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  1. Sappers and Mousehole Charges

    Welcome to the forum bro, I don't think we will see destructible walls anytime soon, or ever. But I think your idea about having a soldier class that specializes in explosives would be a great addition, it would make team play more dynamic and it would add some depth to the gameplay. +1up
  2. I think its a good idea, but the noise would have to be limited to explosions close to the player talking, and his own gunshots only.
  3. About FOBs

    The FOB should be discused after the next update is implemented, as its goin to change how the FOB operate. But I highly agree with the FOB emplacements, they would make it more interesting to defend and attack FOBs
  4. This is a great idea, this way the logistics will really have depth to it, for example destroying enemy supplies will affect their progress.
  5. Hey guys, I have been scavenging the formu to piece together what is really comming with the logistics feature, anyone has information on how more or less it will look, what the devs are planning? Thanks
  6. Thanks guys for the response, you are all right about the 3rd party com, it's all clear to me now
  7. Greetings, I have a suggesion, when a player dies or is unconscious the voice communication is disabled (both squad and local), this would add some depth to the game and also would remove the exploit of giving information on enemy position when down, I will go as far as calling it "ghosting". Also it would allow for weapon silencers to have a use in game. PS: I checked the forums to find any similar topics, could not find any, but if there is something dont hate. Peace
  8. I appreciate all the response, thank you guys really, its just hard to navigate through all the feed back the community has gave. PS: I confirm visual on the search function I dont understand why no realistic gore I am talking just some gunwounds and maybe minor blood-pools. Nothing too extreme...
  9. Greetings, I have played Squad for some time now, about 100hrs+ here are some suggestionsI think would be a good addition to the game: Destructible objects Some objects on the battlefield should be destructable/partially destructable, of course not too many as the hardware requirement would be too high, examples: Small trees/sapplings Windows - glass, frame Doors Placeable objects, specifically wooden parts Hitbox/Wounds/Gore Players getting shot/wounded should be a little more gruesome to add horror to the battlefield, getting shot in specific areas of the body being fatal etc. examples: Adding extra fatal areas to players hitbox such as neck and heart, this would influence how players engage in a firefight, player would take more care when aiming. A great addition for all the marksmen having more options to fire a single shot to neutralise enemy/threat. Visible multiple gun wounds to specify where the player was shot. If a player has been shot in a fatal part of the body cannot be revived by medic. If a player has been shot and is in the unconscious state can again be shot to be completely neutralised, this would add a whole new depth to combat, as it would be important for squads to secure their wounded enforcing more team work and communication. Expanding the point above, players/ corpses on the ground when shot at produce blood animation, this way the other player does not know if they have neutralised the threat if they dont have a clear sight of it. Combat The Squad developers did an amazing job with the combat and how real the weapons feel so there is not much to add to that, here are some suggestions to expand the combat a little more: With the upcoming urban maps door breaching would be a great addition IEDs (Improvised explosive devices) a good way of taking out enemy vehicles, setting up traps etc. Mortars - either a good defence from incoming enemy or good offence, bombarding enemy formations. Thats all I came up with so far, the game, even in its current state is amazing and the list above are just suggestions, I am please let express your opinion in the reply below, I am interested what you guys think. Thank you for your attention!