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  1. SPG-9 Rotable Tripod

    crank up the DPI as high as it can go, swipe to the intended direction and boom your out of the "zone". though it is limited in a way, as after your initial swipe, you can't move further "away".
  2. G3 Damage

    Is there any explanation on why the G3 does a fraction of the damage of the MMG/DMR even though they use the same bullet? oh and make it a unlimited kit oh and make the front post site mroe triangular
  3. SPG-9 Rotable Tripod

    get a mouse with a changeable dpi setting and you can get around the limited FOV..
  4. rifle projectiles, will they disappear on player death?

    not really. id imagine they inherit from some common "projectile" class.
  5. this is a game, the game is made less fun by people the refuse to play or even acknowledge that there are ways to play optimally. your problem is that you want to milsim instead of actually joining the military, immersion should be secondary to fun.
  6. Gameplay balance for the coming British faction

    There needs to be more choice with insurgent weapons (more G3s)!! oh and make the front post sight more triangular.
  7. Gameplay balance for the coming British faction

    The British military is essentially a branch of the US military, I still don't see the reason why the devs chose them over the Iran. Iran is unique in that they still use the G3 as their main service rifle. they can fight ALL the factions currently in the game. due to the way this community works, no one will want "blue on blue", and due to both sides essentially having the same weapons/vehicles, the british won't add anything "unique" to the game.
  8. Bipod seamlessness

    Bipods in say battlefield or arma are seamless in the sense that when you aim outside the bounds of the bipod, it just comes up and you are free to do so, there is no hard "stop"
  9. Project Reality had the optics problem, their solution was to give every class the choice between optics or iron sights.
  10. be prone and try to sprint out of prone stance
  11. "Believability" of maps, realism

    This game cannot have large open spaces, because they refuse to either give all classes optics (like PR) or have an innate zoom (like arma)
  12. Hand grenade bounce-back solution

    correction your character places their thumb in the direction the grenade will be thrown.
  13. Hand grenade bounce-back solution

    I think the center of the screen should be the angle the grenade is thrown instead of having the character lob it in that direction, would make the game more intuitive.
  14. competitive mode

    relying on the other side not knowing is stupid.
  15. competitive mode

    don't blame the player, blame the game.
  16. self-explanatory, very important QoL feature. EDIT: It has become the meta to not destroy crucial enemy vehicles (namely INS techies/logis that leave the crew vulnerable). you kill the occupants and leave the vehicle sometimes in an out of the way location, vehicle is out of the match for sometimes the rest of the game as the walk back is 15min and thats if its not being camped. US/RUS does not have this problem as their occupants are protected.from damage.
  17. Self-Destruct on Vehicles

    i fixed the main post.r
  18. Reshade

    its stupid because it doesn't even do what was intended, there are monitors with zoom for instance... you run squad at 4k up-scaled 2x, your monitor allows you to take the now 8k pixels and translate your 4k view along it displaying the pixels one to one. you can do this as many times as you want zooming in more and more. I would never use such a device, even if all these features are obfuscated in such a way as to be undetectable. I won't list the monitor type either as i don't condone using such a device.
  19. Squad In-game Ban

    have you been using detectable cheats?
  20. everyone inside is dead if a heat round penetrates, there is no separation between crew or passengers, it is "a big box". pressure waves inside boxes aren't pretty.
  21. Do you think there will be new faction

    ok no china, but then North Korea
  22. How many will be moving from SQUAD to Post Scriptum?

    looks like post-scriptum is more content filled
  23. Do you think there will be new faction

    no it wouldn't China has tons of bases in Africa, and you could reuse one of the desert maps for a clash with the US (who also has tons of bases in Africa).
  24. Please Fix the visibility.

    Arma 3 had this discussion and they came to the conclusion that having a moderate focus zoom was the most realistic fix for the inherent faults of using a monitor. at 1080p, someone 200m away is only 8-10px high (when they are standing), if they are prone they may be 2-3px high. If you show the right level of detail for eyesight (FOV of ~25 IIRC) then you have no peripheral vision. If you show the correct screen FOV (as in it is 1:1, like looking through a window) then you still have no peripheral vision (~45-55 degrees) If you show a FOV that represents our binocular FOV (~90 degrees) you get a meh mix of things. If you show a FOV that represents our complete viewing area (~200 degrees) then you can't see anything past 10 meters. the saying tunnel vision does mean something.
  25. M110 - Awfully weak

    not sure how they decide damage value, but it isn't based on math.