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  1. Performance issues

    I already have MSI afterburner but my problem has nothing to do with it. I
  2. Performance issues

    It cleared the cache succesfully but still razer cortex isn't optimizing Squad and still getting the same Fps.
  3. Performance issues

    How did u manually clear the cache?
  4. Performance issues

    I had performance issues when i started playing v13 . I use Razer cortex which is basically something that optimizes the game for better performance because without it would run "playable" (30 fps- 40 fps) but in heavy combat it would go down to the 20s. My pc is medium spec: icore 5 7300HQ 2.5 ghz ucpu gtx1050 gpu 12gb ram when i used razer cortex it improved my performance considerably. Now , my razer cortex doesn't optimize the game even though it says it does. It shows: items opimized when i launch but then i launch Squad without cortex i get the exact same framerate which is worse than in v12. I tried clearing cache but it doesn't solve it. I reinstalled razer cortex but still. I need help pls because everyone says they had improvements in performance in this update.
  5. Current bullet damage system

    Realistically speaking they should do less damage against the factions the use body armor plates but there's no body armor system implemented yet so ... also the marksman rifles aren't a 1 shot kill to the chest somehow.
  6. 1. Performance: it looks to me that performance has gotten worse in v13. Just on the menu screen i used to get 84 fps( with razer cortex v12) now 49-50 fps. ( no cortex) and (63fps no cortex in v12) . Also in game is unplayable with my settings i used in v12 in most maps. 2. Razer cortex not working with Squad : when i updated from v12 to v13 my razer cortex stopped optimizing Squad which without it I can't run this game well. 3. Clear cache data doesn't clear cache or at least i don't know: when i click on it my game restarts but when i jump back right into the settings, they remain the same and not set to default which leads me think that I can't clear the cache.
  7. Bad/gamebreaking features in alpha 13

    1. Agree 2. Agree 3. No, an olympic sprinter runs 100m in 10 seconds therefore 10m/s. these soldiers run at 5.5m/s . There is a 4.5m/s difference which is pretty big. 4.meh
  8. Marksman Changes.

    Sure but realistically speaking we should get bipods.
  9. The killing power of cartridges 7.62

    There's a pretty big difference between 7.62 x39 and 7.62x54. One is an Ak round the other one is an SVD round. Which one are u talking about?
  10. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    Where is the squad public test download? I don´t see any icons when I click on squad .
  11. Marksman Changes.

    I agree 100% . Ever since the marksman class appeared i've asked myself why it doesn't have a bipod.
  12. I use razer cortex to have better performance in game. I decided to clear cache data one day and then i wanted load up Squad with cortex but it didn´t show in the right hand side of the screen the items in optimization and my fps were 62 in the menu screen with the tank which is 10 lower fps than what it´s normal with razer cortex (82-85 fps in menu screen) on but everytime i launched squad from the razer cortex central it wouldn´t optimize it and always have those 10 fps less. I can´t play Squad without those extra fps that i am not sure if it´a problem with razer cortex or the game. All of my other games get optimized but SQuad.
  13. Suggestions for Owi

    U forgot to improve the weapon handling mechanics. A lot players thinks there should be improvement on that since there’s exaggerated recoil and handling is bit bad in sometimes.
  14. Weapon Recoil

    Here is not about i agree or not , clearly SQUAD’s 12.1 tweaks were overexaggerated recoil changes that anyone who has a shot a rifle knows that’s too much . Definitely not a fan of the recoil right now and I think it has to be reduced , that explains sometimes the unsatisfying feeling that some of u guys have. It’s gotta be taken back to something a lot more reasonable like v11 recoil as u say.
  15. Servers crash sometimes and it has nothing to do with my internet connection bacause i have a good one. It’s not just me who is suffering from this crashes in the middle of a game. Pls help