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  1. self-explanatory, very important QoL feature.
  2. all you need is a few European foreign fighter, an African foreign fighters.
  3. boo ****in hoo, I haven't had any problems like this, make sure you're not joining shit servers who can't handle the processing load.
  4. AK74 vs M4/16 Recoil

    I am pretty sure the AK74 has less recoil than say an M4 or M16, but it does not feel that way in-game Free recoil energy (recoil that is not directly backwards) -https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_recoil -AKM 7.19J -> for comparison -M16 6.44J -AK74 3.4J ___________ Bullet energy 7.62x39 2108 J 5.56x45(62gr) 1762 J 5.45x39 1328 J ___________________________ i've fired both and in honesty with a heavier AK74 you barely notice recoil at all.
  5. Too many games?

    I've said it before. best campaign by far immersion wise for me was the Eastern Front CoD WaW. all western front missions make it seem like the soldiers don't want to be there. with this they add a level of hunger that isn't there with other campaigns.
  6. Weapons

    pretty sure insurgents in Iraq,Syria and Afghanistan use US weapons more than the older Soviet types.
  7. Hell Let Loose - Who's backing it then?

    August Storm would be a fresh theater. Liberate the Chinese and set the pins up for Mao to knock them down. thats phresh
  8. Hell Let Loose - Who's backing it then?

    I saw Eastern front and pacific, but won't back until those are unlocked. Liberating france gets kinda old, don't ya know.
  9. Mounted AT should be at the very least equivalent to the Heavy AT. one shotting any light - medium vehicles. This should replace the Rocket Artillery's spot as the "prime vehicle" (with the CROWs, and 30mm). -currently having to 2-3 shot logi trucks is ridiculous. -techies are too vulnerable to even go head to head against vehicles. -there is generally only one techie per map
  10. Hell Let Loose - Who's backing it then?

    too much western theater, BORING
  11. SPG techie should be equivalent to HAT

    make sure you guys vote
  12. SPG techie should be equivalent to HAT

    there are tandem varients PG-9VNT etc. but this post was about the balance or lack thereof, the insurgent faction doesn't have any vehicles with any bite, or protection.
  13. Rocket Artillery

    who thinks rocket artillery should have elevation info view-able? -also maybe one or two reloads would be nice too 20 ticks seems too much if nothing changes this can be accurately aimed by the turnable lever.
  14. Rocket Artillery

    the *ba-dum-tah* is on you *dunk*
  15. Rocket Artillery

    thing not things *dunk*
  16. Rocket Artillery

    whats that turny thing called
  17. Rocket Artillery

    - for realisms sake, this artillery can be accurately aimed.
  18. The fact that the AK74 has more recoil than the M4, when this isn't the case IRL. (when this game is supposed to preach realism)
  19. M16A2 for insurgent forces

    i just want full sized rifle caliber bolt action (no scopes needed) 1 shot in the body and they drop
  20. tactical blind fire

    low risk high yield tactic that is used by all forces. cuz you know "realism"! plus the ability to pick up other teams weapons.
  21. tactical blind fire

    -you can only replenish ammo that is of your faction -don't get wiped and they won't get your weapons -ammo logistics is really only for crew served weapons (vehicles/mortars/emplacements), individual players have a negligible impact on ammo points where is this "vision" you speak of, I thought they were just making PR in the Unreal Engine (really seems that way). it seems like this vision is a map, where the end goal is PR in Unreal
  22. Why Squad players can't play Call of Duty

    Call of Duty is soley about the gunplay (something which squad sorely lacks). It is mindless fun because of its reflex based gameplay. Squad is about predicting where your enemy will be/is going to be (thats literally all you have to do to do good).
  23. tactical blind fire

    hell i see no reason why we don't have a reasonably accurate point fire mode instead we get the ridiculous recoil when we don't ADS.
  24. Focus Zoom

    Why is there no focus zoom in this game? Focus Zoom is when you focus on the center of your FOV and lose your peripheral vision. I find it silly when you ADS and you keep the same FOV. Maybe this is planned for a later time but would be a much needed QOL. instead of there being a zoom with the holding of shift, just let shift steady your aim. I can still focus even when I am tired.
  25. Focus Zoom

    it helps fix the problems pixels have vs light.