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  1. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    Where is the squad public test download? I don´t see any icons when I click on squad .
  2. Marksman Changes.

    I agree 100% . Ever since the marksman class appeared i've asked myself why it doesn't have a bipod.
  3. I use razer cortex to have better performance in game. I decided to clear cache data one day and then i wanted load up Squad with cortex but it didn´t show in the right hand side of the screen the items in optimization and my fps were 62 in the menu screen with the tank which is 10 lower fps than what it´s normal with razer cortex (82-85 fps in menu screen) on but everytime i launched squad from the razer cortex central it wouldn´t optimize it and always have those 10 fps less. I can´t play Squad without those extra fps that i am not sure if it´a problem with razer cortex or the game. All of my other games get optimized but SQuad.
  4. Suggestions for Owi

    U forgot to improve the weapon handling mechanics. A lot players thinks there should be improvement on that since there’s exaggerated recoil and handling is bit bad in sometimes.
  5. Weapon Recoil

    Here is not about i agree or not , clearly SQUAD’s 12.1 tweaks were overexaggerated recoil changes that anyone who has a shot a rifle knows that’s too much . Definitely not a fan of the recoil right now and I think it has to be reduced , that explains sometimes the unsatisfying feeling that some of u guys have. It’s gotta be taken back to something a lot more reasonable like v11 recoil as u say.
  6. Servers crash sometimes and it has nothing to do with my internet connection bacause i have a good one. It’s not just me who is suffering from this crashes in the middle of a game. Pls help
  7. Body Armor

    I agree , we should have body armor. Now, insurgents or militia shouldn’t be selectable factions for AAS becuase in IRL the militia wouldn’t go face to face with a conventional force. I think this is where the gamemode enphasis plays a huge role between what factions are playble in which gamemode . For example : US vs RUS , both have body armor, conventional , no problem . That’s why they are perfectly set up for AAS. If a conventional force were to go against INS then it should be in insurgency gamemode because it would be asymmetricaly balanced. So wrapping up, i think they should implement a realistic body armor system after having the Insurgency gamemode well balanced.
  8. Iron Sight Rifleman Buff

    I agree with 6 definitely and 1 in some degree .The reload speed is way too slow , IRL soldiers reload faster than that. The reload speeds certainly aren’t for someone who really wants to live in Cqb. Finally,1 because when you try to flick ,the soldier’s handling of the movement is a little badly controled. Your sights kinda go far to the side where u flicked and then is controled back by the character. It’s not as exagerated as it sounds but I even control that movement better when shooting. The rest wouldn’t make the rifleman better because it would have to be applied to all classes plus i don’t agree with them because they’ve set them up this way for the slow pace of the game. Have u ever run with all the equipment that a soldier carries to suggest that?
  9. What does this game do better than PR?

    As a PR vet : 1.RP wave system(keeps the squad together better than in PR) 2. Movement and weapon handling although there's gotta be some tweaking cuz i find the movement when u move your weapon fast ( fast flick, not necessarily a 360 no scope but should better controled by the character) 3.sounds 4. Graphics 5. Fireteams are massive improvement to the infantry combat.
  10. movement in ADS

    No, 360 no scope is almost impossible to do and it also depends on the in game sensitivity. Don't make it look like run and gun is what I ask , every other tactical shooter like Insurgency and Arma 3 have more controlled moves if u want hit something fast and flicks aren't arcady, trained soldiers can do fast shooting , it's just a matter of reducing the extra movement when u move your gun fast to one side.
  11. movement in ADS

    Is not a limitation and it has nothing to do with the eyes . Every other tactical shooter handles the weapon better than squad even myself with my rifle in this case .It's a matter of simply reducing that movement , looks like the characater lacks skills to do fast moves with his weapon.
  12. Interactive IEDs

    Great idea . Let's get that and bring back the combat engineers from PR to disarm and detect ieds.
  13. movement in ADS

    Mikey, the issue here is what happens when YOU move the weapon quickly in ads say 50 degrees to your left( flick). It's like if the character couldn't control the fast move and your gun even moves a bit exagerated to the left and then comes back to where u aimed at ,not the static position sway where u simply aim. About that , i am totally ok because i can hit targets walking in ads 10 meters no problem in jensens range . Maybe u just have to get better at aiming .
  14. squad lead is MEH

    Depends on the server. If u have to do something because they ain't listen then just kick them.
  15. movement in ADS

    Did u noticed that when u move it left and right (ADS) there's like a minor move of inertia to the side u turned the weapon and then it stabalizes to where aimed? U have to pay attention when u move your gun around and then stop. Maybe more noticible with fast 90 degrees turn .That minor inertia move to the side is a bit too much and handled a bit poorly by the character .I guess it happens also when hipfiring. unfortunately i don't have a video and this as accurate as i can explain it.