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  1. Vehicle driver weapon* selection

    I did read it, and for me numbers do work for ammo and smoke.
  2. Logistics Mechanics

    Mechanics can however be changed to benefit the gameplay or guide players in to certain behaviours. But if you change gameplay by making people more independent then they will act more independent such as making solo fobs all over the place. There is not really any role on the battlefield that is better to be done alone. Vehicles require multiple crewmen, squads have several roles filled to face different threats, logistics can be solod if you just transport supplies but should be done with multiple people to quickly and effectively set up good fobs. The only people who should be alone would be helicopter pilots depending on their role and the commander but the commander should work together with squad leaders.
  3. So for a while now we have had the current system of points allocated to trucks and technicals that slowly get dumped on any old radio station to become a FOB and place down assets and resupply soldiers. While up to now we have only had trucks and select cars to transport such resources it seems adequate. However, with the addition of helicopters on the horizon a slow trickle of supplies emptying from the reservoir to the fob will be less and less feasible, as it means the helicopter would need to be landed for a longer period and thus drawing more attention to the FOB location possibly giving it away. If for a solution we look at other similar titles (Project Reality being the obvious choice) then a crate system might seem feasible. What I would rather suggest is a melding of the systems. Instead of just dumping a number in to a supply point radio, I'd rather there be crates in the trucks that carry a certain amount of supplies (marked in the fob HUD the same as always). This would make it faster and easier to deploy a large amount of points for helicopters and trucks alike. Possibly this would eliminate the need of placing down ammo points to access the ammo pool of the FOB as you could just walk up to the ammunition crate dropped by either helicopter or truck and request supplies directly from it. And it would help to keep helicopters out of harms way by forcing them to land for a solid minute to drop supplies. For supplies of course the different types would have different crates worth a set amount of points (as in 1 crate full of ammo and one crate full of building supplies). These supplies would also drop in larger quantities at once and would force the truck to take the entire crate with it if it wants to take the points. Leaving the FOB either with no supplies or the remaining other crates. Additionally the crates and fobs are not confined to each others location and would just function as follows: If a crate containing supplies is within the radius of a FOB then it's supplies are added to the FOB, if it is not then the supplies can only be accessed by and (ammunition) to allow people to rearm in the field if need be. Other than all these reasons it would also give trucks an easy way to gauge the amount of supplies in the truck by how many crates there are and possibly what type if the crates of supplies are distinct enough. I'd like peoples opinions on either melding the systems, keeping it as it is, changing logistics entirely or any other suggestions.
  4. Logistics Mechanics

    @Tartantyco Just saying that something is not a problem when somebody brings up a problem doesn't fuel the discussion. You may think that you are right but if someone has problems with, it you don't just say that. You need to convince us and the devs that your plan is sound. You do this by elaborating on it in how it works to counter the problem instead. To argue further on your suggestion: IMHO the job to make fobs is up to the squads, they put fobs where they think they will need them. This surely results in shit such as people attacking flags not in play and just sitting in the bushes 2 mountain tops from the edge of the map, but that is to be expected. Meanwhile the role of a good logistics squad is to supply those squads who actually build decent fobs, you can starve those who would build shite fobs by not supplying them and thus them not getting a spawnpoint on their fob. And if the team really and truly sucks and all fobs are gone I can almost guarantee that some disgruntled guy or 2 is willing to join your squad to help build some fobs. Or possibly one of the squadleads can get their head out of their ass to help you make some decent fobs. Needing to work together to make a fob, boring as it can be, is preferable to the one man fob slinging machine that you suggest due to it reinforcing the teamwork elements of the game. By needing more than just yourself you interact and build upon with suggestions and such to create a better experience. Sure I could go out alone to place a fob there but someone I could take with me might know a better spot close to it and help the fob be undetected for longer. And the general "spec ops" players going out to solo a truck in to nowhere to build a fob that usually get killed or just go there for sniping or mine laying or AT camping. Edit: With the advent of the commander role in the next update the whole fob-laying mechanic might even change to where commander and squad leader figure it out instead of the plonking of today.
  5. Vehicle driver weapon* selection

    You can select your weapon and gear with the numbers as well as an infantryman.
  6. So I got the shitty idea of limiting the amount of supplies in the mainbase, not to limit the amount of fobs people can stamp out of the ground. More that it will periodically have to be refilled by an AI truck driver or truck convoy from off the map. This could be seen as a way of limiting super fobs at the start popping up everywhere or just limiting the amount of fobs that can be made at the start. Though of maps with helicopters an AI chopper that periodically flies to and from the main to offmap would be something to make the main base more lively after round start. Aside from the rando new guy joining the server or asset whores waiting for their assets. Then again this is just another thing to sink performance power in for servers and slowing down the game. It would also need some AI scripting and would most likely just annoy the shit out of logistics squads about who took the last supplies as there won't be any more goddamn supplies till 10 minutes later when the truck/convoy arrives. You doomed our team you damned blueberry!
  7. Logistics Mechanics

    IMHO I'm still a proponent of having all trucks able to get supplies but the supplies taking up slots for the infantry to sit in. Additionally the truck carrying the repair station is straight out of Project Reality and TBH I don't think it should be that way for squad. In the dev updates they have stated that any mobility or engine destruction is possible to repair, it just takes some time. This should be enough to get it to a safe place, like a fob. To complete the repairs so I think the repair station is good as it is. Then again if they add a engineering vehicle to make heavy emplacements and drag tanks to repair I would absolutely love them even though the vehicle will be idle in main 90% of the time. If the devs keep the current supply system I can see them giving choppers a instant supply drop and being more of delivering to a forward hub out of which the logi trucks will distribute it to frontline fobs and other locations with horrible landing zones.
  8. There is already a German faction mod in the works, as well as Canadians, French Foreign legion and Aussies if I recall correctly. If those mods get up to a decent standard talks will begin about incorporating the faction of the mod in to the base game.
  9. Small urban map/make hole in wall

    Destructibility of the environment is a real heavy thing to put in a 80 or more player game. Everybody will have to get the exact same holes in the wall at all times or there will be desyncs and in general takes a load of bandwidth to communicate between server and users.
  10. Logistics Mechanics

    IMHO if they add .50 cals on logistics there will be a tendency to use them as battle wagons instead of logistics. Saw the same thing happen in PR where they had one logistics vehicle with a MG on the top being used as a quasi humvee/apc but without the added armour. Additionally if you have logistics with guns it will need someone to man the gun taking another guy per truck to run logistics safely out of the battlefield. And people already complain about taking too many people out of the front too much.

    Though realism should be a priority it should not go ahead of gameplay, for example it sure would be fun to roam in a challenger unopposed by the enemy team. But that isn't any fun for half the people in the match, thus making them leave and then you end up fighting nobody because it's not fun for them to fight you.
  12. The Italian Armed Forces!

    The most common advice to give with "Let's add *insert faction* to the game pls devs do this!!!!" is that you should assemble a team, and set out to make a mod that add the faction you would like. As of this moment devs are supposedly carefully considering which factions to add and which not due to how long a certain faction would take with new models/voice lines/animations/sounds/maps/etc. So if it's not a major player such as the US, China or Russia then you probably won't see it that soon but if you start making it yourself and the quality is up to snuff then you could possibly make contact with the devs and get your faction added to the official game for all to play instead of just on some modded servers.
  13. Hell just make a sort of PMC faction as a stand-in for factions under development. Would also scratch some peoples blufor on blufor itch if they happen to get that.

    Factions have distinct characterisation though so an insurgent won't mistake another raggedy green man for a soldier because the entire look is different. An example of how it can all go wrong: Once upon a time there was a mod, it was called Project Reality. It was pretty neet. But one day the devs decided to have a winter layout for a popular map, with according winter loadouts for the forces upon it. These forces were the German Bundeswehr and the Russian Army. Though their gear was distinct they looked quite the same, even from up close and who could blame you for not spotting the shape of their helmet or the gun in their hands. This led to a lot of friendly fire incidents even from up close, as people running about move all about it can be hard to distinguish if they have the right kind of green on their tactical rigs but everything else looked vaguely the same. Eventually the devs made the uniforms more distinct to differentiate them a bit better, this helped but did not eliminate the problem. Even now you can hear cursing in those forsaken woods when a friendly accidentally pulls the trigger on another friendly.
  15. Ranking System?

    Don't be a *** and overgeneralize or make false assumptions such as that only the scandinavians and germanics are against ranks. Contribute to the discussion instead of derailing the thread by "shitposting". We are here to talk about ranks not who supports them and who opposes them. To everybody else in this thread I would like to ask what ranks contribute. So far I've mostly seen something about seeing who has more hours in the game and possibly using it to pick squad leaders or seniority. Which I have seen others poke holes in to quite ferociously and add multiple problems that I have not seen addressed yet. IMHO at the moment it just seems like bragging rights, and a idea that would completely unbalance the game by adding ticket values to perceived time spent on the game. Furthermore it seems that there are general expectations set if someone has a high rank in the game if it would be implemented such as taking squad leader roles and being more knowledgeable about the game (though the game changes a lot so somebody who played tons early on could have outdated knowledge to pass on and thus his seniority is voided of experience). And I believe there was a point about vehicle use where more "experienced" members would get a VIP ticket to ride the tank or something. Which I myself are fundamentally opposed to as brilliant players could be left out in the dust to do nothing unless nobody else wants to play the asset and thus possibly depriving them of the experience that is supposedly needed to play it. Sure it's a shame if the tank is lost but new players also got to learn somewhere how to use those things as there are no tutorials for this kind of shit.
  16. commander?

    Would it be possible to replace the command tent with a command vehicle instead? It would add some mobility and a easier way to destroy it with anti vehicle assets and weapons without having to find a tent and check it. Maybe a bit like the OH-6 loach in Rising Storm 'Nam where the commander can sit in the helicopter as a forward observer but with a mobile base instead.

    The thing about Squad and similar games though is that it has minimal hud forcing you to recognize what team you are on and how they look to avoid friendly fire incidents. And some people will have trouble with that, in no fault of their own or because they're "too dumb". Thus adding another entire faction for a fraction of the team could easilly confuse people unless their enemy is even more distinct (irregulars such as the insurgents). Sure it would be a nice thing to have for "realism" but the practicality is not there for in-game purposes.

    Only big ass problem I see here (aside from the dev time it would take) is that some people already have difficulty recognizing friendlies by gear/kit. And thus adding in more different ones to remember would lead to a increase of teamkill incidents.
  19. Ranking System?

    Some guy with a 1000 hours might be absolute shit, a guy with 5 hours could be a prodigy. Only thing this encourages is the whole "I'm better than you because I have a higher rank" shit.
  20. How about we don't go for the scourge of gaming that is micro-transactions. Additionally we are not here to identify with the character we are here to play in a combat scenario and getting attached to the player character that will just die from a stray shot isn't really needed or viable. Especially as they would have to record tons of lines from different voice actors so it's not just one guy talking to himself all the time. Also being able to talk to the enemy team hasn't really worked out when implemented in games as it mostly just devolves into shittalking, being annoying or outright bothering the enemy team by spamming loud music. Text above the head sure makes it easy to see who is talking but it doesn't add anything as most people will still be using VOIP and adding an icon above their head just reinforces that you're in a game every time someone is talking, completely eliminating the immersion. Actually most of these things should stay in games like CS:GO and the like and not come to Squad or other similar games as it would just devolve the community from people who want some realism to the toxic crowd that comes for the 1337 kills and making fun of others because they can. And on the customisation aspect of the commo rose, I don't see the viabillity as it just adds another layer of code for hardly any functionality as everybody should have all the options available.
  21. Teleport from main base?

    First of all, penalization is in every facet of life. Not just in work. You did something bad? You get punished, that's usually how any and all rules that people make are set up. Second of all, you haven't thought of everything, don't assume that somebody won't do something just because you say they won't. Don't underestimate the stupidity of man or his willingness to be annoying. Third, the devs and admins enforce a certain type of gameplay due to limitations placed upon the player be that game based or within the lengthy rules of a certain server. If you try to go around these rules and limitations either you hit a brick wall in the form of game limitations placed upon you or you get penalized by the ingame admins and or moderators. Most people who play this game accept this, it is a reason why they play on certain servers because admins act according to the rules that they agree with and share the experience with like minded individuals who seek the same gameplay through these limitations. Yet if you would remove the limitations placed by servers (no more kicking/banning) then there will be a small fraction of players who go out of their way to ruin everybody else's game, because they can. And additionally just because you see teleportation as a end all solution to the problem doesn't make it so, there are plenty of holes to poke in it, such as the malicious/stupid way for full ammo resupply I suggested. Or some random asshole who wants to ruin the game by draining his team of tickets. And other than that you can't guarrantee that people will use it in the way intended for it, for example: what if nobody wanted to return these vehicles to main? You make the assumption that people don't enjoy squad truck simulator so why would they enjoy returning a truck to base if they would rather just fight? Are you gonna reward them with the arbitrary points? They don't mean anything so why should they care. Or is it more of a way for people who get pissed at their team a way to pass the time and feel useful because they saved a truck from the bad bad enemies who wouldn't destroy it because it doesn't respawn then. Don't mistake my adversity for hate, I just don't see this as a solution to the problem. And being serious is not a bad thing, you can make all the joke suggestions you want but most of those will be rejected due to people liking it being a bit more serious.
  22. Fuel, Food & Water

    Unless they do some sort of siege gamemode where a position is under siege and you have to supply it and shite whilst others hold it then I might be interested in fuel trucks and the like but for normal gameplay I think it just takes even more people away from the battlefield (something people already complain about with helicopters coming up and other vehicles). Too much of a hassle for too little gain, especially as the engagements in the game don't last literal days they last some hours so you're not going to be running out of fuel or food in that short a time as others have already stated.
  23. Teleport from main base?

    I aint doing shite, i'm highlighting a situation that would happen if you gave somebody a quick way out of main without or with penalties, especially since the whole spawning with limited ammo thing the devs implemented. This would just encourage people to spawn in main and then redeploy or teleport (doesn't make a difference) to where they actually want to go, as when there is either no spawn delay for the teleport or if it only costs a ticket it woulnd't be perceived as a bad thing by the player itself. The rest of the team might chastice them for spawning main and wasting tickets on teleport or not (if that is the way). However if you put a timer on it till a redeploy you'll just have more ****ers spawning in main and ****ing about till the timer runs out (if it's not a long timer that is). IMHO instead of doing something as game breaking and convoluted as teleporting to fix a problem with the disposability of vehicles it should be attacked at its source, as in why people abandon them. Don't give tools for people who bring them back (as that just takes them out of the battle usually) that can easily be abused by others. For example a horrible idea that I'm just going to post to get the discussion going: if a vehicle is lost the last one to operate it will be penalized in some way, in addition to the ticket loss it usually gives.
  24. Teleport from main base?

    Yes let me just spawn in main every single time I die (often) and cost my team double the tickets upon death so I get full ammo every time. Brilliant m8, absolutely won't get people to ticket feed the enemy team. And about the vehicles in the field, you would be better off with punishing a team by making them lose the tickets the vehicle represents thus a slow decline in health after several minutes of not using it would imho be better than suddenly allowing people to spawn main and instantly somewhere else so they can have their ammo bags full.