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  1. How to slow the gameplay

    Yeah, i think devs would decrease the tickets l a little to compensate for that so it's still an hour long. Not to mention that it would force u to wait longer for medic to revive you cuz u would save more tickets and there wouldn't be a close RP to spawn right away
  2. Or maybe just wait until devs change the mechanics which I hope they do. I think they we will do it when development is more advanced .
  3. How splitting? The only we just want is the core PR gameplay in Squad with the current improvements of Unreal engine 4.
  4. M4 Acog

  5. The list u pointed out should be the standard and not hardcore .
  6. Ok , the reason why think this is because 1. U seem to have little time to play Squad 2. Probably never liked or played PR( which is the reason why u are playing this game ) i kinda disagree with you man. Look , this game got a lot publicity and attracted people that liked kinda tactical but still action packed. Probably that was u. The game was never meant to appeal wide audiences since the start of the develpment back a couple years ago. This game clearly stated that it was gonna capture the PR feel in everything but name. Idk if adding a "hardcore " mode which would be original PR gameplay would be a good idea since the community would kinda split. Wide audience on one side and PR players on the other ? Idk if that 's good. Btw PR matches last normally 1 hour and the community is super friendly . It's not like u described it that we are all competetive super hardcore tacticool but we like a slower paced and more tactical game than what Squad is currently.
  7. How to slow the gameplay

    1. "Most players "? Listen mate , Squad isn't here to appeal "most players" it's a specific community. The fact that Squad is commercial and u found it on Steam will not make it arcady or faster paced to appeal casuals because that would completely ruin the game and the community. Then everybody would start complaining : " Omg is so boring i get shot and gotta bandage or i die and i have to walk so much . 2. Check Proyect reality to understand what Squad is gonna head to ( i hope) 3. Why would u suggest not using vehicles for the people that like slow gameplay. Just because i like slow gameplay doesn't mean i don't like btrs, techies, mraps etc.
  8. Will Squad introduce airstrikes?

    If we had a commander per team i would agree. SL would tell command where they need the airstrike and boom! The waiting time to use it should be 30min after the round started and the cooldown 30 min too
  9. How to slow the gameplay

    PR rounds last mostly 1hour and idk if have read the description of Squad but it says it will mostly be like PR in everything but name. And about "let's make it like PR" that's the idea. As a PR vet i would like improvements like fast ropes for helis and more realistic weapon handling just what we have now in v10 but keeping the core of PR gameplay obviously.
  10. How to slow the gameplay

    Yeah , PR did it right. Just read those links and the conversation . Pretty good
  11. How to slow the gameplay

    Lol, when SQUAD appeals casuals
  12. PR Vets, vote here.

    A city instead of bunkers? To my knowleadge there is north and south bunkers in mah kashan
  13. I agree 100% , being a PR vet , Squad needs slow the gameplay asap. Feel free to check my post: How to slow the gameplay.
  14. How to slow the gameplay

    That's actually the best idea i've heard in a while.
  15. How to slow the gameplay

    I get your point mate but you seriously need check PR, i mean deeply . If u think squad is slow them idk how are gonna like it after the addition of heavy vehicles and new kits.What you think imo makes the game way too casual and mainstream. That's not the way Squad is meant to be. It's meant to be the succesor of PR that leads to a specific community and action, action, action all the time nah. Red orchestra and insurgency are more action packed . Maybe that's your type of shooter but ik for sure devs aren't the going that way. Exactly dude