the games optimization can help me out. Ram : Hyperx Savage ddr4 16gb 2400mhz CPU: Intel core i5 6600k GPU: Either r9 390 8gb or gonna wait for rx480 8gb What do you say?