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  1. I usually have a good game for about 30 minutes, then I'll have a brief freeze and then moments later my game will randomly shut down without error. Please help, 340 hours and just got this problem Things I've done: Verified Game Files Deleted Cache Uninstalled and reinstalled Updated nvidia drivers LOG (I have other logs if you want to see just ask): https://www.dropbox.com/s/u2shrsb6fz93ssr/Squad.log?dl=0 Video of freeze:
  2. No problem with the scopes, my problem is with the iron sights. It's bothering when the whole iron sight is blurred for no reason other than for cinematic effect. Especially when I'm done aiming and the blur is still there for no reason.
  3. It's super annoying when aiming down sights and all I see is a blurred mess around my sights. I have my own natural peripheral vision when aiming down sights, I don't need the blurry addon. It even stays when I'm done aiming. Is there a way to remove it? Or can you guys atleast give the option to remove it in a later update? I know some people like it, but I know some like me who don't. Thanks!
  4. I see many updates on the progress on vehicles coming to Squad, which is great! However, when will we get news or updates on optimizing the game? Especially for us AMD folks. Are there plans to do this soon in alpha or will we get vehicles first then optimization second in beta? (side note) I also seemed to run the game better in its early stages, when many current things were yet to be added.