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  1. Came back for v10 TAGS/SPAWN opinion

    I completely agree with this post. Both nametags and spawn time/or not spawn at all . Nametags are really anoying sometimes and Fobs need to be disabled when enemies are close within a certain distance.
  2. "Believability" of maps, realism

    That's dumb imo. Why not optics?
  3. Yea, Hell let Loose has insane supression. Optics should remain , almost all soldiers in the US Army have acog as standard issue scope.
  4. I ve never had a problem, people would get used to it . This is needed to solve the meatgrinders mate. Idk how people would be frustrated, this might make the playerbase much more organized than just sending bodies to an attack, maybe start using more fire and movement more. Some SLs play it like if it was ww1 sending waves of ppl, that's much worse than anything that could think of.
  5. U made my day fuzzhead, thank god u are now part of the dev team.
  6. Thing is what we need!!!!! Lives would be much more important.
  7. I am done with all these idiots just because a squeaky voice joined the squad they start getting their judgements on him. ****ing accept it, kids , teens, even 60 year olds have the right to play a game. if u go againts an adult insulting u , say FUQ OFF.
  8. Damn, i have to admit you are very dedicated person

    Interesting . Here comes my point: squad is more realistic in the way the guns behave, recoil, bullet drop just weapon handling overall and animations . Now that's a fact but PR is more realistic in the way combat is a whole. The "form" of combat gets closer in pr. Firefights last defintely longer due to slower gameplay . slower gameplay is heavily influenced by the spawn mechanics.PR has more unforgiving respawn mechanics , for example RPs are last resource spawn point while fobs are built further away or they become unspawnble when enemies are within a certain distance.
  10. M110 - Awfully weak

    Bro u just gotta kick the guy out of the squad simple as that.
  11. M110 - Awfully weak

    Both marksman rifles to chest should be a 1 shot kill. The energy that energy that their rounds posses is pretty much more 1000 joules more than assault rifles rounds( aks and m4s).
  12. It would be pretty nice if vehicles had a more deep system than just a health bar . I mean something like a realistic way of disabling a machine gun or cannon or tracking a vehicle with an AT . You guys know what i mean .Idk if it's been discussed but this in my opinion should be a must considering the engine's capabilities in the future. Maybe in 1.0?
  13. Insurgents don't take more than 3 shots to die , wtf are you talking about. Btw same damage values apply to the US Army . There is no body armor system implemented for any of the factions but i would like a body armor system definetely .Check the damage values.
  14. Review ?

    HOG mixed maps is a very good server. The stupid guy that tries to make stupid things will get banned 100% of the time. Admins are strict and encourage to read the rules of the server. It's just more serious and it's a North 'merica server btw.
  15. Review ?

    Nah , it happens sometimes. I am vet of that game , i have played for over 2 years man and i can tell you it was accidental. The rest is pure realistic combat at it's core and roleplay