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  1. What does this game do better than PR?

    As a PR vet : 1.RP wave system(keeps the squad together better than in PR) 2. Movement and weapon handling although there's gotta be some tweaking cuz i find the movement when u move your weapon fast ( fast flick, not necessarily a 360 no scope but should better controled by the character) 3.sounds 4. Graphics 5. Fireteams are massive improvement to the infantry combat.
  2. movement in ADS

    Whenever u move the gun in ADS your gun will exceed the move and then get back to where u aimed. Not a huge thing but important at the moment of shooting. I think that's a bit too much sway movement right there because a good shooter holds the weapon tight not letting that movement happen . ADS should be much more rigid when doing those fast flicks . there's like a excess of sway when i move the weapon side to side . Just try to aim and then turn your weapon 90 degrees and u will see what i am talking about . The sway itself is totally ok aiming downsights because i have no problem with that, just want clarify that. The only concern is when u move the weapon side to side is i think too much.
  3. movement in ADS

    No, 360 no scope is almost impossible to do and it also depends on the in game sensitivity. Don't make it look like run and gun is what I ask , every other tactical shooter like Insurgency and Arma 3 have more controlled moves if u want hit something fast and flicks aren't arcady, trained soldiers can do fast shooting , it's just a matter of reducing the extra movement when u move your gun fast to one side.
  4. movement in ADS

    Is not a limitation and it has nothing to do with the eyes . Every other tactical shooter handles the weapon better than squad even myself with my rifle in this case .It's a matter of simply reducing that movement , looks like the characater lacks skills to do fast moves with his weapon.
  5. Interactive IEDs

    Great idea . Let's get that and bring back the combat engineers from PR to disarm and detect ieds.
  6. movement in ADS

    Mikey, the issue here is what happens when YOU move the weapon quickly in ads say 50 degrees to your left( flick). It's like if the character couldn't control the fast move and your gun even moves a bit exagerated to the left and then comes back to where u aimed at ,not the static position sway where u simply aim. About that , i am totally ok because i can hit targets walking in ads 10 meters no problem in jensens range . Maybe u just have to get better at aiming .
  7. squad lead is MEH

    Depends on the server. If u have to do something because they ain't listen then just kick them.
  8. Get schooled on FTs

    Hey It seems that a big part of squad leaders don't even know how to use fireteams at its full potential. That brought me here to try to educate u future SLs to not screw up. The average SL thinks is too complicated and unecessary or maybe he only uses FTls to mark enemies which isn't bad but that's just an small part of FTL. Here's why: Fts is the smallest independent unit a team has. A normal inf squad(9 dudes) would have 2 teams: alpha and bravo, 1 being lead by squad lead himself or can also asigned by someone to take alpha team and bravo by abothet FTL . This is were the true magic comes, what separates "ww1 banzai rush and push however u want tactics" and a tactical squad that uses fire and manuever tactics and uses teams to reinforce specific areas of a defense.Bravo pins down enemies and alpha team goes around the flank and ****s them up from the rear. This requires members to listen and not chase an enemy when he sees one. For examples u can check karmakut's channel in youtube ,he is such a good example how to use this new awesome system or watch some squad tactics from the army to get a notion of how u gotta lead. All the tactics work in public matches btw, just need some guys that aren't below 80 iq and it will work just fine
  9. movement in ADS

    Did u noticed that when u move it left and right (ADS) there's like a minor move of inertia to the side u turned the weapon and then it stabalizes to where aimed? U have to pay attention when u move your gun around and then stop. Maybe more noticible with fast 90 degrees turn .That minor inertia move to the side is a bit too much and handled a bit poorly by the character .I guess it happens also when hipfiring. unfortunately i don't have a video and this as accurate as i can explain it.
  10. movement in ADS

    The sway is ok , is the movement side to side when moving the weapon around which is handled a bit exaggerated.
  11. I like the wave spawn system because Sl can tell the others hang on a second until the new wave comes. It does keep the squad together idk what experience u have but it works great if u give the orders. RP depending on your actions would actually get back into meatgrinder because everyone would spawn at a different spawntime which is what we had since no one dies at the same moment.That was really bad mechanic but i agree it should get overrun when enemies are within 100m. Instead what i would like to see is to spawn right after Sl puts the rally instead of waiting 1 min since it delays the whole squad waiting for the guys to spawn.
  12. movement in ADS

    Of course but i think u guys don't get the point. I mean when u ADS and u move your gun say far right and your gun moves more than what u aimed and then it goes back to where u aimed. I've shot guns and that movement is really exaggerated . It should be reduced or removed. 95% perfect.
  13. movement in ADS

    I love the v10 animation overhaul but in this specific ADS case is a bit exagerated the sway caused when moving your weapon around and it's exceeds what is realistic. As i said , people hold the weapon tight enough for that extra movement not to happen. the sway itself is fine,my only concern is when u ADS and move your weapon side to side there's a pretty noticible extra sway.
  14. RU is still relatively underpowered.

    1.The ak74 isn't that bad , it has lower recoil than the m4 . But yea , the Russian scope chevrons are really thick and need change now. 2. Ratio of what?
  15. Apart from jensen's range because it's limited . Something a little more customizable.
  16. Fire-team Radios.

    I suppose if that is proposed FTLs would have squad communication right?
  17. Then simply don't use it if it's optional but u can't talk for the ones the know and want use it.
  18. We need more maps!

    First optimization before anything and 100 players then maybe a few maps but people are having issues running this game . if u can't run what's the point on having new maps if you can't even play it.
  19. There 's so many squad leaders that use Fts as range finders that it makes me sad. I thought the community knew the real military usage of them but as i can see not many know this : " alpha flank around north and bravo supressive fire on the enemy!" i finished playing squad leading and some dudes in my squad thought that FTs were just to mark stuff on the map and i had school them that were using 10% of its tactical potential. I guess this is because they have no idea how the real military uses them and the only thing they do is say attack or push which seems to my like a ww1 banzai tactic which unfortunately is all they know.Pretty much anyone who uses FTs that way it is intended and handles thing correctly would kill another squad with the same skill that doesn't use the fireteam system.
  20. L85A2 Recoil (British bullpup)

    Sure but it would be even more controlable and accurate with your follow up shots.
  21. I think is important for the people that don't want to screw up their aim to give the most amount of options.The sensitivity on 4x isn't the same as in a 6x or 8x like in the marksman scope.
  22. Sup Alright , so body armor is something that in my opinion should be a MUST for a tactical shooter. Currently we have no realistic body armor system and i understand it, game not finished yet(alpha). But when major features are added i think it would be pretty important to add some armor plates to the regulars in the future About the damage modeling tweaks, it goes hand in hand with body armor. So i've noticed that marskman rifles have disproportionally low damage values to their real life counter parts. m110 right now it's a 2 shot kill to the chest with no armor. The round used by that weapon is really damn powerful (762x51 ). Svd uses a similar one that does a little more due to it being a tiny bit heavier but both have enough to take down a person in shot. Maybe it was talked about before but it's really weird that u should an militia dude with a heavy round in the chest and still walking like nothing. I don't know if this was done for some artificial balance but it's gotta change if possible when the major core stuff is done. Many ways balance issues with unconventional factions would appear. Solution is really simple : Insurgents have speed and they are in their homeland . Why not other spawns for them apart from main at the start of the round in key locations in some maps? Done in PR ,why not here? I would like to know when would this be a thing or if it's not going to be a thing. btw v11 looks damn good . Were there graphic changes?
  23. When about thermals?

    agree, we need thermals
  24. Sniper Gameplay

    I like this . Why not including snipers?
  25. v12 new M4 sound..

    Wrong , v12 got the m4 how it should sound . All the weapons were lacking that punch now they have it . It's sounds much closer to real footage.