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  1. Realistic no...Its just a game and the gameplay must be only the good direction !! Then if full of players want a optic for balance then DEVs don t make it cause since the beginning U MAKE ALL AGAINST GOOD FEELING...just for a little numbers. Sorry but this could be so good ...Bye i go see u next patch again...
  2. Do not post link to cheats.
  3. Squad radar

    No HUD PLZ !!
  4. More adjustable colors

    Thanks. then no good setting color in this game.
  5. More adjustable colors

    Thanks...In game settings ??? Here ??
  6. Hello, Is it possible to implement a color saturation setting because I find the atmosphere of the game too funny, the colors are too flashy and it is a shame for a war athmosphere ... the color level design Maps is not terrible. Thank EX : http://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=8394636452157vieilleville.jpg]
  7. Tired fighter

    And now look at the attendance of the game ... the more it is slower and less players found the nice ...But I think it is hardly lost for Squad. Bye Bye see u next Patch.
  8. Tired fighter

    Just Black or White...Please God Wake all !!! Where are the pleasure when u don t make what u want tactically. I dont want DOD, COD...bla bla bla...I think just about sensation...too speedy it' s idiot, too slowly it s boring. If u want maximum players ( and think about succes game), u must have a good feeling with our players : It s not NOW ! Very contradictory with combat : All overflow are too slow for efficiency. Just remember 4F tactics: Found / Fixe / flank / Fire ! Mouve or dies...like this game. But i think whith u....the wrong direction is taken just for an elite group that wants the very very slow. it is unfortunate and sad for Squad. By the way for those who think I do not know what I mean I made a career of several years in French paratroopers hunters, I know the fight. And I love Squad ...
  9. Tired fighter

    With players like this...of course. It s possible to running in your futur loving game play ?? if u make a game like this only 400/600 players max/day...death of game 2/3 years... A realist deplacement...juste this, no more. if u don t make sport....i understand ur vision. No jump/jump/jump/....no,no...just realist soldiers in war. Its easy to understand. look with good training what a soldier make and think at ur mouvement in game....tetraplegic soon :
  10. Tired fighter

    Hello Guys, I try new patch yesterday...and the more I play the more I find my character cumbersome, slowly, i don t have a confortable deplacement. The game lost dynamism and fluidity. If you continue in this way your community will consist of boring ... campers. Thought the shock team in a combat group in game...capable of running, jumping, used his arms and fight. Merde ! What are u doing this is not a golf course... Warning the direction of your game becomes boring and many players leave. Me too, i come back next patch. This is not good for bisness....believe me and those who say otherwise have not understood the success...YOUR SUCCES DEVS ! MAKE A DYNAMIC GAME.
  11. Bandaging issues

    + 1 It s not perfect....
  12. All You in Love cookies !
  13. Better before OF COURSE !!!....Now its like old RO2 game...Loud, slowly, boring....I m a soldier not a Fatwomen asleep !!! Plz dev think about speed IRL and if you got to war may be u move fast, i m sure.... MAKE A FUN GAME TO !!
  14. Squad in Three Words

    Paratroupers in sky
  15. Green Dot

    I understand, to stick to reality .... IRL etc ... but if a faction has 1 shot gun against US soldiers they have no luck IRL ... But it s a game and in a game there is a gameplay for me it is unbalanced regarding the shooting optics and possibly why not ? not uncompatible nor an invention : is plausible. Thank you.