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  1. Let's deal with these pet peeves

    Having more weapon options for most of the ingame factions would be really friggin unrealistic. Armies don't just have a pile of alternative weapons you can choose from lying in the armory. Possibly for militia or insurgents or god forbid they ever add a PMC faction. But conventional forces shouldn't have that kind of customisation because you get taught to work with the tools provided by the army, unless you're spec ops that is but this game ain't about spec ops.
  2. convoy game type

    Instead of just one random gamemode I'd rather see a arma-esque framework where you can set up your own gamemode and add it to the workshop. And getting tested and stable mods in the normal server queue with automatic downloads for said mods when attempting to join or queue for a server.
  3. The problem I see with "buying" assets is that you could buy absolutely nothing and get shrekt or you can buy too much and lose by just losing a couple of assets. And thus the entire team will be over reliant on one ****er who thinks it might be nice to have some attack choppers when the enemy has shot the previous 8 choppers out of the sky already. Or some bastard who goes command for a second, buys himself a tank and then leaves, not caring if it was the last of the teams points.
  4. customization / ranking

    Rising 2 storm vietnam has a nice and detailed customisation system. Just a shame it's locked behind ****in hours of playtime and paywalls. Like if it fits in the game and doesn't make you look like an enemy or some idiot in a clown suit i'm not that against. But locking it behind arbitrary amounts of playtime or paywalls or just making you look like some guy straight out of saints row is a big no from me. Also ranks in games just tell you how much time you wasted on it. There is no worth to it, as people in actual positions to have a "rank" such as squadleads could just be named sergeants or whatever with every first of second squad having a lieutenant if you feelin fancy but it doesn't add much to the actual game apart from some extra fluff that people can be pissed off about people not using properly.
  5. Just a stupid thing to make orientation easier and make tons of dickjokes, allow the squadleader who places a fob to name it. It would allow people to make proper navigational remarks about fobs instead of just saying "Spawn in C4 fob" and just say "Spawn at FOB rogers left nipple" or "Spawn at Towers". It doesn't add anything so feel free to hate on it, just want to get it out of my idea before it becomes a tumour. So to sum it up: Pros: Better orientation No more "spawn grid fob" creativity injokes roleplaying for neets Cons: *** jokes galore doesnt add anything what are you talking about this is useless burn in hell.
  6. So for a while now we have had the current system of points allocated to trucks and technicals that slowly get dumped on any old radio station to become a FOB and place down assets and resupply soldiers. While up to now we have only had trucks and select cars to transport such resources it seems adequate. However, with the addition of helicopters on the horizon a slow trickle of supplies emptying from the reservoir to the fob will be less and less feasible, as it means the helicopter would need to be landed for a longer period and thus drawing more attention to the FOB location possibly giving it away. If for a solution we look at other similar titles (Project Reality being the obvious choice) then a crate system might seem feasible. What I would rather suggest is a melding of the systems. Instead of just dumping a number in to a supply point radio, I'd rather there be crates in the trucks that carry a certain amount of supplies (marked in the fob HUD the same as always). This would make it faster and easier to deploy a large amount of points for helicopters and trucks alike. Possibly this would eliminate the need of placing down ammo points to access the ammo pool of the FOB as you could just walk up to the ammunition crate dropped by either helicopter or truck and request supplies directly from it. And it would help to keep helicopters out of harms way by forcing them to land for a solid minute to drop supplies. For supplies of course the different types would have different crates worth a set amount of points (as in 1 crate full of ammo and one crate full of building supplies). These supplies would also drop in larger quantities at once and would force the truck to take the entire crate with it if it wants to take the points. Leaving the FOB either with no supplies or the remaining other crates. Additionally the crates and fobs are not confined to each others location and would just function as follows: If a crate containing supplies is within the radius of a FOB then it's supplies are added to the FOB, if it is not then the supplies can only be accessed by and (ammunition) to allow people to rearm in the field if need be. Other than all these reasons it would also give trucks an easy way to gauge the amount of supplies in the truck by how many crates there are and possibly what type if the crates of supplies are distinct enough. I'd like peoples opinions on either melding the systems, keeping it as it is, changing logistics entirely or any other suggestions.
  7. Car Bomb and Explosive vest

    Very few people knew what Six Days in Fallujah was. But when it came out the shitestorm was massive. Another example is the Medal of Honor modern day reboot. Which got flak for just giving you the ability to play as the Taliban. Once somebody notices it and relays it to others, things can snowball quickly out of control.
  8. Anti-material rifle

    No, not really.
  9. Game needs non owned servers

    Don't pat yourself on the back too hard, you might break something. Also people who join testing servers usually have some vested interest in actually participating. Whilst trolls and other ne'er do well usually don't care about new features as long as they can be assholes. Also the newer players still learning the game are probably still playing the base game. This is of course all speculation with no concrete proof so feel free to dismiss.
  10. Car Bomb and Explosive vest

    Gary and Big Red were nicknames for trucks with a bomb load in Project Reality. Big red was a trailer hauler with a JDAM strapped to the back and Gary was a dump truck with explosive barrels in the back. They had about the biggest blast radius of all explosives in the mod. And as said in the other thread you made about this topic (suicide vehicles and bombers), it might not be officially added due to the media frenzy it could cause.

    Isn't AAS 2 attacking forces colliding? I mean both are attacking and usually rush for the middle which then in principle just becomes a king of the hill like scenario. In any case if you think the devs won't grant it the time of day you could always try to pick up modding. Get some coder or a good mapper and set off to create what you think this game needs. Hell if it's any good or at least well implemented you might even have it played on some servers.
  12. car bomb question

    The mainstream media cares, they really like bandwagoning on the hate train when they think a game might make their kids terrorists. And sure for some games and publishers all publicity is good publicity like in Grand Theft Auto's case. But for some small company like Offworld it could be quite the moneysink. And it's quite a different thing to fight against suicide enemies compared to playing as a suicide bomber. And those kinds of public outcries could lead to changing laws to gain a voter base for coming elections and the sort. For example the rating system might get some enforcement on online stores like steam.
  13. car bomb question

    I believe the removal was mostly due to perception of the game, as it could attract media attention for "training terrorists"

    That comment was more aimed at moderators to move the thread to the appropriate forum
  15. Bipod limitation

    Might be something of a risk reward system in there. If you deploy bipod you get better recoil and things on the cone of fire, but the limitation of that is that you are easily flanked by others outside of the cone. Thus it would also incentivize teamwork as other would need to cover your flanks whilst you cover either their flanks or front.
  16. NEW GAME TYPE IDEA (king of the hill)

    First of all needs to be in feedback and suggestions. So the 2 fobs have low range mortars but can't hit the objective. So you just want an infantry slog to be in the middle with no outside influence except for the odd rally or 2? Why not just make the FOB locations main bases? So people can fight in them? But you would have to fight over the center location so fighting in the enemy base isn't of much use. And rally points basically acting like makeshift fobs instead of having to build fobs? Still what is the use of the mortar emplacement? Is it to hold off base campers? I think it is not worth neutering base game mechanics such as fobs for these types of concepts but I might be wrong. General concept just makes me think more of Insurgency than of Squad with some tacked on ammo mechanics for flavour.
  17. Vehicle Respawn Timer On Map

    In PR we got a view of all assets available on the map and their respawn times for your team. I would like it if this also got added to Squad as it can be a struggle to see what vehicles are in the next map or not and seeing what is taken. However the respawn timer being shown might not be that good, as people would be more likely to just sit in main and watch the counter go down. Like maybe a heads up a minute before it respawns might be nice but that might be the extent.
  18. Towing vehicles. (Not the weapon)

    However is vehicles are disposable then there is no risk in using them except for having to wait a minute. Then you just have fun in your tank doing stupid shite because getting killed doesn't matter. The whole thing about it taking time to respawn and costing tickets is that the vehicle becomes precious and you try to be careful with it. Removing that just makes people spam btrs and the entire worth of the vehicle being gone. If it doesn't cost anything then I might as well solo a truck, logi or APC to the frontlines to get there faster because if they get destroyed it doesn't matter.
  19. On the first thing, I would say that a part of the limit is probably performance. If somebody spams MGs everywhere with no limit it will likely impact performance. Additionally it would be horrible for any vehicle squad to attack a fob if there were 6 or more TOWS or SPGs set up around it. Sure it would add to the area denial but then in combination with the machine guns it would practically be impossible to destroy a manned super fob. On the second thing, is probably just a glitch and I agree that some placements should be possible like stacking hesco's with ladders to get up higher roofs and such. On the third thing, in my opinion some mechanics around the point system should be reworked, preferably in to a crate like system. But the arbitrary costs of setting up certain structures will always be arbitrarily so some things don't get spammed and others are available when starting to build. It is mostly just a matter of balancing of which is more important and thus should cost more.
  20. Towing vehicles. (Not the weapon)

    While I do like the notion of driving around an engineering vehicle to pick up vehicle wrecks for reduced ticket loss or towing a damaged vehicle to repairs. It does sound like another logistics job and it does take more people out of the fight. And it sounds like a lot of extra work where at the moment you can just repair your mobility up to movable again.
  21. Adding to multiple storefronts doesn't ultimately make it exclusive to one. Some high profile up and coming games get exclusivity deals to lure people in but games that are already out might want to launch on Epic to gain a wider audience. Though if most online systems work of steamworks then it might take some time. Similar reason DVD/Blueray is delayed from the film theatrical release, as some might not see it in the cinema but might buy it if it's somewhere cheap on dvd or a streaming service.
  22. Turnout from Inside of Vehicle

    IMHO the ride ons were more commonplace in WW2 than in modern combat. Sure it would be nice to have but not really needed as much as in a ww2 game with limited amounts of transport.
  23. Shitty suggestion Nr. 462

    If it just becomes a fob you build then there is no harm in building a HAB. There is hardly ever a reason not build a HAB at an actual FOB.
  24. And once again I come with a shitty suggestion just to get it out of my head and on to something before it disappears again. SO, lets get to the part where I type stuff. Game start same as always, people rush, flags are set. fobs are built. However there is one caveat. When a flag is captured and the flags before it as well in sequence. A AI controlled truck will travel along a predetermined route to deliver supplies to the flag. When said truck arrives it gives supplies and allows fortifications (no spawn points) to be built on the flag. Thus making flags actual strong points to defend. (also able to resupply by logi but meh). This way you could make objectives on the map actual defend-able locations of strategic significance (for example a mountain village overlooking a valley can now be set up with MGs without having a fob). And it stops people from building the fobs in the objective itself which is just going to be taken down instantly when enemy forces close in. Thus relegating FOBS for strategic locations next to or dominating objectives because you can build your sand castles in the objective itself. TL;DR, make flag points actual defend-able positions by not allowing fobs within radius but do allow to build emplacements (no spawn) at the objective to actually defend it with. Barring it has the supplies. Poorly worded and hard to understand, feel free to complain.
  25. Fob disable mechanic is too OP

    Could you edit your post a bit? At the moment it just stands there like a wall blocking me from whatever is on the other side. Bit of nice formatting a white line here or there should solve it.