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  1. That’s the sway when you’re out of stamina. I mean when u move your weapon side to side or up and down. READ.
  2. First,training my hand to slow down isn’t an argument. Superhuman speed? Have u seen instructor zero? That guy is nuts. U need to check him to really see what the human is capable of.Flicking really fast in real life is totally posible , if he can i can. Second , i didn’t say to get rid of it, i said to lower it because i know there’s some just not as much. Arma 3 still in my opinion, in that regard is closer to the real sway.
  3. That’s right there wouldn’t that sway.At the end of the day there’s gotta be some control by the character , if it’s subconscious then it shouldn’t be in my hands to control that. U might as well have a button for holding the weapon the whole time.U can’t get everything right in the game and and this is one those things. It’s simply overdone. By the way u are saying this i can asume u’ve had very little experience to none handling a gun. Believe me u can do some really fast shit with the right practice.Again i recommend u to watch Arma 3. The weapon movement is very accurate. There are other games that get it right too . Stop insisting it ‘s “realistic” because it is overly done.
  4. Well, i am speaking from my experience shooting. I still believe it has to be turned down considerably , not get rid of it completely but has to be lowered. The momentum isn’t as much as u think it is. Arma 3 sway for example is very good.
  5. Exactly because of that. It’s too much , i should be able to do some flicks without that sway.Anybody with practice can do it but the current sway it’s excesive. I mean i could understand if were to shoot M240 or PKM from the shoulder but any other rifle shouldn’t have sway.
  6. The sway when i move the camera around is too much. Never in real life and most games have this much sway when u move your weapon left and right or up and down.I say definitely turn it down. It’s feels like the character doesn’t have good grip. btw i am not talking the sway when u sprint and tire yourself up . I am talking about when you move your weapon.Some guys get confused.
  7. SL and FTL suggestions

    Not spam ,just make Fireteam leader’s icon like SL but i would like the icon smaller to avoid too much HUD. It would help overall . i can’t see the negative here and with turn off button if u don’t like it. Simple.
  8. SL and FTL suggestions

    I 100% agree from 1-9 . Then i agree on number 11, disagree on 10 and the rest i don’t care. Number 10:not everybody in the squad has a rangefinder and there wouldn’t be a need of using the tools of the game like grid map to guess how far or spacial awereness. There’s a reason why rangefinding for FTL got removed long time ago. Also it took the element of communications away.
  9. Why do i lag when i see people?

    Well now that i think about it more ,it’s not only sometimes, it’s many times. I talked with someone about it and he told me it could have to do with Vram. Any comments on that?
  10. I’ve been getting annoying problem were my screen freezes sometimes when i am in front of an enemy . It has gotten me killed quite a number of times or it starts lagging when arty comes in. Specs: 1050 gtx( playing on a laptop) 12gb ram Cpu Icore 5 7300hq textures: medium shadows: medium effects: high View distance: high distance shadows: on could it be also internet lag?
  11. FPS drops since V16 update

    Me too , my screen freezes or stutters sometimes when i shoot an enemy and many times ends up in me dying. I can’t describe the rage of the moment because ik that guy would have been dead. Help
  12. Shot Effects

    I like this but remember that your aim has to do with you landing shots or not and the skill of the other player is important too. If he has insane reflexes and flicks u can’t blame him for being good. So i think a harder punch effect and some of those are great.Although u falling down right away isn’t necessarily true. U have 2 legs and u can limp before complete disability of your 2 legs or any lower body part.
  13. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    No, lately the population for the westerners can’t even fill one server sometimes and that’s a problem considering that game is made for 100 players.
  14. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    The shooting mechanics are trash and that’s a fact.Other than that is pretty good.
  15. Whenever I SL I love to be as friendly as possible but sometimes people just do whatever the freaking want and controlling a completely undiciplined squad is a pain in the ass.Keeping the Squad together is hardest part. Per say , I tell my squad to move to this compound, i have to be constantly checking the map so they don´t go everywhere so we stay as a unit so then we can use also do some fire and manuever with fireteams. Sometimes there´s this sapper guy or marksman who rushes to the objective or goes 300m away to flank all by himself and this other dude who follows him and dies.It´s just not fun to always be playing like this because i have to deal with the macro level coordination with the other SLs and it´s frustrating sometimes. Thank god there are some people that aren´t this stupid but i guess people don´t have a sense of dicipline,idk if they are complete casuals, or they just say f*ck the orders. Also players don´t hold their spawn and wait for medics so usually i am with 5 guys and the others respawning back at the fob 1 km away when i didn´t even told them to spawn. Well, idk but probably that´s because I am PR vet and I am used to holding spawn whenever the squad gets wiped and wait for SL to order where to spawn. I am constantly trying to regroup because u know, one by one is easy to kill when u are a whole group. This leads to just waves of soldiers pushing from different angles and hoping their skills are enough to defeat the position. But that´s not what SQUAD is mainly about.I´d like to see more patience, good habits, waiting for orders, not chasing guys who are lonewolves who are 100 m away by yourself or rushing objectives without the order of doing so(PERSONAL WORST IN ALL OF THE ONES MENTIONED ABOVE ) because it ends in the Squad getting picked apart in since i didn´t even set up the the base of fire so they flank or push safely. Now, all of this lack of coordination doesn´t happen 100% but a solid 50-60% and when it happens it´s frustrating even for the most experienced SLs. Comment to see how to improve this or make mechanics that force u stick with your squad more. My suggestion: make the RP so that as soon as i put it, they have at least 10 secs to respawn inmediateley and passed those 10 secs the wave system starts to work normally. The point is that we regroup the Squad quickly and they don´t have to wait 1 min just like in PR, it worked well back then.