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  1. As we can see in the new recap, there will be some really good looking new models for the insurgents that will replace the current ones. In my opinion they look really good and I can't wait to see them in the game. But they are very Iraqi-looking and a lot of the maps currently in are Afghan styled (stereotypical low clay walls, poppy fields etcetera). They are perfect for the Al Basrah map, and the upcoming Fallujah map, but I wonder if we will ever see different models for the Afghan maps. Of course, this isn't really very important and I understand if devs want to hold off on it. Devs said that they didn't want to do current politicalized events, which I think is a smart decision of them, so they won't be Taliban. What the devs can do is just keep the insurgents name, but use a different flag for the Afghan mapped ones, to avoid any politics. Or if they really want to use a different name they can just change it to "Rebels", "Mountain Insurgents" or "Irregulars" or something else generic. Also a quick note before you start reading: sometimes I talk about which weapon should be for which class but the devs said they will redo the inventory system so probably also the weapons choosing system, which will probably make multiple options available aswell, so you might not want to pay too much attention to that. Now to the interesting part: There is quite a bit of difference between Iraqi and Afghan insurgents, most obvious the clothing (Afghans aren't Arabs, people!!!). Afghan fighters look like this (not all of the pictures are Taliban): While the Iraqi insurgents look like the ones from the January recap (again, really good job on them). There is also a difference in the weaponry. Afghans got the AK74 from the Afghan-Soviet war, and the AK74 isn't really common at all in Syria and Iraq. Even Russian soldiers currently in Syria often use AKM. But a weapon that is common in Syria and Iraq that isn't in Afghanistan is the FAL, often with a scope. I think for that the Levant faction the AK74 should be replaced with a FAL and the scoped AK74 also replaced with a scoped FAL or scoped G3. Also, despite the AK74 being "somwhat" common in Afghanistan it is still a really rare weapon, and a status symbol for higher ups in the organizations. I think that the AK74 should become a squad leader weapon for the Afghan insurgents and changing the scoped AK74 for a scoped G3. But this is really a dev decision. G3 is produced in Iran and Pakistan so it is quite commonly found with insurgents in Afghanistan. Now the really fun stuff: Enfields. It is not the 80s anymore of course, so they aren't as common anymore, but I really think it would add some flair to add the Lee-Enfield rifle. They used to be really common during the Afghan-Soviet war but have since been a bit replaced by newer weaponry, but the Enfield is still found in Afghanistan today. I think this should be used for scout class and perhaps a scoped version for the marksman. Now what I think is the most important change to the Levant Insurgents is the M16 rifle. M16s have become incredibly common all around the Levant nowadays and we see them everywhere. Much less so in Afghanistan. A lot have been supplied to US-alligned groups in Syria and of course supplied to the Iraqi army, and a lot of these have been stolen by insurgents. Of course also a lot have been captured from US military. I think that a M16 should be a limited option for regular squad infantry and perhaps for Squad Leader. Grenadier option with 203 might also be somehting the devs could add. TL:DR: 2 factions, Afghan Insurgents and Levant Insurgents. Different models and a slight differentation in weapons, FAL and M16 for Levant, Lee-Enfield and AK74/AKS74u for Afghan among others.
  2. Nowadays way newer pickups get used too, if that is where you're going at OP. I think it would atleast be fun to have a Toyota Land Cruiser Pickup and a 2013ish Toyota Hilux.
  3. List of Weapons and Vehicles

    Edited it.
  4. RADAR - Remove player blips

    It is frankly inevitable that you are going to lose your teammates out of sights. Even more so when Fireteams get added in the future. If I want a MG to cover one flank while we cross the road I'm probably going to lose him out of sight. Removing the blips will only create "SL where are you? I'm in H4KP3" callouts every three seconds. And it will be especially hard for the medics, who can't see where they have to go now. I don't know if you ever played Project Reality (Squads predecessor), but when new kits like the Heavy-Anti tank and the Breacher get added you WILL lose your squadmates out of sight and you'll want to lose your squadmates out of sight for a while because they have to complete other tasks. Or what if half your squad dies and then half of the squad has to respawn somewhere and they'll have to callout every three seconds to ask where the rest is. If someone lonewolfs in your squad, just kick him. You will have long range contacts and you will se other squads in the distance, so it will only create frienldy fire incidents because you can't see if the guys on the other hill are friendly or enemy. It isn't really unrealistic. In real life people scream where the hell everyone is every 3 seconds too (if you need to find them, at least), and the teammates on the map just prevents the every 3 second location callout. Remember that Squad is a game and that things like the remmoval of map markers will only make the game harder, and more importantly more annoying, withouth making it more fun.
  5. The Weapons Thread!

    SMG's that the Militia could use: I mainly say this, because the PPSh-41 is very rare in modern day conflicts in Eastern Europe, and there are other SMG's that are way more common. Even the PPS-43 is more common today in Donbass. I like the PPSh-41 for the Insurgency, though (since it's pretty common in Afghanistan IIRC), and I like it in general but it's just pretty rare in Eastern Europe. So I took a couple SMGs that are more common that could be used in accordance with the PPSh-41 (since the PPSh-41 is not non-existant, just rare, so I like it being there but I'd also like it to be more common options). The Czechoslovak vz 61 Skorpion, probably the most common SMG in Eastern Europe (and aslo the go-to automatic weapon for criminals here in the Netherlands). This one was also in PR. Shitton of them shipped all over E-Europe thanks to the Yugoslav Wars. Here's it in Donbass, for proof that it is being used. Polish SMG PM-63 RAK. Fairly rare but I've seen it being used in Eastern Europe, and Poland and Bulgaria still use them today. It has been spotted in Donbass a couple times. Could also be used in some Syrian and Iraqi factions since Wikipedia states that they have been spotted over there too. Here's it in Donbass for proof. Edit: I'm not saying that the Militia should represent Novorossiya, just saying how present the weapons are on the Eastern European black markets (since that's where militias initially get their weapons from).
  6. List of Weapons and Vehicles

    Thanks, edited it. As for the MT-LB, IRL both the Russian army, the Iraqi army and a whole lot of East-European countries use them, so I think that they will be in both the Militia and the Russian army, so I edited it and placed them in both.
  7. V7 Vehicle HYPE

    I honestly don't know what you're on about. I think you're just impacient, but can't you see all the WIP weapons and vehicles? You even got a date for them, end of July. Look at the WIP section, most of that is almost finished and I'm sure that a lot of that will be in V7.
  8. Green Dot

    Whoops, tought it was a PSO-1.
  9. Green Dot

    They already have sights, Russia has the RPK with the 4x sight and 1 AK74M with a 4x sight and also the squadleader can get a AKM74 with a 4x sight, and the Militia has a AKS74 with a 4x sight and the SL can also get a 4x sight. And if you're talking about the red dot sights, I find it hugely overblown. I usually play Militia (because I like old slavshit), but aiming with an AK ironsight or a M4 red dot sight barely makes a difference in accuracy. And besides that, factions were never ment to be equal, and factions are not equal in real life either. Each faction has its pros and cons (if some people perceive not having a red dot a con) and that is inevitable. No need to make the game extra unrrealistic over something like this.
  10. There is a chat, yeah, but a mic definetly brings a ton of benefits. For example, squadleaders withouth microphones are utterly useless. But on the contrary, as someone who plays squadleader quite often, having a squad where everyone has a microphone definetly plays better, but if I have 2 or 3 guys withouth microphones in my squad and they follow orders, follow the rest of the squad etc. then it isn't too bad. But can't you tell your mother that it's just a game, and that you'll only be using the microphone for callouts etc. and that you'll most likely never ever hear this person again, not even in game?
  11. Is the BTR camo a placeholder?

    Devs said that they didn't photoshop, but that it's just the new map that makes it look different. I mean, take a screenshot on Gorodorok and take one on Logar, it will look very different.
  12. Question about civilian NPC's

    There will not be civilian NPC's in the game, but there will most likely be playable civilians in the game (just like in PR). Source from dev: https://www.reddit.com/r/joinsquad/comments/4lgaqp/civilians/
  13. Classic AK-47 and Type 56.

    Devs said that if a mod is really good that it might be added to the main game, and the same thing happened in PR. If someone makes a good Type-56 or AK47 mod I'm fairly sure that it would be added to the main game.
  14. V7 Vehicle HYPE

    Check these out, from the new article, article says that it will be out by the end of July:
  15. 50 cal possible bug?

    Yeah it's a bug, had the same thing happen to me once. You can fix it if you just get back on the 50. cal again and then leave it.