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  1. [WIP] Mogadishu Map (Black Hawk down scenario)

    Are you basing it mostly on Blackhawk down or are you also looking at real pictures of Mogadishu?
  2. I've had this stupid concept in my head of a sort of mission list that squad leaders and commanders would be able to edit and assign/take. As in on the map screen on the left side is a sort of notepad with which you can select a grid for the objective (recon this area, disable the mortars here, capture this objective, defend this one, etc.) with a small mission option bar or something (so people dont just write stupid shit in it) to create a mission, after which a squad leader could look at the list and assign his squad a certain mission based upon what others think is needed or the squad leader thinks is needed.
  3. Piracy gamemode

    It don't have to be, as most stuff for this would be in the game (helicopters and infantry combat) the only things it requires by mod are a opfor faction, boat mechanics and movable environments/ai ships. Granted opfor could be ripped from any number of unconventional forces and boat mechanics might or might not be added, with the only actual hurdle being moving environments or ai ships. (a money counter system would be tricky to make but possible with some skill or some time). And it fits within squad as a form of unconventional combat.
  4. I know it's fruitless to post suggestions for gamemodes as the devs already have a lot on their plates. I just want to write this concept down so I can come back to it later and possibly start something with it. In any case here we go. A largely ocean/sea map with a scattering of either islands or a single coastline. Among the islands or coastline are 2 specific areas, a naval base/military installation and a shanty town. Shanty town operates as a main base for the pirate faction (could be any combination from generic African rebels to militia) from which small boats (with and without heavy weapons) would be launched to intercept cargo ships (if possible movable objects that halt when occupied otherwise might need to be AI driven vehicles) and hold those ships for a specified amount of time. Possibility of acquiring score through capturing ships and holding them hostage with further work could be turned in to a monetary system to buy new equipment or be a threshold for better equipment to spawn. Whilst the objective for the pirates is to halt ships for a specified time to gain points, the other faction (could be any number of conventional forces) would get the mission to secure the captured ships and protect any other ships in the area. Protection could be done by patrolling around (helicopter or boat) or stationing a squad worth of men on a ship (if at least 4 men are on the ship it could provide a spawn point). For this to work, either objects in the world need to be spawned in and move across the ocean area to the other side, or movement on moving vehicles needs to be overhauled so walking over a slow moving ship doesn't become a problem. Additionally the bluefor forces would consist of 3 types of vehicles: helicopter patrols, RHIB patrols and a destroyer and/or frigate. The frigate would serve as a mobile spawnpoint, the only possible way to inhibit the frigate/destroyer would be to acquire enough point for a land to sea missile system (highly unrealistic but alternatives need to be made). The ship should have an available action radius around it within which helicopters and boats need to be to operate (otherwise you'd have random boats and helicopters all over the map). This gamemode makes hardly any sense and I do not expect people to actually make this (especially not the devs), I'm just adding it here to give an idea (which is lazy as ****) and ask for ways to have asymmetrical naval combat and this would be a nice way to do it. Additionally, locations could vary from the straits of Malacca, to the Somali coast or the coast of Guinea and the Columbian coast.
  5. SquadChat - 3 - ft. Chuc and Fuzzhead

    Might I ask where the april status update is? usually the updates are released in the early days of the next month but it's already 1/3 in to the month now.
  6. Or y'know the devs could make a new system that allows the crew to communicate with other vehicles and infantry alike. And having all the assets in one squad just makes them hunt for high value targets instead of offering the actual support that might win the battle. And it also lengthens the response time, because first you need to contact the squad leader, he needs to acknowledge what you're saying and he then has to relay that info to the crewmembers in question. Which with targets like RPGs or BTRs might be a problem because the response time will suffer.
  7. Infantry Fighting Vehicle, it's purpose is to transport infantry safely and provide direct fire support for the infantry. It is not defined by it's capability of engaging enemy vehicles. Even through in Squad and PR it might be used more as an asset hunter it is not it's intended role.
  8. For IFVs and APCs it makes sense to be attached to an infantry squad, but when even heavier assets are added there should be a distinction.
  9. The future of Armour - Specifically MBTs

    Half the stuff about modern MBT's is still classified (armour thickness and such) so it might be hard to get the information needed to make an interior version, not to mention the many man hours needed to even realize it. Red Orchestra had interiors but only for 2 vehicles in the entire game that are from the second world war. Don't expect detailed vehicle interiors.
  10. Joystick keyinputs

    So Squad has been developed for quite some time now and is going merrily along, and I wanted to try linking the vehicle controls to my HOTAS setup, queue my surprise when the squad keybind system didn't recognize the control inputs from joysticks and throttles. My question is, are there plans to add this functionality and if there are plans will it be before airborne vehicles are be introduced?
  11. Ideas For New Roles

    AT-4 as a heavy AT? Wouldn't the SRAW or SMAW be much better for that? Or even the freaking Javelin
  12. It's still a good thing to keep in mind how the world came to that location for a battle. The Falklands addon was also made by modders who eventually got integrated in to the core PR, through some of those modders were already devs on the dev team. It was still a outside modification of the PR mod that eventually got brought up to standard and added to the default game. Also most maps in these types of games are not even close to realistic (terrain/enviroment sure but scenario no) and are still played, the difference is, is that these maps don't go bold and say let's have the US and Russia fighting over a piece of ice in the middle of the arctic.
  13. Korea will most likely not make it in the standard game, thus it won't be added or would be modded. And instead of just making a list of things you'd like to see you could learn how to make maps and try to create them yourself. Don't just tell a dev to make it, mods are a great tool to enrich the game, and you can be a part of that. Get your name in the book, contribute. Other than that, the actic is usually of little strategic value, even through some militaries train there it would not be a common battleground due to extreme conditions. China would only be played if a Chinese faction will be added, which again isn't certain. US stripmalls under attack is actually quite a unrealistic scenario as the US is one of the few forces on the planet equipped with the vessels, vehicles and supply train to invade other nations on the regular. Russia doesn't even have the needed equipment to really land a foothold in the US mainland.
  14. If we're already talking about vehicles and fireteams, how bout just have fireteams per vehicle in asset squads.
  15. Korengal Valley 4km [WIP]

    Depends on how the hills be set up imho, for example if we go PR style Korengal then the playable area will be more limited to the valley itself and less to the hill tops. But if the hills will be more fluent then perhaps it would be interesting to play about in them, through they need a lot more concealment before it's really worth going there.