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  1. Rocket Artillery

    who thinks rocket artillery should have elevation info view-able? -also maybe one or two reloads would be nice too 20 ticks seems too much if nothing changes this can be accurately aimed by the turnable lever.
  2. Rocket Artillery

    whats that turny thing called
  3. Rocket Artillery

    - for realisms sake, this artillery can be accurately aimed.
  4. The fact that the AK74 has more recoil than the M4, when this isn't the case IRL. (when this game is supposed to preach realism)
  5. M16A2 for insurgent forces

    i just want full sized rifle caliber bolt action (no scopes needed) 1 shot in the body and they drop
  6. tactical blind fire

    low risk high yield tactic that is used by all forces. cuz you know "realism"! plus the ability to pick up other teams weapons.
  7. tactical blind fire

    -you can only replenish ammo that is of your faction -don't get wiped and they won't get your weapons -ammo logistics is really only for crew served weapons (vehicles/mortars/emplacements), individual players have a negligible impact on ammo points where is this "vision" you speak of, I thought they were just making PR in the Unreal Engine (really seems that way). it seems like this vision is a map, where the end goal is PR in Unreal
  8. Why Squad players can't play Call of Duty

    Call of Duty is soley about the gunplay (something which squad sorely lacks). It is mindless fun because of its reflex based gameplay. Squad is about predicting where your enemy will be/is going to be (thats literally all you have to do to do good).
  9. tactical blind fire

    hell i see no reason why we don't have a reasonably accurate point fire mode instead we get the ridiculous recoil when we don't ADS.
  10. Focus Zoom

    Why is there no focus zoom in this game? Focus Zoom is when you focus on the center of your FOV and lose your peripheral vision. I find it silly when you ADS and you keep the same FOV. Maybe this is planned for a later time but would be a much needed QOL. instead of there being a zoom with the holding of shift, just let shift steady your aim. I can still focus even when I am tired.
  11. Focus Zoom

    it helps fix the problems pixels have vs light.
  12. layers that have BTR/Stryker where Russians don't get the 30mm.
  13. Focus Zoom

    your eyes are constantly moving, when you focus on an object your eyes limit their movement to focus the center of your FOV on the object. In Arma the focus button simulates this (because pixels don't behave like light) by lowering your FOV (zooming in). Your eyes behave the same way with an ACOG but with an added physical zoom from the scope.
  14. Optimization

    We have a smaller optimization phases throughout dev, but the major optimization efforts are right before release.
  15. Some ideas coming from a rising storm player...

    YES, i am not playing count my bullets when i can just feel the weight. I know what an empty mag feels like, and what a full mage feels like. I can also feel that I am somewhere inbetween. REALISM IS FOR THOSE WITHOUT CREATIVITY.
  16. Optimization

    due to the development process that squad uses SCRUM, it prioritizes the minimal viable product (a shooting game). Its the main reason for the early access craze where developers get all their money upfront. I seriously doubt they will optimize the game as it doesn't fit this "minimally viable product" or if their is will came very much later (in beta).
  17. dump the insurgent factions and make a MEC faction or a jew faction.
  18. Full Access to Optics on US Army vs Russia Maps

    this issue will be the death of this game.
  19. im specifically talking about the SPG techie, and static AT in general need a generous buff
  20. or you know get a vehicle to take it out, or static AT only thing that needs to get buffed are techies, they just need even limited small arms protection and they'd be good counters
  21. "Ammo FOBs" Promote Unhealthy Gameplay

    just die somehow and respawn on a rally, boom fresh ammo
  22. Yet another mortar calculator

    drop the source mate!
  23. how about just limit the number of LATs to one.
  24. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    syrian army vs all the trash terrorists (kurds/isis/sdf/etc)
  25. Bandage doesn't completely stop bleeding

    this will go nowhere, there is no need for bandages to not stop bleeding. you lose health until you bandage, which stops the health "bleed". you are still damaged and require a medic to heal you to full. now exactly what are you asking for?