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  1. Ideas For New Roles

    AT-4 as a heavy AT? Wouldn't the SRAW or SMAW be much better for that? Or even the freaking Javelin
  2. It's still a good thing to keep in mind how the world came to that location for a battle. The Falklands addon was also made by modders who eventually got integrated in to the core PR, through some of those modders were already devs on the dev team. It was still a outside modification of the PR mod that eventually got brought up to standard and added to the default game. Also most maps in these types of games are not even close to realistic (terrain/enviroment sure but scenario no) and are still played, the difference is, is that these maps don't go bold and say let's have the US and Russia fighting over a piece of ice in the middle of the arctic.
  3. Korea will most likely not make it in the standard game, thus it won't be added or would be modded. And instead of just making a list of things you'd like to see you could learn how to make maps and try to create them yourself. Don't just tell a dev to make it, mods are a great tool to enrich the game, and you can be a part of that. Get your name in the book, contribute. Other than that, the actic is usually of little strategic value, even through some militaries train there it would not be a common battleground due to extreme conditions. China would only be played if a Chinese faction will be added, which again isn't certain. US stripmalls under attack is actually quite a unrealistic scenario as the US is one of the few forces on the planet equipped with the vessels, vehicles and supply train to invade other nations on the regular. Russia doesn't even have the needed equipment to really land a foothold in the US mainland.
  4. If we're already talking about vehicles and fireteams, how bout just have fireteams per vehicle in asset squads.
  5. Korengal Valley 4km [WIP]

    Depends on how the hills be set up imho, for example if we go PR style Korengal then the playable area will be more limited to the valley itself and less to the hill tops. But if the hills will be more fluent then perhaps it would be interesting to play about in them, through they need a lot more concealment before it's really worth going there.
  6. Korengal Valley 4km [WIP]

    Korengal base might need a bit more dominance over the area, really get that overwatch position that it has in PR, other than that it looks like it has a really small playable area which would just focus all the teams in to a really small space which would be a grenade spam fest.
  7. Through I have the opinion that this would be cool and all, I think it would be better suited as a seperate game. Also might be fun to have a planetside map of afghan region with regions being controlled by respective forces for that region and Taliban attempting to wrest control in that region by destroying objectives there.
  8. Create squad and Role of squad.

    I would Prefer standard slots being made in the squad list that include 2 people per the vehicle within a bigger vehicle type squad.. With the leader of the vehicle being able to assign the vehicle to a normal squad as fire support/transport. Through this would be for APCs. Basically all APCs/Tanks/other vehicles of the same type would be linked in their own chat but would have additional chat with a squad they might have assigned themselves to (creating a mech inf squad from a normal squad and a part of APC squad)
  9. Commander(s)

    What I would like to see is that Squadleaders get either an extra menu next to the map with objectives and side objectives. Or some equipable PDA with the same list. Main objectives will always be next flag to cap or defend, and side objectives would be brought up by commanders with things such as take out this AA emplacement, make a FOB here. Clear out this compound so the rest can advance etc. It would keep the commander busy looking for more things for squads to do and by doing these side objectives losing some men from the actual assault or defence of the flag to do something useful to the team. Possible also is tertiary objectives, given by either the squadleader or the leader of multiple squads as suggested in this thread. Which would be the standard set of move orders, attack orders and other stuff. Leaders would be able to select the task they are currently doing which will show up on the commanders map so he can keep track of resources being used on objectives.
  10. Weapon suggestions?

    The problem with this thread is that most weapons included in the game will be standard issue for the conventional factions (as in every man gets an M4 or AK or (insert weapon)) except for the insurgents and militia (Because they don't have a standardized way of acquiring weapons it seems). Which makes these threads redundant and faction suggestion threads more relevant as different factions would henceforth introduce new weapons.
  11. Kunar [WIP]

    My PC can't stop hyperventilating because of those pictures. All those tree can't run well on a mid to lower end PC I presume.
  12. Repair vehicles/recovery vehicles

    Only way I would see it in game is if it's spawned on main, and vehicle squads (tanks, apc) would use it when they lose their vehicle to reduce it's respawn time by bringing the wreck of the vehicle back to main or to recover some of the lost tickets. Through that would take way too much coordination, especially if the wreck is in a city with hostiles. You would need infantry to secure it and then send the vehicle in, but no infantry squad would want to safeguard a vehicle wreck whilst the vehicle is coming to recover it and some tickets.
  13. It's more to keep a UAV within range of the vehicle which would force the commander to follow the frontlines to keep his UAV on the action. Not really a radar for planes.
  14. I like that suddenly we have a new idea about commanders, but I still think it should be with some sort of command vehicle (something like giving the UAV a limited range around the commander so the commander has to reposition the command vehicle (think either blackhawk down helicopter flying about or command version of stryker, btr other apc) closer to the front to keep people up to date on enemy activity.
  15. What I'm still waiting for is a pre made vehicle squad of at least 2 people, ideally it would function as a normal squad for all vehicles for squad talk and stuff (through all as separate 2 player groups for each vehicle) but each group of 2 could be attached to a infantry squad as transport/fire support (at least APCs, tanks and aircraft wouldn't need such a system)