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  1. I agree 100% , being a PR vet , Squad needs slow the gameplay asap. Feel free to check my post: How to slow the gameplay.
  2. How to slow the gameplay

    That's actually the best idea i've heard in a while.
  3. Hello here are my suggestions how to slow the current gameplay a little more to make a more PR feel because right now compared to it squad is faster paced. 1. Rally point mechanics: a while ago i posted a topic specificly talking about this. Rps are the spawns that decide the win or lose. It should dissapear in 60 secs, requiere 2 sq members and get overun when enemies get within a certain distance like in PR and gotta wait 5 min to rearm. Feels more hardcore right? 2. Fob mechanics: the HAB is ok but it should get unspawnable when enemies are within a certain distance, in PR for example: 1enemy -10m, 2 enemies 50m,4 enemies-100 min, 8 enemies-150m. Using shovels to destroy the fob it's ok . 3.crewman kits: the addition would bring dedicated squads for specific roles. Example APC squad. i hope they are added soon
  4. How to slow the gameplay

    I get your point mate but you seriously need check PR, i mean deeply . If u think squad is slow them idk how are gonna like it after the addition of heavy vehicles and new kits.What you think imo makes the game way too casual and mainstream. That's not the way Squad is meant to be. It's meant to be the succesor of PR that leads to a specific community and action, action, action all the time nah. Red orchestra and insurgency are more action packed . Maybe that's your type of shooter but ik for sure devs aren't the going that way. Exactly dude
  5. M110 - Awfully weak

    I agree with this topic. M110 should be about same damage as SVD. 762x51 is a very powerful round and should be a 1 shot kill to chest since no armor system has been added to the game Seriously, some people should stop complaining about how 1 shot kills would ruin gameplay. You want balanced weapons ? go play battlefield because one the main features apart from teamwork is realism .
  6. PR Vets, vote here.

    Hell yeah , back to mah kashan. Now , i voted yes because i want this map to be introduced when heavy vehicles are in the game like tanks and jets but inf focused idk how it would play out
  7. M110 - Awfully weak

    Honestly , receiving a 7.62x51 to the chest would ****ing one shot me. Maybe that's right, 762x 51 should be about the same as the SVD round. The damage in my opinion should a 1 shot to chest with these rifles. Remember that body armor mechanics haven't been implemented yet .
  8. Hello , i love this new update v10. Really good. but... I think people still don't get how to use vehicles correctly and the dedication of your squad. I barely see dedicated logi squad, mortars, or apc squads. Usually it's 4-5 squads that grab the vehicles that they want. This isn't good , it's better to have a focused specialized squad. Like Inf, mortars, apc etc. I know this also depends on the server but still isn't vey common . SLs if u read this pls incorporate and spread this idea. People who usually roleplay like this are PR players and experienced Squad players. opinions?
  9. M110 - Awfully weak

    This game isn't going for" balance" in firearms. Remember that the focus of the Devs is realism and accurate physics IRL ,there's battlefield and cod for that. Devs will probably go for body armor and the damage is would change a lot since modern plates used by conventional armies are able to stop 7.62 x39 ( ak round).
  10. Roleplay, logi, apc, mortars?

    No, crewman is just for heavy vehicles like Apcs and tanks( hopefully they add them soon). For heli is actually pilot not crewman. That depends on the devs though
  11. Roleplay, logi, apc, mortars?

    Yea, pr for 2 years mate but about Apcs and mortars? I am sure when crewman kits come this will be fixed.
  12. Where is the PR style gaming?

    Somewhat yes but still missing a lot. Current rally points and fob mechanics make the game faster paced. RPs should disappear in60 secs, crewman kits that leads to roleplay Apc squads, logistics mortars. Fobs in PR become unspawnable when enemies are close or within a certain distance. All of these makes a big change in the pacing of the game.
  13. M4 + burst, sorry but it is not 1st april.

    Because authenticity. Not all US Army units have m4a1s, they still use the standard m4
  14. Will Squad introduce airstrikes?

    PR maps are considerably big, 4k . I don't see why not adding jets to Squad if it's a fundamental feuture .
  15. Roleplay, logi, apc, mortars?

    Yes, in PR there were people who barely enetered in action and delivered supplies and provided transport. I ran logi a few times there and is super satisfying.
  16. Roleplay, logi, apc, mortars?

    Nice , crewman kits are gonna be back
  17. Yes it will mate, it will take time . I mean just PR took so many years to be standalone full realeased game.
  18. The RallyPoint current system is used as throw bodies to that objective more than actual planning the attack.Pet peeve. should be like in proyect reality imo
  19. Ability to hold spawns at your rally point

    Absolutely no, nobody would play like that, plus it would be boring. It would force more FOBs instead, cuz they are permanent spawns.therefore more logistics therefore more roleplay. the purpose of that RP system is to limit how RPs work cuz usually people just run one by one and get killed and SL puts another RP , cycle repeats(usually)
  20. Ability to hold spawns at your rally point

    Or maybe just apply Proyect reality RP system?Where u have 60 secs to respawn or it dissapears, much more simple . this what we should have had always in my opinion. (For anybody reading this , check my post about RPs in proyect reality, January 15 post.
  21. Hi i am a new guy in Squad and i've played Proyect reality for over 2 years. I've noticed a difference in the rally point system: In SQUAD , RPs have to be 50m from the enemy and have 9 spawns. You can put them a few minutes later after they get overrun so it is very used obviously in attacks and for regrouping the squad. Back in PR , rally points needed 50m of distance in 1k maps (same as in SQUAD) and 125m in 2k . They lasted just for 60 seconds. It was mostly used just for regrouping due to the limited time. So because of that ,the main spawn was the FOB . RPs were used but not as an attacking tool . So the gameplay was slower paced because you couldn't relay on a RP to take objectives . Also if they were overrun you had to wait 5 min to put them down again. I'm just saying if we could get the same system back .Although it would slow down the gameplay a little more. What do you guys think? Good or not?