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  1. only one of those are a >90% chance of instant incapacitation. the other two generally leave a guy mortally wounded but still able to fight until he dies. add in body armor, and you request becomes hard to rationalize.
  2. Instead of crying about rush tactics

  3. AK74 recoil

    Absolute maximum effective range: This the "this round is not considered lethal after crossing this threshold" distance. Neither of the other two common "maximum range" values will be greater than this.Purportedly, NATO defines this as the point at which the projectile's kinetic energy dips below 85 joules (62.7 foot-pounds). Maximum effective range on a point target: This is the maximum range at which an average shooter can hit a human-sized target 50% of the time. "Point target" is basically a euphemism for hitting a human torso sized area in this context. i believe you are using the point target definition. this is affected by moa, bullet drop, accuracy in general. -------------------------------------------- the 5.56 takes slight lead at 400m, but then falls way behind by 600m the shorter damage drop off is unnecessary, if you hit someone with a bullet that has more energy, you should do more damage. effective range has nothing to do with damage.
  4. AK74 recoil

    the shorter damage drop off for the lighter bullet doesn't even make sense, its a double whammy against the ak47. -larger bullet drop -shorter max damage range. I think the shorter max damage range should be removed because its an arbitrary number thats not even effective at its intended purpose. E = (mv^2)(1/2) -mass is constant -velocity will drop the moment it leaves the muzzle. -cube^3 square^2 law says that the larger bullet has more mass relative to its surface area (less effected by air resistance (drag)). if anything is the case, the smaller bullet should have a shorter max damage range, not the larger bullet. ________________________________ I made a thread on this, and the AK74 IRL literally has minuscule amounts of recoil.
  5. 1 Ticket Game

    jeesh look at the k/d difference
  6. AK74 vs M4/16 Recoil

    Thats exactly what free recoil is, and the AK74 is better at directing the recoil force back into the shoulder. ill post sources in the first post.
  7. AK74 vs M4/16 Recoil

    I am pretty sure the AK74 has less recoil than say an M4 or M16, but it does not feel that way in-game Free recoil energy (recoil that is not directly backwards) -https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_recoil -AKM 7.19J -> for comparison -M16 6.44J -AK74 3.4J ___________ Bullet energy 7.62x39 2108 J 5.56x45(62gr) 1762 J 5.45x39 1328 J ___________________________ i've fired both and in honesty with a heavier AK74 you barely notice recoil at all.
  8. Rocket Artillery

    who thinks rocket artillery should have elevation info view-able? -also maybe one or two reloads would be nice too 20 ticks seems too much if nothing changes
  9. how about multiple logistic resupply spots
  10. Any specific small arms you'd love to see?

    bolt action no scope
  11. give them little birds the game better not have "missile indicators" for heat seeking missiles
  12. Armour on Technicals

    all of them should look like image number 2
  13. Armour on Technicals

    Any reason why technicals are completely unarmoured to small arms? I understand the gunner, but the driver should have some sort of armour. it seems to me their is a large bias in the quality of weapons/vehicles per faction.
  14. Squad or CoD w/ Comms?

    whats best for the individual is rarely best for the whole. suicidal charges are often great at distracting an enemy and creating an opening for your other squad members. Approaching this game as a professional soldier will cause you to lose, approach this game as a cog in the warmaking wheel, where you will probably die and your objective is how to make your death as valuable as possible for your team.