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  1. Why I dont want Helicopters

    While I don't believe they'll add choppers with no counter, you do however still have AT, apc, tank and mg to take it out with. Hell if you want you could probably take one out with an IED.
  2. Armor Penalty

    @embecmom So you just want to get planetside 2 all over my beautiful squad? I'd rather prefer that those kind of gamey aspects are not too prevalent to squad. Through the idea of limited vehicle replenishment does sound interesting, but I'd change the generic ticket pool to a set limit on respawns for the asset instead so you don't get shafted out of logis because a couple of APCs blew up. @Zylfrax791 I'd rather keep a direct reward and punishment system out of Squad. It'd just make it like any other FPS game and give meaningless perks and shit to people for just doing next to nothing. And sure you can punish people, but I'd rather keep punishment out of automated systems and in to the hands of admins as automation is careless and just gives bans. Meanwhile you might have a legitimate reason for the tank blowing up, such as psychics glitches, an ambush, a shitty team that doesn't communicate that there are mines or enemy tanks, or a tow somewhere. Just kicking them out of it just because they might've gotten unlucky or the other team is way more skilled is just bad altogether. And if you keep rotating crews because they die you'd eventually just have no crews left over as they're all busy doing inf stuff, or logistics or whatever. Not everybody in this game wants to play the tank, some just want to play inf as a squadleader, and by restricting the player pool that can use the tank after a while you also deprive the team of an asset due to not everybody being willing to drop whatever they're doing to play in some tank. And thus the tank is still collecting dust but earlier than others stated as nobody can be arsed to take it over except the people who'd like to but can't. Add on to this the problem of new players, sure they rush and die quickly but there really isn't much of a way to learn other than public servers. The training servers that are usually unpopulated or not don't help as they are either clan restricted or need some mods.
  3. Here come the girls

    I just hope for you that either the squadleaders can keep a lid on the squadmembers or that the squadmembers behave themselves.
  4. Armor Penalty

    Then how are they supposed to get better if they can't play it? Add on to this that the most experienced crew can be caught off guard and you'd have a punishment for doing nothing wrong.
  5. Tank Interiors addition

    @Rybec Whilst the first 2 points look alike, they certainly are not the same, Labour as in work for the developer to make, and performance as in how well the game would perform with these interiors. Those video's might show some angles, but some of the vehicles that might be added in the future would also need reliable footage. Meanwhile the pictures you provided have large gaps in between, as in it is not seen what comes between certain sections and thus with a full 3d interior would either be improvised or would need detailed scans such as the devs did of the exterior of the T-72. Trucks and cars have a low detail interior as in there is not a lot of surface area to be textured, it's mostly just a box around the player characters. However a tank turret is cluttered with small objects and has large moving parts within it (turret basket itself and the gun breach) and these would add multiple more surfaces that would need detailed textures as you will be close enough to the object to look closely at it. Additionally sitting in a car and being able to look around is completely different from sitting in an enclosed space and having small vision slits to the outside world. As hardly anybody will argue that truck and car interiors were a needless waste of performance and dev time due to it being of low impact on the game and taking significantly less dev time than a full interior. Still Red orchestra 2 only has 2 vehicles with a detailed interior, meanwhile people here are requesting full tank interiors for any tanks added (such as the T-62 that they teased). This already is one vehicle more than RO2 has. Other than this it would also force mod developers to up their game and include tank interiors as well to keep up a basic level of quality. And after this all people are also going to request that every single APC or IFV would also get an interior because tanks and cars already have them. And finally, the animations I mentioned wouldn't be swatting flies and scratching asses. It would be gunners pulling triggers, commanders ordering shit, loaders reloading the **** huge gun. As it would break the immersion completely if you fired your gun and you looked to the side to see the loaders arse hanging in the wind because he's manning the machine gun instead of loading your gun rounds and magically you have a gun round loaded telekineticly by the loader on the mg. Also it wouldn't help to have 2 characters on the position as it's only meant to be manned by one man and thus doesn't have additional room for a gunner to stand on top of the loaders back. Not that I'm against having nice interior details of heavy vehicles. I just don't think they're feasible at this moment in time. As they would take a ton of time, have a huge impact on the performance (loading only for the people inside might help but those would still suffer performance problems) and it would not serve a purpose other than looking cool, which is something the devs can postpone quite a bit to get actual features in first.
  6. Map Vehicle List

    Sorry mate, already made the topic, nothing much happened with it.
  7. Tank Interiors addition

    MRAP needs less details and doesn't need dedicated animations within itself. Additionally the MRAP has windows which means there is less interior to map. Whilst in the tank or APC and IFVs you'd have to model the entirety of the surroundings and have the textures for it loaded which can be quite detailed depending on the vehicle. Feel free to see any of the other points for more reasons as to not have tank interiors, at least not till the devs have the manpower and the performance to spare.
  8. Tank Interiors addition

    First of all, tank interiors are immense performance hogs. Second of all, tank interiors are really freaking labour intensive. Third of all, many military vehicles have no refference material to make an interior out of because of either classified information due to modern day operations or other reasons. Fourth, the vehicles that have interiors now are not complicated, it's a driving cabin or the back of a truck. And thus not as labour intensive but it would be damn strange if you didn't have it. Meanwhile in a tank you mostly focus on things through the periscope and thus you can justify using the periscope as the main viewing port. Fifth, what are you going to do in the tank? Looking for shit? Other than aesthetics it doesn't serve a purpose. Sixth, the companies that you mention, being Bohemia interactive and Tripwire studio. Are already large studios with swathes of manpower and quite a bit of capital. With Arma being more ambitious but also being made by a huge team. And Red Orchestra 2 only having 2 vehicles in the entire game that need an interior model. Edit: Forgot this one, but you'd have to make idle animations and all the other animations of actions within the tank to represent what people are doing which also takes time and skill. And you can't just say "loader is on mg now but doesnt have to reload the main gun" like in the abrams now. Sure it would be fun to have, but weighing the benefits to the costs in time and performance doesn't make it that realistic with other stuff taking higher priority. Such as the implementation of kickstarter goals such as helicopters.
  9. Iranian Army's Ground Forces (Faction Idea)

    Giving them all would just make them a infantry clone of the Russians. Especially if they all just go AK in CQC maps and G3 on open maps it would just give them too much versatility that others factions cant match (barring irregular forces but they have options for realism)
  10. Just a small UI suggestion to add the vehicle list (as in what vehicles spawn, for your side and a rough estimate of the enemy vehicles. Possibly with respawn times) to the team selection screen and possibly as a added drop down in the map screen similar to the ticket value menu and legend showing what is what. Just tired of having to look at the map closely to see what assets are on which map and which layout.
  11. Why not just go War Thunder and give every vehicle the option to tow but some being useless as they don't have enough power/grip.
  12. Free look / TrackIR Support

    @Gatzby Any chance that controller support will be added with helicopters? I've been waiting to assign my hotas throttle to normal vehicles for a while now to be able to drive really freaking slow without needing a hill. (as in currently the game does not recognize any inputs I put in with my joystick or throttle)
  13. Squad system/types for vehicles.

    I just wanted to have a healthy discussion about possible ways to integrate vehicles in to squad without random squads running all Battlefield style to be the first in vehicle. You're not really adding anything to that discussion anymore.
  14. If we're going by metric of unique vehicles we'd have to include South Africa. As they have a ton of indigenous vehicles.