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  1. Alpha 15.1 Released

    WHy? Why suddenly do modded servers appear in my normal stream of trying to find a game to join? Suddenly it's confusing. Not like Arma stupid but do I want to download this mod? Why? Is it legit and supported? k No! Just NO! keep things separated. keep things professional.
  2. Sprinting speed, off body shooting and reloads

    x1000 on the reload mechanism. My gods I did it faster in basic training.
  3. Great idea. Just encountered a griefer who dug up my FOB, TWICE! (and TK'd me) but nobody was around to deal with the guy.
  4. Squad is not Battlefield. No safe spaces.
  5. Well the great thing is...

    When you spawn into a team, 10m away from truck and holler, they call you a loser and speed off to Apartments. When your team sets up a FOB&HAB +100m away from nearest flag N of the city and you call them out. And you get kicked (banned?) for "toxic behavior". ... and you don't even know what server it was. Because there is zero history of what you have done in the game. If there was history I would go to the server clan's site and call for help. Someone is rogue. Really, I've got a plea for sanity and a few people just tell me to "shut up or be banned' "you are being toxic" Listen, if being "toxic" is calling out idiotic tactics, then you need to ****ing deal with it and play on, play the objective like a focused individual. Don't silence me for sanity. Your team lost by a landslide. You kicked or maybe banned me, I can't tell because of alpha. I hope one day I can put your server on my ban list because I don't like you. That was the easy thing. The difficult thing is to get your server to jive and actually play together. Clearly they were not. The one dude who called me out did not have a mic. Was not choosing to talk to me in voice. That is wrong. To bank your kick/ban on someone who doesn't talk in game...now that goes against the game. And please devs, get this so we can track our play.
  6. Map: YEHORIVKA Just lost connection to server after a great run where my team capped all points. My squad was on defense on second to last point, building up and oddly seeing persistent contact. So we stayed but we also sent a LOGI up north to last cappable point, while taking fire and defending second to last point... I got booted. But did the server crash, did I get kicked due to random kick on member join, did an admin grief me, what??? So the Q: Are better server messages on the way? I would also love to have something akin to Battlelog. I'm not a stats whore but stats help me improve my team play. And I want my team to win. Thanks!
  7. With V8 Coming Soon... Expectations for V9

    --Who cares about the score system. --Kill count is fine. In fact I'd like to know if I actually killed someone, given how bad the hitbox is... --Nope. --YES improve shooting mechanics and HITBOX. --Uhm not sure --BUILD YOUR RIG DUDE. I get 90-110fps --Locked squads? Nope. You can kick anyone now. --Commander ok. --Aerial I agree. --Fewer factions. Training on factions garb. --Whatever. Agree about freelook bug but why put EDM bs behind your video???
  8. With V8 Coming Soon... Expectations for V9

    Mine too. I like to know if I've actually managed to kill something. Often it seems I'm seen more than I see, and, when I see more it seems that those hits showing red mist aren't hits at all and I go down. Anyway. I like metrics. I like numbers. Post-game metrics are important. I actually want to see a record of my metrics, yes, as in BF. BF gets most things wrong for this type of game but a few things are right, a few. Having a personnel jacket is not wrong.
  9. You have seen what a HEAT round does right? I mean it can go through 500mm of armor. That's 20 inches. There isn't a vehicle in the game with thick enough skin mate. And US Army eval of hits (while training Afghans): Range Percent 50 m 100% 100 m 96% 200 m 51% 300 m 22% 400 m 9% 500 m 4% So deal with it... and pray the US gets the AT-4 once armored vehicles arrive on the battlefield -- the LAW-72 is weak!
  10. Server Browser quality-of-life (reserved slots)

    This absolutely kills it for me. 1. Don't call me a "casual player" because I'm not a member of a particular server. DO NOT! I play harder and more serious than most. 2. WTF is 61 out of 72 booted out about?? 11 reserved slots? Are you kidding me? 3. Devs please fix this so I can ignore idiot servers like above. thank you.
  11. Menu stuck

  12. sick of new squad leaders

    Reach one, teach one! Y'all... But if a SL does not have a mic, or doesn't know how to use it, or GODS FORBID IS IN TEAMSPEAK INSTEAD!!!! MUTINY!!!!!!!!
  13. Game got too fast

    Just wait until I have my Predator on station and zap your ass with my Hellfire while you are leaving in under 20 seconds from your main (gasp! how dare you so cheapen game play!!!) while sitting here in my underwear. Oh wait. I'm already in my underwear. Playing a VIDEO GAME! Lighten up Francis' you are straining the old men's patience. This game is a far cry from anything on the market. I have played with incredibly tactical squads and teams who PTFO in the right way, flanking, waiting, watching and implementing a strategy to win the round!
  14. Disconnected from EAC

    Hello -- New to Squad, just purchased earlier in the month and dove in, played 39 hours. Didn't play a few days and tonight I join a server to get booted. I'm just a new joiner who loves the game type and I want to keep playing. The only thing I've changed in files is a few tweaks noted here: I have since run integrity checks, installed EAC from admin. Nothing helps. Can you help a fan who just spent the $ to play a very good game?