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  1. Sniper Gameplay

    I like this . Why not including snipers?
  2. v12 new M4 sound..

    Wrong , v12 got the m4 how it should sound . All the weapons were lacking that punch now they have it . It's sounds much closer to real footage.
  3. New gamemodes

    Arcade mode hell no! There's bfv for that.
  4. The title says it all. Riflemen carry ammo for machine gunners in real life and the riflemen in Squad are just a simple combat role but with this small addition they could more useful to supply the people in the squad . To reload the ammo bag they should simply head towards the ammo crate and fill it again.
  5. It doesn´t sound bad but i would instead do the following: Make fobs unaspawnable when enemies are close within a certain distance, example: 125m. It´s pretty simple but extremely effective because when you attack a fob people stop spawning so you avoid massive waves of people coming from habs . This is the current type of system that PR has and has worked for many years.
  6. Sup Alright , so body armor is something that in my opinion should be a MUST for a tactical shooter. Currently we have no realistic body armor system and i understand it, game not finished yet(alpha). But when major features are added i think it would be pretty important to add some armor plates to the regulars in the future About the damage modeling tweaks, it goes hand in hand with body armor. So i've noticed that marskman rifles have disproportionally low damage values to their real life counter parts. m110 right now it's a 2 shot kill to the chest with no armor. The round used by that weapon is really damn powerful (762x51 ). Svd uses a similar one that does a little more due to it being a tiny bit heavier but both have enough to take down a person in shot. Maybe it was talked about before but it's really weird that u should an militia dude with a heavy round in the chest and still walking like nothing. I don't know if this was done for some artificial balance but it's gotta change if possible when the major core stuff is done. Many ways balance issues with unconventional factions would appear. Solution is really simple : Insurgents have speed and they are in their homeland . Why not other spawns for them apart from main at the start of the round in key locations in some maps? Done in PR ,why not here? I would like to know when would this be a thing or if it's not going to be a thing. btw v11 looks damn good . Were there graphic changes?
  7. This thing shows that u didn't even finish reading the post . Nobody irl can take a full mag than of an assault rifle caliber using body armor plates issued to soldiers. For this to be implemented an aimpuch mechanic would be also needed. Dont't comment on something u lack knowledge or barely read the post.
  8. Sup Guys i see some of you talking about the balance.Insurgency gamemode is specially for ins and militia ( maybe)vs regulars. Is hard to balance a faction that is just10x better equiped than the other in a conventional battle gamemode like AAS . What we should look at now is this awesome gamemoede that gets 0 love. Back in PR this was awesome. I am hoping to see it coming soon. Insurgents had extra spawn points apart from main at the start of the round in some maps. That gives the advantage to the ins to set up an ambush when a convoy is passing. If u wanna suggest something gameplay related i stongly recommend to check PRoyect reality first.
  9. Yeah, balance isn't needed . Adapt the playstyle , be deffensive and use guerilla tactics . That's how kick some regular armies ass.
  10. could not place rally as SL crewman

    I don't see this as an issue since u are crewman and not infantry. Why would u need a rally if u are in the apc squad?
  11. British faction balance

    we need insurgency gamemode. That's the "balance" i mean it makes total sense that u struggle as an insurgent toe to toe againts a regular army . Insurgents in reality rarely ever fight like this. AAS isn't meant for irregular forces imo. We need that ins gamemode .
  12. Changes to the crewman kit

    They usually have a shorter vertio n of the standard issue rifle with less attachments maybe with no scope because they don't need them.
  13. Apcs are apcs and IFVS are IFVs . 100% agree with this topic. Inf in real life is never mixed with apcs unless it's mechanised inf but most of the inf isn't grabbing heavy vehicles in one squad.
  14. Changes to the crewman kit

    All crewmen ,at least in these conventional factions that we currently have get a primary weapon in reality.The primary should have less mags, crewmen shouldn't have nades , binos yeah, bandage of course, knife ? everybody should get a knife!Basically a realistic loadout, no shovels though, crewmen aren't diggers.
  15. Simple: have other spawn points for the ins apart from main at the start of the round. for example: Al basrah for ins should have spawn points around the map to simulate that ins are already there and not comimg out from a magical base. That gives the Ins the speed advantage of being ready for an ambush to the regulars. This was done back in PR for the taliban and the insurgent faction . That would make total sense , it's their homeland and they're the ones defending therefore they should be there first.
  16. Forget this .

    Sup edit: just realised it ,Forget the post.
  17. The british army just adopted the l85a3 , good news
  18. Good point right here. The l85 is more compact than most weapons maybe in CQB u will see a difference in weapon colision.
  19. Came back for v10 TAGS/SPAWN opinion

    I completely agree with this post. Both nametags and spawn time/or not spawn at all . Nametags are really anoying sometimes and Fobs need to be disabled when enemies are close within a certain distance.
  20. "Believability" of maps, realism

    That's dumb imo. Why not optics?
  21. Yea, Hell let Loose has insane supression. Optics should remain , almost all soldiers in the US Army have acog as standard issue scope.
  22. I ve never had a problem, people would get used to it . This is needed to solve the meatgrinders mate. Idk how people would be frustrated, this might make the playerbase much more organized than just sending bodies to an attack, maybe start using more fire and movement more. Some SLs play it like if it was ww1 sending waves of ppl, that's much worse than anything that could think of.
  23. U made my day fuzzhead, thank god u are now part of the dev team.
  24. Thing is what we need!!!!! Lives would be much more important.
  25. I am done with all these idiots just because a squeaky voice joined the squad they start getting their judgements on him. ****ing accept it, kids , teens, even 60 year olds have the right to play a game. if u go againts an adult insulting u , say FUQ OFF.