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  1. Alpha 14 Patch Notes

    Challenger 2 on the test range map keeps the hud of the last operated gun turret (2nd, 3rd or 4th position) pasted to the screen when exiting vehicle and whilst in the driver seat. Edit: actually all vehicles with a gun sight hud on the british/militia layout seem to have the same problem.
  2. New game concept

    This is a bit much to change for just one "gamemode". You sure it's not just how you want the game to be instead of just a singular gamemode?
  3. The wrenches being on par with battlefield I disagree with. Vehicles in Battlefield are not impacted on their mobility or firepower when certain parts get hit. This is a thing for squad, wrenches in this game are primarily to get a vehicle moving again, slowly that is but still better than sitting still. So unless battlefield these days gets modular damage systems and crippled engines the ingame system can not be more or equally forgiving as Battlefield. Also wrenches are limited to crewman kit which costs supplies from the vehicle to get and are thus not as commonly available as 1 in 4 guys running with a wrench.
  4. Agree with most points but damn if it isn't a long read.
  5. Female soldier models

    Only problem I'm seeing with things like female character models and such is representation. Sure there are cases of frontline troops including women. But these are so limited that having more than 1 female in an entire match would already overrepresent females in combat roles in real life. Speaking of a percentage base that is. Same reason female combatants in battlefield V was disliked for a part.
  6. Free look / TrackIR Support

    I don't have a steam controller though and I want to use my already bought hotas setup to use with it.
  7. Let's deal with these pet peeves

    Having more weapon options for most of the ingame factions would be really friggin unrealistic. Armies don't just have a pile of alternative weapons you can choose from lying in the armory. Possibly for militia or insurgents or god forbid they ever add a PMC faction. But conventional forces shouldn't have that kind of customisation because you get taught to work with the tools provided by the army, unless you're spec ops that is but this game ain't about spec ops.
  8. convoy game type

    Instead of just one random gamemode I'd rather see a arma-esque framework where you can set up your own gamemode and add it to the workshop. And getting tested and stable mods in the normal server queue with automatic downloads for said mods when attempting to join or queue for a server.
  9. The problem I see with "buying" assets is that you could buy absolutely nothing and get shrekt or you can buy too much and lose by just losing a couple of assets. And thus the entire team will be over reliant on one ****er who thinks it might be nice to have some attack choppers when the enemy has shot the previous 8 choppers out of the sky already. Or some bastard who goes command for a second, buys himself a tank and then leaves, not caring if it was the last of the teams points.
  10. customization / ranking

    Rising 2 storm vietnam has a nice and detailed customisation system. Just a shame it's locked behind ****in hours of playtime and paywalls. Like if it fits in the game and doesn't make you look like an enemy or some idiot in a clown suit i'm not that against. But locking it behind arbitrary amounts of playtime or paywalls or just making you look like some guy straight out of saints row is a big no from me. Also ranks in games just tell you how much time you wasted on it. There is no worth to it, as people in actual positions to have a "rank" such as squadleads could just be named sergeants or whatever with every first of second squad having a lieutenant if you feelin fancy but it doesn't add much to the actual game apart from some extra fluff that people can be pissed off about people not using properly.
  11. Car Bomb and Explosive vest

    Very few people knew what Six Days in Fallujah was. But when it came out the shitestorm was massive. Another example is the Medal of Honor modern day reboot. Which got flak for just giving you the ability to play as the Taliban. Once somebody notices it and relays it to others, things can snowball quickly out of control.
  12. Anti-material rifle

    No, not really.
  13. Game needs non owned servers

    Don't pat yourself on the back too hard, you might break something. Also people who join testing servers usually have some vested interest in actually participating. Whilst trolls and other ne'er do well usually don't care about new features as long as they can be assholes. Also the newer players still learning the game are probably still playing the base game. This is of course all speculation with no concrete proof so feel free to dismiss.
  14. Car Bomb and Explosive vest

    Gary and Big Red were nicknames for trucks with a bomb load in Project Reality. Big red was a trailer hauler with a JDAM strapped to the back and Gary was a dump truck with explosive barrels in the back. They had about the biggest blast radius of all explosives in the mod. And as said in the other thread you made about this topic (suicide vehicles and bombers), it might not be officially added due to the media frenzy it could cause.

    Isn't AAS 2 attacking forces colliding? I mean both are attacking and usually rush for the middle which then in principle just becomes a king of the hill like scenario. In any case if you think the devs won't grant it the time of day you could always try to pick up modding. Get some coder or a good mapper and set off to create what you think this game needs. Hell if it's any good or at least well implemented you might even have it played on some servers.