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  1. Greek Milsim Community

    We are a big Greek Milsim Gaming Community expanding into good tactical games. http://www.arma3.gr We hope to attract Greek gamers. We offer a teamspeak server, site and forums and server for all our games. Our current Squad members reach the number of 15 totally and we also have regular gaming days. We have a mature and friendly atmosphere. Waiting to play with new people! We also play ArmA3 and DCS:World We number more than 40 active players Teamspeak IP: arma3.gr
  2. Competitive mode

    Is there going to be such feature with small fights of clans and PvP mode to be used in tournaments etc? I really have high hopes.
  3. Infantry Movement speed

    this is so damn awesome I look forward! So excited!
  4. Need a translator?

    I am willing to do Greek if you would like that
  5. Don't the soldiers move too fast? Especially when there be standard delay in multiplayer servers there will be some issues with aiming at times. Also it dosen't feel that realistic. That's my opinion. You should tune it down to 2/3 of what is now.