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  1. They'd have to make everything else up to snuff before trying this, i cant imagine what it would do to the games performance and stability.
  2. Pixelated textures/objects at distance

    I'v been seeing if anyone has a fix for the flicking edges and textures, hopefully the dev's can address this soon enough. Not many players have brought this up
  3. Twitchy textures

    Just seeing if anyone has any fixes for this
  4. They just better hope that the ultra competitive crowd will stick around, because the hardcore sim guys may not, and alot have already stopped playing squad, its either hope the ultra competitive crowd sticks around by catering to them, along with some of the sim crowd, or, cater to the smaller portion but actual hardcore sim guys that will stay and care about the games longevity and how it plays in terms of a military sim, not just a quick competitive shooter people hop onto to brag about their score after, which is a large portion of this games playerbase right now.
  5. Il touch on the one part you mentioned about weapon accuracy and how engagements end quickly before any tactics come into play, iv felt this as well, if weapons hand more spray/sway and a little bit more inaccuracy, combat situations would be more drawn out requiring fire and maneuver tactics, as it is right now there is some of this, but usually people are getting dropped within the first 2 minutes and the firefight is done, and everyone is spawning back at the nearest rally or HAB spawn bunker. It would be interesting for them to test nerfing the accuracy and see how the gameplay shifts
  6. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    what i meant was there not buggy, each aircraft had decent physics, what your talking about sounds like realism, which in that case yes guys in bf2 flew in aircraft for thousands of hours and mastered the mechanics, but the mechanics were solid
  7. Iron sight zoom better in post scriptum

    What i was saying is that the accuracy in this game is unrealistically good.
  8. Iron sight zoom better in post scriptum

    I dont think, i know it is, being able aim in and hit targets at 200m on your first or second shot is way too easy
  9. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    BF2 already had working vehicles, and had really good flying mechanics. Modders for BF2 already had so much stuff to work with, Squad on the other hand is full of bugs still, so adding mods onto a buggy game isn't ideal. Just look at PR and the additions they were able to add to that, compared with Squad which is suppose to be a full game. I get that they have software now dedicated for modding unreal engine 4, but BF2 already had all the working assets in place, Squad doesn't even having all working assets in place.
  10. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    The only thing about modding this game is that its not as easy as other games, PR was a mod of BF2 and modding was easier for that game, BF2 was a fully fleshed out game. Squad and unreal engine 4 isn't even a finished product, so adding more mods and coding onto an already mess of an engine isn't gonna work great. Mods could help the game but the game itself need to be completely ironed out, ie: buggy vehicles, messed up physics, optimization, network problems, the list could go on.
  11. Canadian LAV bugs

    Has this issue not been reported officially? Hows that? Lots of CAF maps are being played, lots of players are using these vehicles, im sure the dev's are aware of it by now.
  12. High End PC Low GPU and CPU Usage

    True, thats why when i check my task manager this game nearly runs at 10 million K memory. UE4 has never ran flawlessly, unlike UE3 which Red Orchestra 2 ran on, and it was very well optimized
  13. High End PC Low GPU and CPU Usage

    ^ what the ef? No but this game really does have some optimization problems, most likely network related, thats why when you run the game in low populated servers or offline, it runs very well, but the moment you join an 80 person server the performance drops. I dont know whether this game is cpu or gpu dependent like the guy before me was saying, but i feel it does require alot of loading etc, and having to keep lots of loaded objects in play, most likely the game relies on good cpu and ram
  14. Twitchy textures

    Will this game ever be able to fix the twitchy textures that some edges have? Its been in squad for as long as i can remember, its also in post scriptum, so i know its the graphics engine in unreal 4. Even on full graphics with anti aliasing on TAA and sharpness on 100, it fixes most of the twitchy textures, but quite a bit still remains. Is this something thats ever going to be able to be fixed with this engine? For people not understanding what im referring to, its very noticeable when your moving. Certain textures mostly on the edges, are almost twitching or flickering.
  15. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    One of the aspects of the game becoming gamey and meta is that with this new addition of RAAS, certain players are already predicting the next caps at a high rate, almost ruining what the point of the mode was. They need to have alot of variations for every map. Just played over the past few days and there were people sitting at our 2nd and 3rd caps, within 10 minutes of match start. Which means their already guessing the caps accurately and rushing them, which makes the reason this mode was invented in the first place worthless.