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  1. Let the INS/MIL actually use their gun variety

    thats a bad thing?
  2. Let the INS/MIL actually use their gun variety

    not a bump, more gun variety plz!
  3. Another way to deal with running speed in v13

    if this game was supposed to be realistic they would be selling it to the military not trying to sell it to us. the game needs to be "fun".
  4. Loosen the restrictions on the non firesupport weapons for INS (let the base rifleman class pick from the lot (G3/FNFAL/PPSH/AK/M4), I really don't see a point in limitting what they can choose, each gun has their strengths and weaknesses.
  5. Squad - combined arms? Keep me informed.

    remove it, if a medic is caught healing with an enemy bold enough to rush him. he should be punished.
  6. Squad For Linux

    I don't think you have ANY idea what that actually mean.
  7. Ranking System?

    Halo 3 had a good system, that accounted for experience and talent. Not everyone who plays for a long time is good, and not all new people are bad. ELO and ladders would be perfect!
  8. this is weird

    no i mean the bmp3, the one with the 100mm gun, with guided missiles, that have either HEAT or frag rounds.
  9. Tanks for Insurgents and Milita?

    the militias in ukraine are just regular army soldiers, fighting an undeclared war.
  10. this is weird

    whens the BMP with guided missiles coming? i mean it is the MOST iconic russian / soviet vehicle!
  11. the turrets should move to a steelbeasts simulated joystick. mouse centered keep turret still, and moving further left or right increases speed. etc.
  12. Why I dont want Helicopters

    I don't think that helos are in the scope of what squad was attempting to be, I think that the fact that they were even conceived was because project reality had them so squad must have them too. while light vehicles fit nicely, the progressively heavier vehicles kind of feel out of place with the pacing and map design of the game. honestly, i think the BEST matchup (as in most fun to play) is the INS vs Militia on Basarah, (give us an AAS layer with that matchup on NARVA). finish the game before you start with the bloat.
  13. Feedback about anarchy players/servers

    stop playing open servers, and join locked servers that will ban players that don't know how to play. thats why people have gated communities, to keep the riff-raff out.
  14. AK74 vs M4/16 Recoil

    +1 to the devs