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  1. this is weird

    no i mean the bmp3, the one with the 100mm gun, with guided missiles, that have either HEAT or frag rounds.
  2. Tanks for Insurgents and Milita?

    the militias in ukraine are just regular army soldiers, fighting an undeclared war.
  3. this is weird

    whens the BMP with guided missiles coming? i mean it is the MOST iconic russian / soviet vehicle!
  4. the turrets should move to a steelbeasts simulated joystick. mouse centered keep turret still, and moving further left or right increases speed. etc.
  5. Why I dont want Helicopters

    I don't think that helos are in the scope of what squad was attempting to be, I think that the fact that they were even conceived was because project reality had them so squad must have them too. while light vehicles fit nicely, the progressively heavier vehicles kind of feel out of place with the pacing and map design of the game. honestly, i think the BEST matchup (as in most fun to play) is the INS vs Militia on Basarah, (give us an AAS layer with that matchup on NARVA). finish the game before you start with the bloat.
  6. Feedback about anarchy players/servers

    stop playing open servers, and join locked servers that will ban players that don't know how to play. thats why people have gated communities, to keep the riff-raff out.
  7. AK74 vs M4/16 Recoil

    +1 to the devs
  8. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    balance can not be attained if you don't have people at the cutting edge trying to break it down. though i do remember the devs saying that faction balance wasn't a concern of theirs.
  9. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    "pro"-clans, im using pro as a synonym to hardcore, or extremely competitive clans, have an incentive to play the game as optimally as they can. This search for the optimal play will reveal potential imbalances, glitches, or features that need to be tweaked. turning the game from an art into a science, and finding out exactly how to play the game to win.
  10. Why no ability to select the FNFAL/G3 for normal rifleman, milita can only choose m4 and ak etc. oversight or intentional?

    take one for the team and run logi, instead of mindlessly playing think of ways to make keeping a fob resupplied easier..i like the reserve ammo fobs to store ammo much closer (capacity is 20k now).
  12. Vehicles vs AT infantry in V12

    YOUR vehicles are meant to destroy the enemy's vehicles. LATs are there to destroy soft skins, and make sure the heavier assets don't get careless but, make no mistake, if their vehicles are sitting on you its because their team is better. you cannot hope to succeed with the common "stream in" attack, you have to coordinate and attack in force. (you have multiple battle taxis for a reason).
  13. Vehicle ticket count

    Pick up group, as in a random game.
  14. Vehicle ticket count

    whoops wrong acronym i meant PUGs, but balancing should be done with the assumption that the players know what they are doing, and know how to coordinate. generally speaking the difference in the level of coordination between a PUG, and a clan match are huge. You won't see PUGs massing all of their vehicles together in attacks, or utilizing mortars effectively (multiple sets of mortars from different FOBs all striking one target at the same time). While this game doesn't have a mature hardcore community (yet), catering this game to PUGs will be a sure way to prevent one from forming (atleast in the base game).
  15. Vehicle ticket count

    this game should not be catered to PUBs, though it is double damage if you lose the vehicle and the tickets it comes with.